The King Arthur Mission

As you may have been tracking recently, our Family recently toured South of France and UK in a humble service mission for our beloved planet’s evolution. This tour took us to several key sacred sites and activation portals to be able to help ARCHITECT the incoming frequency into Earth.

Technically what is happening is that the STARGATES of our planet are sequentially opening during this STELLAR ACTIVATION CYCLE, which has been happening since 2000. It will hit a peak in 2017 when we go through the HARMONIC/PARTICLE CONVERGENCE, which is when all dimensions go through a blending.

This dimensional merging allows for future timelines of the GOLDEN AGE to be blended into Earths’s trajectory so the planet can ascend in consciousness and humanity along with it. (Note: it’s all going to go down in Egypt next August watch this space if you fancy an epic Egyptian adventure…)

What is happening is that higher expressions of consciousness and frequency are now accreting into the Earth grids and our personal holograms. This incoming energy means that we can make quite rapid personal transformation if we know how to utilize this high incoming crystalline frequency, and how the consciousness that is scattered across dimensions can be stabilized into our physical vessels.

Also, the whole planet is going through the same process, meaning that ALL beings even if not yet aware of this process will be affected by higher states of consciousness circulating the Earth. For this reason, PLANETARY GRID work is highly critical to the evolution of our species and planet as a whole. As a New Earth Architect, this is my major mission: To prepare our Planet for ascension into the next harmonic universe and beyond.

If you can imagine this task is rather like being an electrician of an older house that has an old wiring system that does support higher voltages of electricity to stream into its circuits.

That is pretty much what is happening to both your physical hologram and indeed our planet. Currently, you have high amounts of PLASMA and AURORA frequencies streaming into your hologram. This is also happening to the Earth grids. The issue is that our Planet and your hologram needs to be adjusted, upgraded and rewired to absorb and assimilate this higher crystalline frequency.

In this metaphor; when these adjustments on the internal wiring do not get made in the house. When the increased voltage of electricity comes streaming through, the circuitry cannot handle this energy and the fuses blow. Meaning the whole electrical grid collapses and there is no electrical current available to light and heat the house.

The above is very similar to what is happening to you and the Planet. The increased energy streaming through means your energetic system, and that of the planet needs upgrading. What the Earth desperately needs is for The GUARDIANS OF GAIA to step up and begin working on themselves and the grids so that the Earth’s circuitry will be able to handle the massive PLASMA and AURORA frequencies streaming through from our sun and the galactic centre.

What is happening is that enough energy is coming into Earth to support dimensional blending and for Earth to allow integration into the higher expression of itself stationed in the next dimension and harmonic universe above. To understand what I mean but this it is useful to know where you have different aspects of your consciousness stationed.

– Your Physical Vessel stationed in dimensions 1 -3 (Harmonic Universe 1)
Your Soul in dimensions 4 – 6 (Harmonic Universe 2)
Your Over-Soul or Monad in dimensions 7 – 9 (Harmonic Universe 3)
Your Avatar consciousness in dimensions 10 -12 (Harmonic Universe 4)
Your Rishi consciousness in dimensions 13 -15 (Harmonic Universe 5)

Thus if you have only connected to your physical nature you won’t believe your conscious awareness exists outside of your body and all of this email would no doubt be swiftly put in the delete and unsubscribe category. So given you are reading on most likely you have your consciousness stationed at SOUL level and beyond. With the ultimate goal being to evolve your consciousness to the highest level you are coded to obtain. Which for all humanity is Avatar consciousness, and if you are a STARSEED then you can access Rishi consciousness and exit out of the time-space matrix altogether.

Just as you have different aspects of your personal consciousness stationed at different dimensions, so does The Earth:

– Earth is in HU-1
– Tara is Earth’s Soul stationed in dimensions 4 – 6 (HU-2)
– Gaia is Earth’s Over Soul or Monad stationed in dimensions 7 – 9 (HU-3)
– Aramatana is Earth’s Avatar consciousness in dimensions 10 -12 (HU-4)

The trouble is that ‘Earth’ does not have the wiring to support Tara, Gaia, or Aramatana, and needs significant upgrading if this transition is going to go smoothly. Energetic Architecting is where the work of the planet’s lightworkers, energy workers, Star Seeds, and The Guardians of Gaia come in. To help stabilize and support the incoming energy into the Earth grids so that our planet may ascend in her consciousness.

As the old saying goes: “A rising tide floats all ships.” Even the most asleep will eventually wake up. All egoic based leadership will come to an end. We will develop unity consciousness and operate with co-operation and unconditional love.

The evolution of our planet and species is the back story as to WHY we do what we do, and our family heard Gaia’s call and toured France and the United Kingdom to help repair the Cathar and Magdalene timelines in France and the King Arthur, Druid, and Avalon times lines in the UK.

In September there was a great energetic window that opened, which meant a highly advantageous portal of frequency was transmitted through to our planet that we could use as an amplification for the Energetic Architecting that was to take place.

To be fair, there was not a lot of notice for this MISSION. Unity (The Oracle) Grace who was staying with us gave us the heads up about a week ahead of the actual energy stamp that was coming through on the September 16 Lunar Eclipse.

The Oracle is a reader of energetic and time signatures and understands how the stars, planets and various other constellations map and merge creating peaks and troughs of energy that can affect your macro and micro-living.

These waves of energy are important to know since you can begin to live in flow with these patterns and when you do everything gets enhanced. You can get advanced noticed of the incoming energetic patterns and how this may affect your personal hologram according to your personal birth chart.

For example, energy forecasting helps you to predict ahead when you might expect to have shadows coming up for clearing, or when might be a good time to set an intention or set plans in motion. (We will plan to teach some mastery of this next year)

So The Oracle lit a firecracker up our collective backsides and explained the incredible acceleration we could help the Earth transition through if we were able to get to France and the UK the following week.

Never being one to shirk on a challenge we decided to step up and with a weeks notice managed to rally to France in time for the September 16th Lunar Eclipse Portal.

So the GUARDIANS OF GAIA gathered, which consisted of:
Christof (The Architect) Melchizedek
Alaya (The Divine Mother) Melchizedek
Noa (The Baby Buddha) Melchizedek
Akasha (The Alchemist) Sananda
Asherah (The Lyra Priestess) Sananda
Gabriel (The Merlin) Melchizedek
Unity (The Oracle) Grace

Thus the GUARDIANS OF GAIA set off for what proved to be quite an epic and legendary tour…

The Elemental Experience

So our story continues the next day after our massive activation at the 12th STARGATE Montsegur in France.

We were all well in need of decent rest after all the travel to get there in time for the Lunar Eclipse portal as well as the massive amount frequency coming through meant all our circuits were shot, and we needed a rest day.

So we spent the majority of the day where we were staying in the cute town of Quillan and did an afternoon drive to Rennes-le-Chateaux to soak up the atmosphere there. We were generally in recovery and chillaxing mode for the day and stayed in the vicinity and just gathered our strength again.

The whole area of Languedoc in France is majestic with stunning scenery and breathtaking views. The energy is very pristine, clean and green and just the tonic for a break away from the warmer drier climates of Ibiza where we are based. We greatly enjoyed the coolness and change in climate, water, and lushness.

The next calling for some planetary activation and grid work was the Chateau de Puilaurens, an utterly stunning and remarkable Cathar Castle on a mountain top with stunning views. The Castle is positioned in the commune of Lapradelle-Puilaurens in the Aude province in the Boulzare Valley near the village of Lapradelle.

Upon arriving it became clear that the Cathars knew how to build strongholds that were near impossible to storm. They often sit integrated into the mountain terrain itself making use of the natural cliff faces for defenses. Such positioning made them incredible places of refuge for the Cathars during the times of the Crusades.

As we tuned into the frequency of the site it became apparent a ley line connected it to Montsegur. However, the Leyline had stagnant energy leftover from killing and death during the crusades. The crusades and the extermination of the Cathars had left a heavy toll on the land and the associated circulation of energy due to the accumulated karma created during this epoch.

It soon became apparent that this is what we needed to remove and release and set up energy running through the Montsegur and Chateau de Puilaurens Leylines. Upon closer inspection, Akasha noticed the whole area used to be very vibrant in elemental energy. But they were no longer active. It seemed the trauma on the land had created a frequency in the whole area where the elementals were no longer playing.

Elementals are nature spirits linked to the four elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water. There is a 5th Element know as Akasha which is like a binding force of the other elements and all of the matter. I’ll share with you another time about a whole another adventure about chasing the Akasha in a medicinal form. (That story takes us to the ancient initiated chambers of Egypt, times of King Solomon, the Templars and Freemasons).

Anyway, the elementals are living etheric entities that are the ‘builders of form’. They settle into their categories according to the element they are linked to.

For example:

– Gnomes are EARTH elementals
– Salamanders are FIRE elementals
– Sylphs are AIR elementals
– Undines are WATER elementals

Thus our mission at Chateau de Puilaurens was shaping up:

– Remove the KARMA and TRAUMA on the land from the crusades
– Activate the ley line and run energy between Chateau de Puilaurens and Montsegur
– Awaken and Activate the elemental form builders in the area.

The programming language of the universe is SOUND – VIBRATION – LIGHT and you can use these tools to be able to create energetic instruction sets to change the energy and form holding templates to both land and people. Thus while the Icaro (Shamanic song) was happening, we were using CODES (mathematical scalar wave programs) to deprogram the land of its trauma.

Akasha has created a specific code for this, and we use this a lot on both people and land. What many people do not realize is that the CODES we use for people in healings and webinars and at our events, we can also use for land clearing.

So while the Icaro was happening, we began uploading the relevant CODES and COMMANDED the removal of the Karma and trauma to take place. The combination of the Icaro, toning, the CODES, and our focused and clear intentions all helped to shift the energy of the site.

We then connected into the higher-self realms of the time-space matrix, that of the Aurora realms and the Krystal Star Server. We dropped this tri-wave aurora frequency down into the mountains and valleys of the whole area. The effect of this was to both clear the land, move and circulate the energy through the region and once again AWAKEN the ELEMENTALS.

Unbeknown to us this ELEMENTAL AWAKENING was a key piece that would feed into our UK portion of the trip and help us when we did some major work in Avebury releasing a heavy black magic spell on Avebury that had trapped and locked the Druids in a lower-dimensional realm since the days of King Arthur. (Coming for you in a couple of emails)

So all in all, we felt this was a very successful visit to The Chateau de Puilaurens. The elementals were in fine voice singing and celebrating, and it was with great joy that we made our way down back to the car hearing and feeling the joy of the elementals in their freedom. It was a major clean up, and awakening performed we made the drive back to our base in the area Quillan for a well earned night rest.

On the way home, we drove through a beautiful valley and mountain pass road and as we turned a corner we all saw very clearly a massive ship cloaked in a cloud. It was so magical and majestic and was an incredible validation of everything we achieved there.

The Earth is transitioning into a Golden Age and as part of this shift, the planet needs more what we call GUARDIANS. People who know how to run energy and clear stagnations, both inland and people. Much of the Earth’s grids have trauma and stagnant energy on it, as do of course people.

What is needed more now than ever is for those who feel the call to step up and start helping our beloved planet get back her spiritual sovereignty from the non-physical invaders who have created a harvesting station of Earth.  If this feels like you and these are the sorts of adventures that you would like to get involved with, then we would like to help you get ready to go on them.

We are collecting a nice grouping of Guardians who often join us for missions and send streams of energy remotely to us where ever we are on the planet to help with this work. It is a breathtaking experience to be in a grouping supporting missions on the planet.

(Due to the nature of the next piece in France and the releasing of the Magdalene Frequency we couldn’t actually give a mission briefing for the France and UK adventure. So apologies to the Guardians Group so often supporting us since there are dark forces who do not want to see the Magdalene energy awaken on the planet. So to keep our cover, we didn’t tell anyone about what we were up to.)

But usually, we give mission briefings and reviews and a chance for people to key in remotely when we have some major planetary work going on. It serves two purposes; it gives us an energy boost performing this task which can often get heavy (especially when we start adding some dark force manipulations), and you get some major energetic upgrades as the energy from the land releases.


Next, up I’ll share with you the rise of the divine feminine and Magdalene Grail family portion of our tour through France.

Catch you soon.

Rise of the Divine Feminine

After our experience with the elementals, it was soon time to head our way out of the Cathar heartland and the town of Quillan, which had served as our base for three days. We turned our wheels towards Carcassonne, and it’s the famed medieval citadel.

Carcassonne was a major fortification with impressive walls laced with watchtowers that were constructed around the 13th – 14th centuries. I always love walking around ancient architecture and imagining how life might have been back then when the place was at its peak.

The sheer amount of walls and fortification both on the exterior and indeed in the interior, the gothic church, and the inner city that made up Carcassonne meant that it must have taken quite some time to construct entirely. Built on a hilltop with a moat around it meant that Carcassonne must have been tough to be able to take.

These days the inside is home to shops, cafes and restaurants. Of course, you can still take in the old architecture and get a feel for the history and environment as you leisurely walk around the interior marveling at the sheer vastness of the construction. If you are in the area, Carcassonne is worth a shout and any trip to the Languedoc area is incomplete without a stop in beautiful Carcassonne.

From there it was onwards to stay near Arles where we were to pick up the trail of the Grail family around the time of Christ who spent time in the area. The point of heading towards this area was to connect with Mary Magdalene and the Grail Family energy signature as we looked to balance and established the coding to enter into Hieros Gamos (the spiritual marriage between the human aspect of oneself and the divine.)

Hieros Gamos is internal alchemy achieved when you have resurrected the eternal light of the Christ within. To do this, you must balance the Krystic male energy with the Krystic female energy inside your hologram. Our planet has had software programming established in the hard drive that has meant a suppression of the Krystic feminine frequency known as the Sophia. A dominant patriarchal program was created through the control of humanity’s belief systems through the Planet’s dominant religions.

These religions were established by non-physical beings who sought to control and suppress humanity’s spiritual connection to Source and broke the sacred internal Hieros Gamos union within humanity by setting up false father Gods as worship idols. Not only has this meant the fall of the divine feminine within the planet’s software but also internally within each human.

To biologically evolve spiritually the dynamic balance between the masculine and feminine energies within the self must be unified. Due to the past loss of the feminine principle on the planet, this internal alchemy has been difficult to achieve since there has been no supporting energy to cultivate this frequency internally.

However now within the Earth’s architecture, we now have specific portals that are opening special Cosmic Ray Frequencies of Mother Arc Aquamarine which are streaming through specific Earth passages and into our personal holograms for this internal spiritual marriage of Hieros Gamos to take place.

What this means is that everything having to do with masculine and feminine principles of energy on this planet is undergoing a transformation. All dominant patriarchal structures are going to fall, and we will see the rise of the balanced divine masculine and divine feminine working fused together as one harmonic field of love holding a balanced gender principle as the operating parameter. Gender balance plays out both at the macro level and personally internally within the micro-level.

What this means for you on your journey is that whenever the gender balance of the masculine and feminine has not been harmonized and neutralized inside you. Situations will be brought out through your existing relationships, and the pieces inside of you that are not in gender balance will be brought from the shadows to the surface for clearing.

It may mean that you will begin attracting relationships and or situations that are designed to support the integration of gender polarities and end past karmic patterns playing out in your life.

With the spiritual awareness of this dynamic template of the Mother Arc portal establishing itself on the planet and the Sophia frequency now running through the ley lines and grids, there has never been a better opportunity to create the divine union of the balanced Gender principle internally within.

What is important to remember is that you are both genders and are influenced by both the masculine and feminine forces and archetypes. Previously there has been an over dominance of the masculine frequency circulating the planet; this has meant an imbalance in the YANG frequency. (Look where this has got us). Now we are witnessing the rise of the feminine YIN frequency returning to the Earth.

We have an incredible opportunity to use this frequency coming through the Mother Arc portal as Aquamarine frequency, and utilize this in our holograms to accelerate through the divine union of the Christos-Sophia within. It is ONLY in balancing the divine masculine and feminine inside of you, will you achieve the spiritual ascension your soul is desiring.

It was with this in mind that we as a family traveled to the South of France to follow the Grail family and pick up the divine feminine Magdalene Codes to help accelerate the polarity integration of this Gender principle within each us individually and collectively. So we followed the Magdalene family through the South of France where they spent many years in service after the “Crucifixion”. Mary and her children lived many years in the Arles region in divine service after coming in from the middle east through Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. (Mary of the Sea)

So it was indeed Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer that we made our first stop in our Grail family tour to pick up the energy and codes of the Magdalenes (the divine feminine). We visited churches that still had chapels devoted to Mary Magdalene; it is widely accepted in the area (much to the Catholic Church dismay) that the Magdelene’s (Mary, her mother Mary, and daughter Sara) lived out their days in this region of France. It was here that we performed water blessings and other rituals to help override the trauma that the Magdalene’s suffered during this period. (Patriarchal domination was very prevalent in this epoch)

Throughout this area, we worked at clearing the karma picked up through the persecution of this Christic family and revealed the radiant divine loving energy that the Magdelene family held. While we went to a few churches the place that stood out the most for me was the place Mary was said to have performed water blessings and rituals high up in a mountain cave.

The energy of the cave was quite spectacular and contained some very obviously very sacred water (This was where Mary performed her water rituals). In a tag-team effort, I managed to help Unity circumvent the high fence security and extract some holy water to add to our growing holy water collection for our blessings. The climb to the top of the cave and views from being up there I shall never forget. If you are in this area I can’t recommend enough visiting this cave and the church housed there carved into the rocks. A beautiful sacred reminder of the divine feminine energy of Mary Magdelene.

This portion of the trip had left a lasting impact on my personal ascension pathway. I had an overabundance of YANG masculine energy, and through this portion of the journey and accessing the Magdalene CODES; I was able to amplify the feminine energy within myself.

This achievement is helping my life in any number of ways. From more softness and gentleness in daily life to the healing sessions we give each week. You may have noticed an improvement in my and Akasha’s toning together; we are more soft and more in resonance. This is a direct reflection of the better balance of feminine energy within us.

Our family harmonic also has shifted in that decisions are now more collective for the whole family rather than being centrally made and directed through my masculine presence. Now decision making is shared with each voice having an equal say in decisions for the whole family. This is a part of the first significant shifting needed if humanity is to make the jump to the golden age.

It was a great privilege to be on the cusp of this wave by completing this journey to the south of France. By honoring the feminine energy of the Grail Magdalene family and performing the relevant clearing and activations of this energy into the Earth grids. We were able to help circulate this divine feminine both inside of ourselves and into the grids of Earth.

It has seen an upgrade in my operating system as I am now operating at a higher octave due to the increased divine feminine currently being expressed in my hologram.

It was these upgrades integrating into our field’s that we then turned our voyage towards the United Kingdom where our story takes us to the energy of King Arthur his sword Excalibur, The Druids, and the whole Avalon epoch in the UK and how this energy and dimension was getting ready to return to the planet. Little did we know we were going to play a major role in anchoring and returning both Excalibur, Avalon, and key Dragons back to the grids of the UK.


Return of the Druids

After our wonderful adventures, memories, and upgrades through France, our journey navigated us towards the United Kingdom where we were called there for a couple of live experiences.

The first one was in Manchester at the Monastery a beautiful sacred non-denominational church built on a powerful Ley line and another week later in London. Thus we had a week in between events giving us time for some further planetary service work and another road trip to some sites of significance.

Heading south from Manchester we were on our way to the Cornwell area and the logistics, geography, and timing meant that we could pass through one of the great sacred sites of the UK – Avebury.

Avebury contains the largest Neolithic Stone Circle in Europe. It is three stone circles with a larger outer one and two smaller inner ones. It takes some walking around if you would like to circumnavigate it spread over a few fields. It is pretty well known to attract thousands of visitors each year.

The Stones are pretty massive which raises the obvious question of HOW did they get there, and WHO put them there. Some historians suggest that the Avebury Stone circle was built around 3000 BC, and when you go there, you soon realize that this was no small job especially back then.

The Druids were the gatekeepers of the Avebury portal, and they connected with different Star beings who interfaced with the Druids in this portal and taught them the language of magic. Magic was used by the Druids to keep the balance with the elementals, nature and humans, and the whole planet.

Druids were the wisdom keepers and custodians of the land, the elementals, and the age. They kept the mystical realms in the balance through understanding how ritual magic can create harmony through different dimensions. So the Druids had a critical role to play in the balancing of the forces of nature to keep the harmony so all beings could co-exist peacefully on the planet.

All Druid hot spots located around Avebury all led into the Avebury Stone circle as it was the major activation hub of the UK and was a place for sacred ritual and ceremonial magic. So it was in this central hub that we found ourselves and because of the earlier activation and awakening of the elementals in France the frequency and CODES we were with us to provide the spark and frequency needed to bring back the Druid’s power and magic to our current age. The Druids are still alive today but just exist in a different realm, and this realm was locked down so the Druids could not actively participate in this dimension as their powers in this dimension were shut off.

What had happened eons ago during the time of Avalon in the UK, was the Druids were killed off and their magic shut down by Uther Pendragon. Uther who became the King of Camelot which was the jewel of Avalon initiated the fall of magic by outlawing the practice of magic from Avalon. Anyone found practicing magic would be persecuted and burned at the stake.

However, the magic ritual set in motion events that ended with the death of his wife (of which he was unaware of the consequences or ego ensured he felt he was outside of the rules of magic). Uther beside himself with grief and anger blamed magic in general for this loss and started a crusade against all magic targeting the Druids who were the keepers of magic in that realm.

Uther waged war against magic which included the persecution of the Druids. He began working with a sorcerer who knew of the Druid ways and began shutting down the frequency to all the Druid hot spots. The whole Druid line started to fall, and they began losing their magical powers since their DNA had shut down meaning they could not access the elemental realms and thus perform their rituals.

This created a knock-on effect meaning that the Druids could not balance the elementals and as a consequence the elementals began to be a die-off, starting the fall of the higher dimensional frequency that was supporting Avalon.

This fall of the Druids also included finishing off the Merlin line. Merlin wasn’t one being but the title of the grandmaster Druid of the time. This title would get passed down to a successor over time. The grandmaster Druid titled Merlin was the key holder to the higher realms and held the access keys to the elementals, stargates, and dragons. Merlin was the bridge between worlds during this Avalon epoch and wad the one who held magic in the balance. Merlin was master of the elementals and the Dragons. Since he had learned the Dragon language he could summons and command the Dragons into actions of his choosing making him incredibly powerful.

What happened was that Uther set in motion a killing spree against the Druids who were the complete embodiment of peace and balance in that realm. The Druids and Merlin held a significant role of keeping in place the elementals who kept the 4th dimension and above open for the magic to even exist. So when the killing spree started against the Druids this created massive karma and damage to both land, the Druids themselves, and as a consequence the elementals that held open the 4th dimension.

The elementals are necessary for the consciousness of Tara (Earth-stationed at dimensions 4 -6) to be online and the frequency to be able to hold the archetypes that have formed the mythology of the Merlin and King Arthur epoch. With the Druid energy decaying due to the crusades against them from King Uther, the Karma began accumulating on the land gradually shutting down the energy and closing the portals for the elementals and locking out the Druids from accessing the 3rd dimension.

So all the gateways became closed and locked between 3rd and 4th dimensions due to the accumulating karma of the land due to the persecution of the Druids. The loss of the Druids who had up until that time kept the elementals activated meant that the elementals began to shut down also and the portals between dimensions closed.

The closing of the portals meant the mythical creatures of the 4th dimension such as the Dragons were locked out since the frequency was not circulating between the 4th and 3rd dimensions, meaning they could not materialize in this dimension. The only ones who understood the dragons were the Druids, and the slaughter of the Druids meant that the dragons went into hiding or were cast into the underworld through black magic spells. (Of which we had to deal with a few days later in Cornwell, more coming soon) The Dragons became consigned to folklore and fairy tales, however, are more real than you can imagine.

Dragons are supremely intelligent mystical powerful beings, so whoever can control the Dragons held the balance of power in the higher realms which are the form containing templates of the lower realms. What also happened during this epoch was the dragon energy that was supporting the consciousness of Earth at the higher realms was stored in specific Ley lines on the Earth known as the Dragon lines.

These Ley lines became corrupted during this epoch when the Druids and the Dragons disappeared. The negative alien agenda used these vacated Dragon lines to send in Metatronic reversal geometries that further locked down humanity’s consciousness. Little did we know the awakening and overwriting of the distortion of the Dragon lines were going to play a significant role in our upcoming trip to Cornwell.

So it is with this back story in mind that we pick up our adventure in Avebury, fresh off the back of the elemental awakening in the South of France we held the elemental energy and CODES at our disposal to do some significant activation work on Avebury.

The touring party of The Architect, Akasha (The Alchemist), Gabriel (The Merlin) Alaya (The Divine Mother), Noa (The Baby Buddha) were joined by Athena (The Mothership). We strolled in the setting sun around Avebury looking for our place to do our ritual to activate the area.

After walking to and connecting to the stones and listening to their wisdom, we were pointed in the direction of three old trees that were next to each other in a separate field. As soon as we got there, we all instantly knew this was the place for it to go down. The Merlin himself (Gabriel’s lineage is that of the Druids and on the 12th stargate of Montsegur he pulled in the full Merlin coding to his template) instantly recognized the consciousness of the three trees contained three special Merlins. They were the three original Merlins who first made contact with the Star races who taught them the language of magic and held all the wisdom of the Merlin lineage.

After telepathically communicating with the consciousness of the three Merlins stored in the trees, it became apparent that we had the opportunity to unlock the energy of the Avebury area and reconnect the Druids to the land at Avebury. The karma from the killing spree of the Druids had meant their connection to the land was disrupted they were not able to access the energy of the land.

The consciousness of the three Merlins asked us to come together in ritual, and we held hands and began chanting light language and Gabriel – The Merlin had the coding to open the Druid portals. The frequency of his chanting opened the energy for me to be able to sing an Icaro that could go in and clear the karma from the land. The Icaro then sang for the elementals and brought the energy that we had re-established in France back to the area so that the Druids and the elementals could be reunited and the Druids themselves would be able to reconnect back to the land and start the era of magic once again.

It was an incredibly important ceremony and ritual, with all of us shaking with the amount of energy coming through. Gabriel (The Merlin) was the bridge between the Druids and what we were doing. He was able to track what was happening and saw the lifting of the karma of the land. Once the karma lifted the spirits of the three Merlins were around us, and they began doing their work on the ground since the Karma had cleared, enabling them to break free of the slumber and returning to Earth.

The energy was now available for the Druids to walk the land once again and interact with the elementals and perform magic on the land. It was a time of great rejoicing; they were incredibly happy with what had happened since they had been locked out of their life purpose for eons of time. It was like waking from a great slumber to once again have access to the magical powers that was their birthright.

The Ritual and Icaro had woken up the Druid coding and were now available on the planet once again. The establishment of the Druid coding has meant that people will know be waking up to the Druid energy within them. Past life memories may start activating; a desire to perform land magic, rituals and ceremony for nature will begin percolating in people’s consciousness.

If this desire to help the land and nature is awakening in you, chances are you have Druid energy waiting to be revealed as a massive force for good on the planet.

All in all the Avebury Activation was massive. After everything that happened in France and bringing the coding from the Stargate activation, and the elemental activation through to Avebury. We were able to achieve something remarkable and set free the Druids to help usher in the Golden Age by being able to balance the elementals which are so necessary for stabilizing the frequencies between this dimension and the next one.

The RETURN OF THE DRUIDS has meant a return of MAGIC.

And doesn’t everyone love a little magic in their life? I know I do.

Enter King Arthur

So it was the Elementals and the Druids rejoicing at Avebury that we took off wondering what might happen next as we headed towards our next destination. Read my previous email about what happened at Avebury as it feeds into what came next.

After a rest stop at the Mothership’s Athena’s place near Bath, the family took off for an imperative pit stop. Bath Spa.

I love Bath, to me, Bath is quintessentially English. It was originally used by the Romans as a spa down hence the name Bath. You can visit the ruins where they used to bathe in the natural spring water there. Or like we did go and visit the modern version.

We stayed at Camelot Castle a redone old Castle from the 18th Century which was built there in proximity to Tintagel Castle and Merlin’s Cave. Camelot Castle was built on a leyline that was used for some dark arts ritual magic which we picked up upon arrival. Gabriel immediately noticed the leftover energy of some old black magic rituals held under the castle itself, and there were for sure some Gargoyle energy lurking around.

Gargoyles are creatures of the underworld which seemed pretty fitting since Camelot Castle is the headquarters for Scientology in the UK. The energy of the whole place was quite heavy, so if you don’t know how to adequately protect yourself, it might be a place to avoid. However, being a Shadow Walker a bit of Gargoyle for breakfast didn’t go down too bad and was kind of in keeping with the adventures into the underworld which unbeknown to us lay ahead for the next night.

It was kind of like being on the set of a B-grade movie with unusual characters, haunted rooms, dodgy breakfast, and Basil and Cybil from Faulty Towers as our hosts. In any case, it was in proximity to where the heavy action was going to take place the next night.

We rested up that night upon arrival and got up the next morning to explore Merlin’s Cave and Tintagel castle ruins. It is a spectacular Coast being very rugged with the open Ocean pounding the shores creating a lot of natural erosion. It was this pounding of the Ocean that created ‘Merlins Cave’ on the shores with Tintagel castle above. It was said that Merlin conducted a lot of his Druid rituals there, so we were a little excited to enter this space.

Upon arriving into the cave itself (which is quite spectacular due to the water erosion that created it) it soon became apparent there was no morphogenetic signature of any magic or ritual from the past there. So we were a little disappointed as we felt something special might have happened there. So rather informally The Oracle plus two of her grid worker friends who she bumped into on route, myself, The Alchemist, The Divine Mother and the Merlin himself started to gently sing to the water. It was a beautiful moment with the acoustics bouncing off the walls and reverberating in the cave.

During the singing and Icaro, the water began rushing in as surges from the tide came to greet us. Upon glancing into the water, we all saw bubbles from the water emerging creating a rainbow hue. The bubbles grew and grew; it was the elementals rejoicing with us and thank us for our healing songs that were gently massaging the karma from the land. It was a beautiful moment as we all witnessed a return message from elemental realms. Direct confirmation and reflection of the work that had been done in France.

Upon exiting the cave myself and the lads spotted another cave that was over a body of water that could not be easily accessed at that time. You would need your swimmers, and if you have been to the UK at the end of September, you would know that it can be a little chilly. But we all got a hit that it was this other cave around 100 meters away hidden through the mid-tide of the ocean that was the place we needed to visit. This ‘tourist’ Merlins cave was a distraction from the energetics that we were held elsewhere.

We immediately decided to return that night around low tide which was around 11.30 pm where there would be no one around, and besides a bit of midnight adventuring never goes amiss. Little did we know the enormity of what we would find in that cave and what would happen as a result. But we had it clocked we would return later that night.

In the meantime, it was lunch and then off to St Nectan’s Glenn (Merlin’s Well) the actual site of the Planetary Arc of the Covenant which makes up part of the 12th Stargate trinity of Montsegur (which we had just been to and received a massive activation), and Kauai Hawaii.

These locations form the activation required to open a Stargate. So when I am working in ceremony or ritual such as in the Amazon or elsewhere where we are looking to bring through 12-dimensional energy we need to activate these three sites in unison to open the Stargate for the frequency to come through.

So it was something special to be able to visit the actual location itself after having been there remotely so often. St Nectan’s Glenn or Merlins Well as it is also known is a major activation in the world and a completely tranquil and beautiful setting of a waterfall through a naturally made hole in a rock formation.

Upon heading in there, we stopped into the wonderful little gift shop and spent some time admiring the artifacts, crystals, and art. It was here chatting to the manager of the shop that we picked up a major piece that proved to be critical for the work that was to be done that night. The woman working there held the energy and the codes of the Lady of the Lake in the King Arthur timelines.

What was even more remarkable she didn’t know this yet felt compelled for some reason to show us a photo of her dressed up in period costume holding a sword, walking out from the water down at the actual portal at St Nectan’s Glenn. We all looked at each other with our jaws open for we knew that this meant.

Before I go into what happened down at St Nectan’s Glenn, it is important to get the back story to understand the significance of what transpired. The Lady of Lake from King Arthur’s epoch was a significant piece of this whole story.

The Lady of the Lake was the divine feminine pillar that anchored in the energy of the white witches. She was the supreme frequency keeper for magic on behalf of witches. She was Merlin’s feminine counterpart, and like The Merlin, this was never one person, but the one who held the title on behalf of all witches. She was so powerful that the only way she could die was through being cut by a blade forged in dragon’s fire.

The Lady of the Lake was the Guardian of the Lake, this lake alongside Merlin’s cave held the energy container for magic in this epoch of time known as Avalon. So both Merlin’s cave and the body of water at St Nectan’s Glenn was significant in this story as they both held morphogenetic signatures and frequencies from the Avalon timelines that created portal openings to allow what took place actually to happen.

A key player we need to present in this Avalon period that is significant to this part of the trip was King Arthur. King Arthur the son of Uther if you remember used magic to conceive King Arthur in the first place and as a consequence lost his wife. From there Uther fell into darkness and began a crusade against magic including a killing spree against the Druids. Arthur was never really for this and often disobeyed his father’s orders, however by the time Uther died all of the Druids bars two (Merlin and Mordred) had been exterminated.

Being Uther’s son Arthur inherited a lot of Karma from his father’s actions. (Much in the same way we inherit our parent’s karma and have to resolve the past choices of our parents out of divine alignment that are stored our ancestral templates) Arthur thus had some weighty karma on his shoulders and the Dragons (who are immortal beings in the Higher dimensions) held prophecies to Merlin that King Arthur would die at the hands of a Druid to close this karmic loop Arthur inherited.

Because King Arthur had been born of magic the only way he could die was at the hand of a Druid which we will come to, but first, we need to explore the key talisman in this whole story and one that weaved its way into our Guardians of Gaia Tour, the sword of Excalibur.

Excalibur is a sword forged in dragon’s fire by the immortal Elves who made this sword because they foresaw a period of darkness coming. Excalibur’s sword was crafted with the hope that it would help keep the magic in the balance and help prevent the fall of magic and the onset of the Kali-yuga (426,000 of darkness) which we have just navigated out of. But back then the Elves foresaw this time epoch and made this sword hoping to prevent the major fall they saw coming.

They gave the Sword they forged to the Lady of the Lake I mentioned before who was not only the keeper of the lake but also the guardian of Excalibur the sword. The lady of the lake left the elven kingdom with the sword to sit in between the physical realms and the spiritual realms to hold the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds and was the guardian of the talisman of the sword of Excalibur.

To have a sword forged in dragon’s fire meant that one would have in their possession the consciousness of a dragon and therefore anything held as intent in their field would be amplified. Thus anyone who held Excalibur’s sword held the keys to the universe and could unlock anything that was in their intentions. When you hold this sword, you merge with the consciousness of the dragons who are the supreme beings of all dimensions and the seeders of this time-space matrix.

This sword held the key to eternity and was a major keystone for the frequency of Avalon itself. The Elves knew this, and this is why they gave to the Lady of the Lake to sit between dimensions as a frequency keeper for Avalon. Avalon was held in the fourth dimension where the frequency was much finer, subtle and expansive than Earth’s third dimension allowing for the mythological creatures and magic to reside. During this epoch, there were many more Ethers sitting in the atmosphere allowing the consciousness to be a far more pure state.

Some more background of the Dragons and why they are significant to this story is that according to the Rishi’s this time-space matrix was seeded through the breath of the Dragon. The Rishi’s Ancient knowledge (that Akasha has brought forward) have emerged directly from the Dragons.

Akasha’s direct teacher the ageless avatar Babaji Nagaraj who is several thousand years old were taught directly from the Dragons. Nagaraj means the Dragon King; Naga is the Higher Self of the dragon, which is why these teachings are so powerful since the teaching of the Rishi’s is a direct lineage of the higher self of the dragons. The Naga’s are the grantors of immortality, so the sword was not only the frequency keeper of a higher dimension, anyone in its possession was the holder of immortality.

Merlin was coached by the great Dragon Kilgharrah who was 3000 years old and had seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. Kilgharrah told Merlin to go to the lake a specific timestamp where the lady of the lake would emerge in a portal where the realms crossed over. She was holding this sword for safekeeping and would emerge to at this to hand the sword over to Merlin in the dimension that Avalon was residing in.

This timestamp was the unique portal for the emergence of Excalibur to materialize into the fourth dimension into Avalon. Merlin seized his moment and became the temporary custodian of Excalibur as he achieved the handover between dimensions.

The materialization of items from a higher realm is not just the stuff of folk tale. There are many contemporary examples of this happening. In fact between Akasha and myself, we have personally witnessed the materialization of precious elixir’s, sacred ash, medicines, and even gemstones from higher dimensions into the physical. The materialization from the spiritual world into the physical is precisely how you got here, why not for a sword.

Now that Merlin had the sword he knew the potentials of this sword and also what might happen if this got into the wrong hands. (If darkness acquired the sword the Kali-yuga would not have ended.) Merlin placed the sword for safekeeping in the rock that you have probably heard about and did a significant spell on it locking the sword down until the right person with the right coding came along.

The spell Merlin placed on the sword included a DNA frequency stamp that meant whoever pulled the sword needed the correct DNA coding to pull the sword. This coding included royal blood, half-blood (a human who had magic in his DNA) and was the in heart and operating in alignment with the law of one.

Enter Arthur. Born of magic from Uther and Igraine, of royal blood, magic descent and the right balance of heart and mind.

Arthur extracted the sword where thousands before tried and failed and held this as a powerful talisman throughout his reign. Now, where this timeline crosses over with ours emerges during the last moments of King Arthurs’s life.

Morgana who was Arthurs half-sister was the last high priestess of the time since Uther’s crusade and genocide of the holders of magic. She held two deep woundings against her father.

The death of her mother (who died if you remember because of King Arthurs birth who was created from magic. In the creation of a being from magic requires the death of another human)

2. The elimination of the high priestesses the holders of magic on the orders of her father, Uther.

Morgana wanted to take over Camelot which was the kingdom of King Arthur because she wanted to take Avalon for herself in revenge for her father and to restore magic. Albeit dark arts magic as she was summoning beings from the underworld to do her bidding to soothe her wounds from Uther, her father.

Thus a final battle ensured that pitted King Arthur and the knights of the round table against Morgana and Mordred. Mordred alongside Merlin were the last two Druids after the genocide by Arthurs’s father, Uther. Mordred who was once a knight of the round table and one of the great warriors of the land. (because he was using magic in battle making him near undefeatable)

Mordred had moved across to the side of Morgana since Morgana had shown him how his parents had died at the hands of Uther’s command and how Arthur while not directly involved in their death was by the association of his Father implicit in their demise.

So the great Battle of Camlann took place and saw King Arthur and his army square up against Morgana and hers. Within this battle, Mordred and Arthur fought each other which saw Arthur fatally wounded but not before he managed to put a final death blow to Mordred.

A dead Mordrid and a dying Arthur as it stood would have created a serious problem since the sword of Excalibur would have ended up in the wrong hands with grave consequences if someone of the dark holds it to use its power for ill intent. Plus the spirit of Arthur stuck in that realm would have sent an imbalance out in the dimensions since Arthur was half-human born of magic was balancing the realms.

Thankfully (for all of us) Merlin had interaction with the male dragon called Kilgharrah who I mentioned earlier and foretold Merlin of the impending death of King Arthur. Knowing this in advance gave Merlin one last play to try and ensure the safekeeping of both the sword, Arthurs spirit and the future of the golden age which we are now upon.

Merlin made it to Arthur as he lay dying and took him down to the lake on the back of Kilgharrah the dragon. It was imperative that Merlin took both Arthur and Excalibur to the Lake. Which was located at what is now known as the Tor of Glastonbury, the portal between worlds? The top of the Tor is the portal between worlds which is why Glastonbury and the Tor always have a special place in the UK as having incredible energy.

Merlin made it there just in time and threw the sword into the Lake, with the Lady of the Lake reaching up to grab the sword and once again took it for safekeeping as the frequency keeper between worlds and dimensions.

Arthurs spirit was returned to the lake and the dragon Kilgharrah said:


The throwing of the sword into the hands of the Lady of the Lake meant that the keystone for the 4th dimension and the frequency of Avalon were no longer available. This meant the demise of this energy and the beginning of the collapsing of the 4th dimension. However, because of Merlin’s heroics, the sword made it to a place of safe dwelling and protection until the right timing would present itself once again on Earth.

Enter the Guardians of Gaia as they made their way down to St Nectans Glenn. Catch you in the next blog post with a quite unbelievable tale of what happened next.

The Grave Yard Shift

If you have been following this adventure through France and UK, the last post saw us bring down Excalibur’s Sword from the higher realms from the Protector and Guardian of it – The Lady of the Lake. The sword was energetically now available for us; we just had to get in the right time-space coordinates to be able to ‘grab it’ so to speak and use it to fire the grids.

After a rest from our afternoon trip to St Nectan’s Glenn, we planned to visit the cave opposite ‘Merlin’s Cave’ in Tintagel. This cave was in a position meaning that ideal time to get access to access it was at the lowest tide when the water would allow for access to the sand; otherwise, it would be clambering over rocks and even a swim in the drink at another part. The low tide for this evening was 11.30 pm, so it was going to be another midnight adventure. The craziest things always seem to happen in the witching hours, and tonight was no exception.

However before we got to the cave, we needed to visit the church the lady at the gift shop told us about that contained underneath it the trapped white Dragon. So it was rising from our early evening nap after dinner that myself Gabriel and Akasha rallied ourselves for the evening’s adventures. And quite the adventure it turned out to be. The right mix of excitement, risk, danger, closing time windows, rising tides, ghosts, and black magic spells to keep things lively.

First up was stopping off at the Church to rescue the White Dragon locked underneath. We pulled up in our wheels, and all three of us gave a simultaneous groan. The church happened to be built with a graveyard protecting the entrance. So it was getting close to midnight we find ourselves on a new moon in almost complete darkness, in stormy and blustering cold conditions. The perfect setting for some late-night Graveyard action.

Of course, the actual physical presence of the graveyard is one thing but given all of us have quite a useful High Sense Perception (HSP) we were all turning into the Astral realms of the graveyard which looked like a colorful scene from a living dead movie. Loads of ghosts, entities, discarnate’s, and the other creatures you expect in the underworld. Not the usual Tranquil Church setting we were envisioning.

It had seemed that during the time of the Great Fall of Avalon dear Brother Gabriel was a Dragon Lord Warlock dabbling in the Dark Arts. What happened was in that life he was very powerful and was trying to win the affections of the Lady of the Lake of the time. She did not have the same feelings for him and rejected his attentiveness dismissing him.

This created great pain, and he decided to use his abilities and powers to help shut down the divine feminine by taking away the White Dragon who was in direct communication of the Lady of the Lake. (Who remember was the embodiment and protector of the divine feminine.)

Being a Warlock, he understood how to use magic to put spells and bindings onto people and beings and land. He gathered the support of Nimueh (his lover), who was a high priestess of the time. She was also the one who helped Uther with conceiving Arthur through the vessel of his wife Ygraine) on the promise he would hand over his Dragon Egg and control of this dragon in exchange for her support in the dark magic spells required to lock down the dragons.

The two of them got to work, and they were indeed successful in banishing the two major Dragons of the time Kilgharrah and Aithusa under the church until this age. Being a Dragon Lord Warlock he had command of the dragons so the spells and black magic were very successful in trapping the dragons under the church. The place they were trapped was used for summoning Manticores. Manticores have a human-like head, a lion’s body, and a scorpion’s tail with a stinger. They are probably one of the nastiness creatures you might encounter in the underworlds. Any wonder the graveyard was creepy, and this energy also contributed to the heaviness of the Spells.

Thus there were a lot of heavy black magic spells that were used to keep the Dragons held there, (all performed by the hand of Gabriel’s past life which of course we were quick to point out in dispatches that evening). These previous rituals had created the morphogenetic signature that attracted and created a graveyard with all it’s astral plane gore and glory that we had now before us.

The removal of the black masculine dragon Kilgharrah and White feminine dragon Aithusa from just near the fall of Avalon timeline (just after the great purge of magic) meant that the Dragons who breathe Aether into the Earth grids were no longer doing so. It was this loss of Dragon Aether over time that was the causation point for the fall and manipulation of the Dragon Grids which now contain hijacked Vesica Pisces and Metatronic reversal geometries inside them locking down our planet into closed-loop architecture.

We looked at Gabriel after the data streaming, and you can imagine some friendly banter kicked off. There was nothing for it but to brave the cold, blustery dark conditions and make our way to the graveyard, through the astral plane deluge of darkness, guided by the light of an iPhone torch in single file chanting protective light language coding.

Thankfully we hold a lot of light and between us. The key to this type of work is not to hold any fear on any journey through the underworlds. You don’t want this frequency if you are going to step into being a shadow walker, it is the magnetics of fear that attracts these beings to you and gives them strength. With the absence of fear we safely navigated through the graveyard to the Church itself and found the correct door that held the magic spell over it. Gabriel having put the spells there in the first place held the reversal magic to help unlock the Dragons. We all huddled around and began our chanting in light language and Gabriel with his Druid magic.

I started an Icaro which then started clearing so much mucus, heaviness, and miasma and all the dark energy that was being held in the environment. The Icaro’s worked beautifully to clear the space to allow for Gabriel’s magic reversals to take place.

Akasha and I then uploaded the Krystal Star frequencies and the tri-wave geometry into the Dragon grids clearing out the distortion and unlocking Aethers and Aurora elementals to come online, further the work from France and Avebury. A big part of what needs to happen now on our planet is to insert the Aurora frequencies into the Earth grids and reawaken the elemental energy.

The dragon grids hold the energetic container for dragons to exist again. For them to exist there needs to be certain Aethers and Aurora frequencies in the energetic container. Dragons are important since the consciousness of just one dragon is so immense that simply setting up the energetic conditions for Dragons to return would be an incredible acceleration for the planet. It’s a much faster approach than attempting to get more humans up to their Avatar consciousness.

After about 15 minutes of working in the darkness singing and chanting with spells, we managed to unlock the Dragons and suddenly with a burst of energy they majestically soared toward the heavens excited to be finally released. They straightaway made for the Dragon Gridlines breathing their Aethers once again into the planet on their way to Glastonbury’s Tor where we would meet up with them again a day or two later.

It was at the end of the process that a shimmering light emerged in front of us, the three of us looked up at the energy materializing before us. It was the Lady of the Lake materializing to us once again after doing so in her physical embodiment at St Nectans Glenn. It was her consciousness speaking to us once again; she saw this as a very important piece for the return of Avalon. She came to hold the frequency for us as we did the spells to reverse the black magic and release the dragons. She was so happy to see Aithusa the White Dragon released as this was her Dragon in the Avalon timelines.

Thus it was a major celebration for her also as she had been in hiding all this time waiting until the right time for the return of the once and future King and the release of the Dragons to begin the sequence of the returning of the energy for the higher consciousness of Earth to once again reside.

With the Graveyard shift complete we needed to rush off down to the Cave and try and beat rising tides in the early morning hours to see what awaited us there.

The Sword of Excalibur’s Return

So hopefully you managed to read the King Arthur back story I gave you previously. You need the Merlin, Arthur, Dragon, Avalon background to understand what happened in the next part of our journey. If you haven’t read this yet skip back to the previous email or blog post to catch up, so your consciousness can comprehend the next pieces of the puzzle.

If you recall, we were at the gift shop speaking to the embodiment of the lady of the lake before heading down to St Nectan’s Glenn, the portal site of the planetary arc of the Covenant for the 12th Star Gate. She showed us a picture on her iPhone of herself down at the Glenn wearing full Lady of the Lake period costume holding the sword.

If you recall the King Arthur back story, Excalibur had been tossed into the lake by Merlin at King Arthurs death for safe keeping between realms so that the Sword would not fall into the wrong hands to disrupt the balance of power. It was here in a different dimension that the sword has sat during the Kaliyuga we have just passed through (426,000 of darkness). It was only at the start of 2013 did we emerge out of this Kaliyuga where the frequencies would once again support the integration of higher realms into this third dimension.

This picture that we were shown was like a Key that opened our consciousness to what might be presenting itself if we journeyed into the higher realms here at St Nectan’s Glenn portal. She also gave us another Key. She spoke of a church in Tintagel that legend had it a white dragon was locked away underneath by black magic.

The Alchemist, The Merlin and I all got goosebumps and immediately recognized the white dragon which represented the divine feminine was locked down and very possibly located underneath in one of the churches right where we were in Tintagel. Not only was the White Dragon representative of the feminine energy that had fallen on Earth during the Kaliyuga. But also Dragon energy had disappeared from third dimensional Earth.

The loss of the pure Dragon energy had created an opportunity for the Draconian alien groups to create a distorted dragon grid on Earth that sent reversed 10th-dimensional energy as a current that connected Earth and variously descended planets in the Phantom Matrix. This connection between Earth and the descending planets in the phantom matrix has ensured that Earth remained a descending planet with the potential of being sucked into the Phantom Matrix.

The energetics of this was made possible through the Metatronic reversal frequencies that had been installed into our planets grids from various intruder groups that had encrypted our grids with distorted bi-wave geometries through the hijacked Vesica Pisces architecture. The Vesica Pisces have produced a distortion in the spin rates of electrons and protons creating a locking mechanism so the organic trinity wave cannot be expressed. It has meant that consciousness has developed polarity splits through separation and distortion. These split patterns have fragmented our consciousness at multiple dimensions.

Much of the problem of descending consciousness on Earth has been contained in the grid lines that were created on the planet through Metatronic Reversal Patterns. Large grid systems have been installed into the Earth that is either helping and aiding consciousness as is the case with the Guardian installed grid networks such as the Four Faces of Man, Great White Lion, Golden Eagle, Blue Oxen. (Two of these got hijacked by intruder races.) While other grid networks such as the Dragon, Falcon, Phoenix, Serpent, and Dove hold reversals and distortions that spiral Earth downward towards the phantom matrix.

These grid systems operate through Earth as a mass broadcasting station, either positively or negatively affecting consciousness depending upon whether the grids are holding Trinity waves (pulsating source consciousness) Or hijacked bi-waves (closed-loop architecture, with no relationship with the eternally sustained light of the creator).

It has been during this Kaliyuga that much disruption and distortion has happened to our planet. Each opportunity to move the planet from descending in consciousness into ascending during the Stellar Activation Cycle window presenting itself approximately every 26,000 years have been missed. Most of this has been due to negative intruder races and these energetic reversals running through these grid networks.

Part of the role of what we call Guardians of Gaia is to override these reversals held in the grid lines since these reversals are part of the main cause why individual people struggle to move past the conditions of the programming creating their life.

Being a GUARDIAN means updating the software programming that is running the scripts of your life. To be realigned once again to the operating parameters of the universe; UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, CO-OPERATION, and LAW OF ONE.

It means removing any programming in yourself that is moving you out of this alignment. Once your internal architecture is aligned to the Law of One, you can then start to support others in your Guardian role by running tri-wave frequencies into the Earth grids which override these bi-wave closed-loop architecture distortions that have been holding our planet as a descending consciousness field.

King Arthur and his indigo team of Knights (of the round table) were GUARDIANS of GAIA. They would get together and run energy as rainbow roundtables which would stream 12-dimensional ti-wave geometries into the Earth grids. King Arthur (like Jeshua) was here on Earth for the CHRISTOS REALIGNMENT MISSION that was aiming to return the Earth to an ascending planet 12th-dimensional planet.

The CHRISTOS REALIGNMENT MISSION is part of the INDIGO/STAR SEED mission. If you are reading this blog adventure series then most likely this is the piece you have been searching for all your life.

Direct confirmation of WHY you are here:


This mission through the Star Councils is called The CHRISTOS REALIGNMENT MISSION.

Perhaps this is WHY you are here?

Back to the gift shop at St Nectan’s Glenn and the realization of the White Dragon being locked under the church in Tintagel. We felt this to be a key piece since this Dragon (which was pure and of the light) would be able to help overwrite the distortions in the grids (the bi-wave geometries) creating a massive frequency jump in the entire planet.

The first thing we did was get out our crystals and place them in a grid network in the area and allow the purified water running through the Stargate to cleanse the crystals. We also brought out our holy water which had been collected from various sacred sites around the world. Water is highly programmable, and just one drop is enough to transfer the frequency of the intention, or the energy of water to help clean and purify space and land. (A handy tip for working the land)

Each of us entered our internal space and began projecting our consciousness into the time-space portal. From this quiet internal space, toning and chanting emerged synchronically together. I broke into an Icaro guided by our previous interaction with the gatekeeper of the Glenn (The Lady of the Lake). I began singing the Icaro into the Arthur timelines and sang to the Lady of the Lake requesting the return of Excalibur to this time vector as Source would have it be.

The emergence of Excalibur’s sword was an incredible moment as all of the work we have done to ourselves, all of the work we have done for the planet came to fruition and the sword in the higher realms appeared and began dropping down to create the form holding energetics to bring it to this realm. The Lady of the Lake must have acknowledged that now was the right timing to allow the Excalibur to return to the domain of humans to help with the emergence of this Golden Age.

The Icaro along with our consciousness and purity of intent helped to release the sword from The Guardian of the lake to become available once again in this realm. We were quite understandably overjoyed as we knew the significance of this. The energetics of the sword had the potential to ignite the fire codes of the tri-wave frequency to overwrite the reversals in the grids including the Dragon grid which had locked the Dragons out of returning to Earth. Excalibur was a major energetic talisman in the evolution of Earth’s consciousness stationed in the third dimension to evolve into the consciousness of Tara stationed in the 4th dimension.

All that was needed is to find the place the sword was now located, as we had seen it being transferred to it’s holding a place in this realm. We just needed to figure out where that was. Luckily we had received a major clue earlier that morning. So we left St Nectan’s Glenn beaming with smiles knowing that a significant piece of the puzzle had just been unlocked. We headed back towards Camelot’s Castle to rest up knowing that we had an adventure ahead of us that night going after the trapped White Dragon under the Church.


The Cave of Death

So the last post shared about our escapades at the Church where we released the two Dragons for them once again to breathe Aether into this world and help reverse engineer the energetic distortion in the Dragon grids.

We checked the clock in the car to track our mission timings.


It was 1.30 am; the low tide was at 11.30 pm, and this was the optimal time to make it into the Cave without too much interference from the incoming tide. So once again guided by the light of an iPhone we made our way down to the ocean on the cold, dark and stormy night.

That wasn’t the worse bit; that came when the rocks ended but there was still another 30 or so metres to go till the cave, and due to the late hour the water was now up to the cliff face. There was no way around it; we would need to get a little wet. Thankfully at this stage, it wasn’t too much of an issue and came up to our mid-shins. However, we had no idea how long we would need in the cave itself and what the water conditions might be on our return trip. It wouldn’t have mattered so much on a calm, tranquil night. But as always with major planetary activation work, it seems to go hand and hand with storms, so the swell was a major concern.

So we trudged through the ocean and made it to the cave entrance with the water now beginning to stream inside. We clambered over a series of rocks having no idea what we were searching for or trying to find. But we were getting a strong, energetic hit that there were some strong magnetic signatures of Merlin’s magic being there. This cave was the correct Merlin’s cave; the other one was for sure a decoy that was pleasant enough but didn’t contain any energy stamps of magic or ritual.

So we kept clambering over rocks deeper into the cave. If you know anything about water safety, being inside a cave filling with water on the dark and stormy night doesn’t exactly meet with health and safety regulations as a safe workspace. But I always feel that is part of the adventure, going to places that challenge and push you. So deeper into the cave, we went.

We had to navigate pools of water, some tricky climbing and of course the incoming swell that was coming in deeper into the cave with every wave. Just the right mix of adventure and danger to get the pulses going. We were buoyed on by the strengthening energy magic signature that had littered the cave’s walls, rocks and field itself. The signature got stronger and stronger, and we knew we were heading in the right direction.

A few metres later probably about 60 off meters into the Cave, we stopped in our tracks. Right there before stood an enormous crystalline rock embedded into the ground. It almost looked an off-planet rock and didn’t look like it belonged there. It was a rock like no other in the area and had an immense energy signature. The vibration it was holding threw all three of us, it was almost like we entered a wormhole such as the energy.

The large slab of stone was Merlinite (of course) which amplifies intuition, psychic abilities and allows connection to the magic of the Merlin and the whole Arthurian timelines. The stone had some ceremonies performed on it from Merlin himself, and we knew we had uncovered a significant archaeological find. (At least for the Light Workers, Healers, Druids Witches and Wizards of the world)

We stood awestruck by the size and beauty of the rock and the incredible vibration coming off it for some time. We then started to inspect it closer, and Akasha scanned the rock it was locked down with heavy black magic to prevent the power of its use since the Arthurian days. There it had stayed in a state of non-action until this day.

The black magic on the stone including energy signatures and spells from Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) who achieved immortality by drinking dragons blood and selling his soul to Lucifer). It was said that Uther (Arthurs’s father) was possessed by Vlad the Impaler. Uther and Arthur’s last name was Pendragon, which means the head of the Dragon. Historically this lineage was friendly to Dragons and were their allies.

However, Uther (possessed by Vlad the Impaler) went against magic and the Dragons by killing both off. Anyone in power with this Bloodline Vlad comes through the energetic drives the hologram of the host.

Thus it was super heavy energy we were dealing with, so we needed all our focus to undo the spells. We got to work by calling in the Dragons we released an hour or so earlier to come and support us. Of course, they were all too excited to help seeing it was this energy that was behind their demise in the first place.

Akasha and I also called through the Krystal Star Server and the tri-wave frequency which is remarkable and overriding any corrupted energy. The Krystal Star is a new “Higher Self” server for the entire time-space matrix. It contains uncorrupted energy, coding, and geometries that are streaming from the Source into this time-space matrix and our Earth.

What is happening for adepts on the path of spiritual sovereignty and uncovering the truth, are beginning to migrate their holograms across to this new server. An easy metaphor to understand is that this is like an old server hosting a website that has glitches and issues with speed and reliability. Suddenly there is a new larger faster server available, and you move your website across to this new server and immediately notice faster-operating speeds, download times and overall performance.

Well, this is happening now for our entire universe, and this new server is beginning to take over hosting the Melchizedek server which has experienced distortion and corruption via the Metatron collective who hijacked our matrix and used their advanced knowledge of creational physics to distort the energy here. So now our whole matrix has corruption in the programming code, creating the whole drama in our galaxy and also on Earth.

The Krystal Star Server has undistorted and uncorrupted templates, frequencies and geometries, meaning that anyone who has their hologram hosted by this server has at their disposal ALL overwrites commands and codes in the programming code to undo the energetic of any corruption.

Thus as someone interested in serving in the world, this should be a high priority focus to have your hologram hosted by this new tri-wave frequency. Once it is established in you this energy utterly overwrites anything not aligned with The Law of One and Source.

This energy has been available only since 2013 and so is very new on the block so to speak, but the mission for our growing team is to be able to migrate all beings on the Planet across to this hosting system. Hence my life path is bringing people onto this energy.

So the combination of Icaros, light language, Druid magic the Dragon’s breathing Aether, The Aurora frequencies and the Krystal Star ti-wave frequency’s did the trick, breaking through the heavy dark magic left by Vlad the Impaler energy.

Once these black magic spells had been broken, suddenly from the mist and the clearing of swirling energy did Excalibur the Sword materialize and appear impaled deeply into the giant slab of Merlinite rock.

We looked at each other grinning knowing the significance of this moment; we had found Excalibur the Sword, a major talisman and amplifier for returning the Earth and grid lines to a higher dimensional octave. The next trick was to be able to extract it from the rock, as you are probably aware only the worthy would be able to pluck the sword from the rock.

We looked at each other, and it was clearly Akasha who best fitted the Archetype of Arthur. Just that evening before dinner we had a couple of eccentric elder gentlemen enter the lounge at Camelot’s Castle. Meeting eccentrics itself wasn’t strange as Camelot castle is full of these types of people. But one of them out of the blue went straight up to Akasha and said “Where is your throne?” and of course Akasha said, “what do you mean?” To which the elderly man replied, “Where is your throne Arthur, you need your throne!”

Of course, as always synchronicity and timing from random strangers are pure precision of the mathematical code of the divine plan playing out. So it was Akasha who reached for the sword and with one mighty thrust pulled from it’s embedded home in the giant slab of Merlinite.

As soon as the sword was extracted the light show of energy was like nothing we had seen before. It was a like massive kundalini activation for the entire Earth’s grid lines. Plasma frequency, Aurora frequency, the Dragons flying around it was quite the scene. Such high crystalline energy and the massive portal and energy gateway opened to rushing into the cave and the Earth grids, the elementals were the high crystalline frequency that would be used to help usher in the Golden Age.

We were quite mesmerized by the light show but were also mindful of our return trip. We had to navigate the pitch-black night, rising tides, stormy seas, and a decreasing timestamp to get back with our being swept out to sea. So we started our journey back through the cave and very quickly we could see the water had already made its way through the caves rock formation, and the surges of waves were beginning to come through the cave.

We were able to climb onto higher standing rocks and climb out over the top of the water, however, once we made it to the entrance our hearts sank a little as we say the water against the cliff tops much higher than upon entry and would probably be up to waist height. There was no way around this one; we would need to get completely wet and time our exit or get ready to swim.

I was first and managed to time my exit quite well, I waited for a large wave to pass, and high-tailed it for the next rocks where I would need to climb to escape the water. I waded through the water probably thigh deep and made it reasonably eloquently out of the drink. I then waited for the boys to arrive. Waited some more….

Some more minutes went by, and I was beginning to get a little worried, I almost jumped back down to go back and look for them when they suddenly appeared. They were not so lucky with the timings and had to hold each other arm and arm and brace against the surging waves over waist height. They managed to rally and have enough strength to be swept over by the water and smashed against the cliffs and climb to safety.

I breathed a sigh of relief and completely soaked we clambered over the remaining rocks for a few minutes and made it back to shore and began the long climb back up to the car. Quite the adventure.

So with the energy of Excalibur unlocked and with us, we made our way in the car back to Camelot’s Castle. By the time we got back, it was around 4.30 am. It was a long and eventful night and we proceeded to sit down at the round table inside Camelot’s Castle Recounting our tale through to the wee hours of the morning over some hot tea.

With the sword in hand, it was now off to the central hub of Avalon itself, Glastonbury and the Tor whereby we would be able to activate the swords fire coding and really light up the grids.


Sword in the Tor

If you have been following this article of our family’s tour through South of France and the UK you will have read through some of the goings-on regarding:

  • Return of the ELEMENTAL energy

All in all, it was quite the adventure to this point, next was the icing on the cake.

I want to honor The Guardians of this tour from our The Family consisting of:

  • Christof ‘The Architect‘ Melchizedek
  • Alaya ‘The Divine Mother‘ Melchizedek
  • Noa ‘The Baby Buddha‘ Melchizedek
  • Akasha ‘The Alchemist‘ Sananda
  • Asherah ‘The Lyra Priestess‘ Sananda
  • Gabriel ‘The Merlin‘ Melchizedek
  • Unity ‘The Oracle‘ Grace

Especially The Oracle who first invited us all to join her on this epic adventure, without her none of this would have happened for us, and all the upgrades we all received as a consequence of this service mission would have happened.

For myself, I feel far SOFTER and more BALANCED between the divine masculine and feminine. Now that’s not to say I am going to be any easier on you if you ever make it live experience and sit in the hot seat with me. Those that have been with me at live experiences know I bring DIVINE TRUTH with a very direct and honest no BS series of TRUTH BOMBS to your awareness.

What is happening to me is with the increased feminine balance I am finding more space within myself, and not the same pressing things to do getting on top of me. Upon returning home a very healthy dose of the master medicine IBOGA for myself and The Merlin, really helped to anchor this into my system

So after Tintagel, it was back across the country to head to incredible Glastonbury, one of the leading energy sacred centers of the UK. Glastonbury is home to many amazing features which makes it a must-stop for anyone interested in this type of adventure while in the UK. Not only does it have the sacred sites, but also a beautiful high street filled with a Guardians Delight. Powerful crystals, gems, power jewelry, great eateries, healing tools. It defiantly has a slight rainbow chasing feel to it, but when you look past this, it has a colorful away of people, shops, and sites.

We started off at Glastonbury Abbey, a remarkably well preserved Abbey and grounds that you can stroll around the beautiful ruins from the past. It is said that it was established around the 7th century and had undergone numerous changes throughout the ages. It is linked to the Myth and legend of the King Arthur timeline which is why we found our way to Glastonbury in the first place.

Legend has it that it was King Arthur’s final resting place with Merlin bringing him to the lake to return him and Sword to the Lady of the Lake. Both The Alchemist and The Merlin confirmed that the area of The Abbey is built upon used to be the Lake around The Tor which was the crowning point of Avalon. Thus the heart of Avalon was the entire Abbey area, Glastonbury and the Tor.

So we walked together the Abbey grounds with The Oracle giving us somewhat of an energetic history lesson of the area and the Ley lines of the fields. The Michael and Mary Ley Lines (also known as the DRAGON LINES of course) cross each other in the ruins of the Abbey by the high altar, and the Mary line then runs up through the grounds and Abbey House. So we walked the dragon lines and dropped all the upgraded CODES we received in the releasing of the DRAGON’S and the holding of EXCALIBUR’S SWORD in The Alchemist’s energetic architecture.


Running CODES on Earth is like sending an upgrade of a COMPUTER OPERATING system into the Earth. You take particular energy, geometry, sound frequencies, and wavelengths and send them into the Grids as ENERGETIC CODES to override or upgrade lower or distorted energy patterns held in the Earth.

We spent some time on the grounds enjoying the old energy of the remnants of Avalon, did some sharing and exploring before needing to move onwards to keep up with our plans.

Next, we moved off to Chalice Well which has the most incredible soft energy very possibly anywhere on the planet. This straight from the Chalice Well website:

“Chalice Well is one of Britain’s most ancient wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards, it is a living sanctuary in which the visitor can experience the quiet healing of this sacred place. For over two thousand years this has been a place where people have gathered to drink the waters and find solace, peace, and inspiration.”


After being recently engaged Alaya (The Divine Mother) and I did a secret wedding ceremony there (probably not so secret now). Just the two of us snuck away from the group, (some others who were guided to join us for this part of the mission) and recited some sacred spiritual wedding vows to each other.

It was a beautiful private moment sealing our Spiritual Marriage in the sanctified space of the Chalice Well. The Spiritual Marriage united us in the higher dimensions, and we are already feeling the effects of this union in our daily lives. This process left us feeling charged and aligned for our future together which was sealed with our commitment and word to one another.

We walked to the Well itself and sat around with the others from the group who had pilgrimed to the area for our journey, and we had a beautiful moment (since we didn’t tell anyone they were all nicely surprised), and people shared some lovely words to us about our union. I will never forget this moment as we all sat around the Well and communed.

After this, we were all floating in a bubble of love and the group made it’s a way to The Tor which proved to be the CAPSTONE and KEY to the whole trip and experience to everything we had gone through and completed on the GUARDIANS of GAIA TOUR.

The Tor is a sacred Hill that overlooks Glastonbury, The Abbey, and Chalice Well and is the Icon of the area. Remember that this whole area was the central pillar of the Avalon timeline. In this timeline, Glastonbury (AVALON) was an island

It was the hill that overlooked the There are many myths and legends associated with the Tor – According to the Glastonbury Tor official website:

“The myths associated with Glastonbury Tor are extraordinary. It has been called a magic mountain, a faeries’ glass hill, a spiral castle, a Grail castle, the Land of the Dead, Hades, a Druid initiation center, an Arthurian hill-fort, a magnetic power-point.

It is a crossroads of Leys, a center for Goddess fertility rituals and celebrations, a converging point for UFOs. Not only was Avalon a hill surrounded by water, but it was also linked with Caer Sidi – the Faeries’ Glass Mountain or Spiral Castle where the natural energies of the earth met with the supernatural power of death.”

Our trip there was right in keeping with these themes, carry all the CODING and of course, the SWORD our GUARDIAN TEAM, made it’s way up to the top of the Tor. It was getting late and the sun was setting as we came to the KEY piece of our adventure together.

We got our group together on top of the Tor, The Alchemist, The Oracle and I gave an excellent overview and account to the new people who joined us in Glastonbury. We then proceeded to space on top of the Tor where we could enter a ritual

We began with the toning, chanting, The Merlin started with his Druid language and magic, The Alchemist started calling in the Dragons, myself and the Oracle with Light Language running new encryption coding through the Tor, the apex of Avalon.

Members of the newly formed group began shaking and trembling with the high crystalline energy that was coming through and being anchored into The Tor. Many of them had spontaneous activations and ancient Druid and Dragon memories coming to the surface. It was very very powerful.

Then just as things were peaking Akasha The Alchemist drew out the energy signature of EXCALIBUR’S SWORD and chanting ancient magic language he thrust the sword into the heart of the Tor. Upon doing this, The tri-wave frequencies of the Krystal Star server ignited into the Grids. What started happening was the old Grid network was activating and recording with the new Tri-Wave frequency, overriding the old hijacked bi-wave frequency.

Then the morphogenetic magnetic overlay of Tara (Earth-stationed in dimensions 4,5,6) dropped in over the top so that Earth could now start integrating the energy of the 4th dimension as a permanent hosting of its architecture.

The outcome of all this is that Earth is now at the consciousness of TARA, the 4th dimension. This achievement has been the coordination and collaboration of many millions of people, non-physical beings and the Guardians all coordinating together to create the conditions for this incredible moment.

It seems the Talisman of EXCALIBUR’S SWORD was the FIRE LETTER starter that created all the upgraded CODING necessary to overwrite the Grids in the Avalon time and drop in the frequency of TARA. When this happened massive amounts of Kundalini energy shot through the Micheal and Mary lines which were supported by the two Dragons that we had released under the Church in Tintagel. Their presence signaled a return to this age, and they amplified all proceedings and gave many of the newly formed group some DRAGON ENERGY which woke up some of their latent memories and coding from other time epochs.

The best thing is that The Alchemist about all this was downloaded with an epic CODE of EXCALIBUR’ to capture this frequency and energy so that others may use this incredible Talisman and tool in their planetary work. This CODE is a remarkable gift to humanity, and we use it regularly for major land clearings when on Mission.

Everything that we had accomplished on this tour seemed to feed into the next piece and then the next piece culminating with this moment when the massive grid activation happened, and all the Earth’s grids were upgraded to the consciousness of TARA in the 4th dimension.

This is a trip I shall never forget and felt such blessed to be a part of in humble service to supporting and upgrading the consciousness and vibration on the planet. Working the land grids is an incredibly rewarding exercise as we start to give back to our beloved Mother after everything that has been stripped and taken from her.

I encourage anyone with the sincere intention to help the incoming Golden Age and the raising of our planet’s vibration to take time out and support the Earth with love, reverence, ceremony, and blessings.

These energies are heard, felt, received by our majestic Mother, it is a time to gather and honor her for everything she gives us, and support her in the journey of her ascension, and us a part of it. You will be supported, divinely guided, and surprised what you get back as a consequence of selfless giving.

Thank you to THE FAMILY and all those who helped in person or remotely especially Peter Tongue who provided invaluable guidance through France, The Oracle for initiating this adventure, Alaya The divine Mother for saying YES to my proposal of a crazy life of adventure, and of course BABY BUDDHA for calling all the shots.


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