Wrapping Up Netherlands Adventures

Wow, we have had an intense time here in the Netherlands both visiting Alaya’s family, Cruising through the canals of Amsterdam, running Circles and Ceremonies one-day event, and participating in a beautiful family festival.

We are catching our breath, taking stock of everything before moving onwards to Austria for our 9 days deep dive for the Neo-Shamanism Certification.

Getting the ball rolling in the Netherlands we had a wonderful family catch up, where Noa and Aurora could catch up with their cousins and Grandparents.

Always nice getting family together 🙂

The Netherlands was in the midst of a heatwave, and of course, we decided to go strolling around downtown Amsterdam on the hottest day of the year.

None the less I love walking around Amsterdam is one of the great European cities for taking everything in, you can walk (or bike) everywhere. They have more bikes than people, which makes you wonder who is riding them all?

The Canals are amazing to stroll through, and there is pretty cool shopping, so a nice day for wardrobe upgrades, as our small town of Oakura, and further up in New Plymouth has little in the fashion stakes.

The kids love hanging out in Amsterdam and are pretty flexible with what we get up to, and of course ravel adevtures are always fun for them, perhaps not so the getting thre, but for sure the BEING there.


We then had a powerful one day workshop in Amsterdam with Sigrid and 23 beloveds gathered in the sacred circle for our circles and ceremonies, container.

This was the first time that we have attempted a one day experience. And it was a wonderful taste for the people to experience the frequencies, the energy and of course the deep transformation that comes when we sit in a Sacred Circle. These experiences are all about heart sharing’s and being vulnerable, authentic, in our shadows and in our light, and allowing the Group Container and Wave to do its thing.

They were incredible transformations even within a one day context. That leaves Alaya and I both breathless, enthusiastic and excited about the wondrous energy coming to the planet at this time. That is allowing such rapid transformations for people.


From our one day event in Amsterdam, we headed to a beautiful family festival created by a dear friend of Alaya, Jens, and Kareem.

This was a wonderful gathering of like hearts and minds and souls and families to come together in a beautiful nature-based campground that allowed us to connect, to dance, to sing, to enjoy, to story tell, to play, and to be in each other’s company.

Alaya and I had the pleasure ad privilege of doing the opening and closing ceremonies and setting the alchemical container for the transformations and breakthroughs realized at the festival.

The opening and closing ceremonies set the Container, Context, and Consciousness for all that is to transpire during the event.

We are being called to do more of these around the world, including a bigger one start of next year for 3000 people. It seems Consciousness is arcing its way into the planet and more people are feeling the need for ceremonial context in very day life. This is the main reason I decided to set up the Neo-Shamanism Certification. To give more and more people the skills to do this type of work in the world.


For those of you that are parents, it truly is a wonderful experience coming together with other like-minded conscious beings for celebration and dance, without the usual influence of alcohol and drugs that can so often take place in such festivals. This was alcohol and drug-free experience and allowed a flourishing or family of children of love and laughter as we all gathered to celebrate life.

Alaya and I connected deeply with the beautiful hosting family in their land, having 40 something acres that they have transformed over the years into a wonderful venue that has been used for multiple purposes including transformation.

It was a pleasure to do a Despacho ceremony as a giving back to the land, as many families and being gathered on a treasure hunt to find natures bounty as an offering to the land, and also performed sacred water blessings to activate and purify the water, introducing my Waitaha Sacred Stash of 33 sacred water sites, collected from some of the worlds most pristine sacred water spots around the world.

Then we finally made an offering of an Olive Tree for the family to plant on their land with all our collective prayers. All and all it was a beautiful experience and Alaya and I were so happy to bring some conscious ceremonies to the occasion.

After being stuck in the confines of the inner city, Amsterdam with all its compression, with all the population squeeze together to once again breathe and beautiful nature as we had a cute little cabin overlooking a lake of a sauna close by to refresh, to recharge and relax and enjoy the festivities at the festival.


We now are in a hotel overlooking the water near the airport, and the Netherlands as we look to fly onwards to our Neo shamanic certification training our 9-day deep dive with a group of students who have been studying with me for the last nine months.

I am really excited about this because for many years I have dreamed of opening a Healing School, and next week I get to live my dream as we gather together for the first time in the School History.

This group shall be called ‘The Originals’

It’s the first time I’ve offered a ‘live’ in-person healing training, and it’s something that I’m deeply passionate about.

I hope it is the start of a growing school as I look to teach more Neo Shamanism, which is simply new shamanism, utilizing multidimensional energy, understandings, and teachings, all packaged together with the context of ceremonial magic for the western mind and heart.

It would be wonderful to bring more of the above experiences, to festivals ad events around the world by others living in their sweet spot and sharing their neo-Shamanic Gifts.

All of our love from the Netherlands.

And I will send you a report on the other side of the Austria event.

Bye for now.

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