Thriving Long Haul Travel As A Family

After several years of traveling the world together, Alaya and I and the children have developed a few processes essential for not only surviving travel, especially long haul travel, and multiple plane stops and travel destinations but actually thriving. 


When Alaya and I found out about packing cells, it completely revolutionized our travel packing arrangements. Suddenly, everything separated into easy to find little bags in your suitcase. No more driving around looking for that spare pair of socks or underpants everything beautifully collected in one spot. 

Also, we always travel with our altar cloth and a satchel to place our sacred items inside to arrange in our room and places we are staying in for longer than a couple of days.  This amplifies the vibration of the room we are in and brings some sacred space and feelings of homeliness to our lodgings. In this satchel, I store all our crystals, bells, and ceremonial items we use in our events.

They provide a fusion of high-frequency tools and inspirational items to raise the frequency and vibration of any room that we’re staying and we have the Shapibo blanket I received from the Shapibo’s blessed with this ceremonial magic, to keep our luggage safe as a luggage protector inside of my suitcase.

The pink Altar cloth which forms the ultra peace for all of our ceremonies when we travel also infusing our luggage with some protection and my ceremonial satchel, my bag of tricks and shamanic bling for sacred ceremonies. 


Also very important hitting to supplements. Also very important on long haul travel is being well prepared nutritionally. This means having a well-stocked nutraceutical kit to keeping your health and vitality up.

One thing on airplane travel especially long haul is the dehydration and radiation upon planes, which are very intense. Thus we have a few tools that are essential pieces of travel survival.

First up we have sacred tobacco in case we pick up any passengers entities that are attached to the children which can often happen on travel days. I Agua de Florida which is ceremonial alcohol, which also clear negative energies.  This is a very powerful cleanser than lifts negative energies, which we use as a last resort if we cannot lift heaviness out of our fields.

We also have hemp oil for essential fats to anti-inflammatories, it is essential to keep up the good fats in our system which ensure optimal functioning.  We also use Para-free, which is an anti-parasite essential oil blend by Young Living to neutralize invaders. This is one of my favorite products since it ensures clearing of any parasites which can easily be picked up especially in third world countries.

We also use Omegagize daily which is also an essential oil blend by Young Living for healthy fats and also coenzyme Q-10 to reduce stress, and ensure a healthy functioning heart.  We love Young Living blends and they have become a central pillar in our daily family life.  

I have done a full genetic DNA test and have developed personalized medicinal protocols using the Young Living products since essential oils are the highest frequency components of plants and offer far greater results than herbs on their own.

Thus I also use their Sulfurzyme product, which is anti-inflammatory’s for my tubes and cardiovascular system.  I have weak genes for cardiovascular and hear system and I need extra support for my system. This is especially true for long haul travel which is quite exhausting and inflammatory.

As part of my personalized nutrition, I also use daily he combination of Endoflex which I place inside my Ningxia antioxidant drink, the Endoflex and Ningxia combination (5 drops inside the Ningxia drink is responsible for soothing my endocrine system and ensuring healthy hormones.

We use ‘Digize’ drops to support the healthy digestive system, which usually gets hammered with the airplane food and then stress away for the ‘Stress Away’ of travel because our system is constantly under stress attack and airplanes.  Then finally, ‘Sacred Frankincense’ and ‘Joy’ to raise our spirits and vibration. 

My absolute favorite essential oil blend for travel is their thieves spray which has been a revolution and being able to neutralize bacteria and sore throats on planes.  (You can see thieves on the far left). You will notice on airplanes after a couple of hours sitting in the recirculated air that your throat gets sore. One spray an hour keeps our throat healthy, it is not something we use for the kids though as it is quite intense.

Essential oils are a wonderful blend of powerful medicines to raise your frequency. We use them on a daily basis as our go-to remedies for not only travel but day to day living.

If you are interested in getting some of these Young Living blends for yourself please email Alaya at [email protected] and she will help you sign up to be able to order the products directly from the company yourself.


Upon arriving usually is asleep and evolve. We first get here this trip we arrived in Hong Kong late at night. Having a big sleep the next day up early for fresh juices and a walk to shake off the jet lag. Fresh juice gets some much-needed vitamins and minerals back into the system and is very welcomed by our bodies.

After a rest and a nap, we hit back out again for a playground blow out and walk. The best options we can suggest is just looking for a playground close by to where you’re staying and get the kids moving and active in the playground the muscles working encouraging them to climb and move their bodies naturally with fun playing games. 

The kids need an immediate blowout and burn off pent up energy after 10 hours or so on the plane.


Water is such a soother and takes away all the energies and stresses of long haul travel. This trip from New Zealand to London we stopped off in Hong Kong and spent two nights, during this time we got out on the water and enjoyed the element of water to take off some of the rustiness.

Water lifts the spirits takes away a lot of the heavy energies, the kids loved being on the boat as we sailed across the harbor and walking along the boardwalk hall of fame.


Every city has its highest lookout vantage point, in Hong Kong, it is Victoria Peak, which offers amazing panoramic views.  Aurora and Noa loved going up the tram and seeing the city from this height. Plus they have an awesome playground up top which was a lot of fun.

Wherever you can try to get to the highest peak, get to get some elevation and perspective of the city you’re visiting. Looking down you feel like the king and queen of the world.

Being able to take in the sights and breathing the smells and vibrancy of the city. The recovery days are all about ensuring we’re revived and recuperated for the long haul flight.


New Zealand to Hong Kong is 10 hours, 10 and a half hours. Two nights and one full day recovery in Hong Kong, then around 12 hours to London you absolutely need at least two nights away from everything else to be able to integrate into the time zone.

Traveling with kids adds another dynamic when looking to integrate into the right time zone so you need extra time before meeting up with friends or family or other engagements as it takes a while for the kids to settle into the sleeping rhythms. 

For example, Noa and Aurora were both wide awake at 3:30 am bouncing off the walls, so we were also forced out of bed then too, pushing back our recovery time.

Thankfully we booked ourselves into a very nice spa so that we can have a full day recovery and evening of hotspots thermal activities so that we could integrate.  It is worthwhile spending a little extra on a nice hotel with a sauna and spa to speed up the recovery process.

Saunas are my absolute accelerated recovery protocol. If you can’t find a sauna based hotel or don’t have the budget for one, take some Himmayala Sea Salts with you for a Salt Bath to clan your auric field as a nice secondary option.

The only mistake we made was only staying one night.  We really could have done with two. Oh well, we will absolutely consider that for next time.

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