Divine Keys

The DIVINE KEYS is the ideal program to help you accelerate in your spiritual growth, raise your vibration, expand your consciousness and learn through a living library of experience how your MIND-BODY-ENERGY fields interact with the Source Intelligence to create and shape your reality.

The DIVINE KEYS is the ultimate personal development program for anyone that is looking to get healthy, expand their consciousness, raise their vibration and achieve real transformation.

It is designed to create an accelerated consciousness shift in you to get you aligned with your HIGHER SELF and your SOUL MISSION and to give you the necessary internal coding to be able to complete this without being overwhelmed or stressed out.

It is a pathway of initiation designed to teach you through direct experience in your life the DIVINE PRINCIPLE’S and SACRED SCIENCE’S that you need to embody in your to navigate this reality and execute and complete what you came here to do at your soul level.

You will explore THE DIVINE KEYS that will take you from where you are now, to where you need to be in terms of raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness to fully embody your highest potentials held as templates in the higher dimensions.

It is a journey of internal mastery where you will learn to become the pilot of your Consciousness, Bio-Energy Field and DNA to live your highest expression of life.


The DIVINE KEYS is a deep dive into a full MIND-BODY-ENERGY recalibration done from the comfort of your own home. It is a complete overhaul of your entire operating system from your physical health habits, to mindset and beliefs, and your energetic and spiritual practices.

Each week you will navigate and not only learn the corresponding KEY that you will be exploring, but also receive healing and activation as I send energy into your Multi-Dimensional anatomy repairing and recalibrating you to your highest energy holding potential.

You will explore the keys of:

  • Centeredness
  • Creativity
  • Expression
  • Purity
  • Identity
  • Insight
  • Stability
  • Love
  • Insight
  • Centeredness
  • Creativity
  • Expression
  • Purity
  • Identity
  • Insight
  • Stability
  • Love
  • Insight

You will use these as a  mechanism of exploring your multi-dimensional anatomy and you will uncover how each of these Keys is a portal of consciousness that will allow you to understand better who you are at SOUL LEVEL, WHAT you have come here to do, and HOW you can do this interacting your MINDBODY-ENERGY triad with the quantum field

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Ainsley Burton

“From my learnings with The Divine keys, I began to give myself space and trust the process and with each key and understanding my life began to take a change for the better! I am in flow for most of the time now and always know when and if I am heading out of the flow, I can bring myself back. I am a lot more relaxed and calm, happier! My relationship has improved with my partner, we have our spark back again, I understand my clients and can hear where they are coming from. I even feel I am healing them at times, and they seem to hang on to my words. I understand my Life Purpose now I am much more in touch with myself, loving my body and self! I have more time and space, and I am so looking forward to the journey of where my Life Purpose is going to take me!

Thank you, Christof, so much for your sharing of your learnings and all your healing’s and activations. You have certainly changed my life for the better. I feel like my life has started and I am really looking forward to what lies ahead!”

The divine keys is the ultimate spiritual growth journey, it builds your energetic intelligence and establishes your bio-energy field and consciousness at a new higher frequency set point.

The Divine Keys is a signature program loving created over many years, taught soon to be re-released with my beloved family members the liberated and ascended consciousness fields of Sananda and Shekinah.

It is my great honor to support you through this program and help you release the fragmentation of your childhood, ancestral, societal and cultural conditioning so that you may enter your highest potential timeline.

It is for people who are prepared to step into their potential and lead with the heart’s intelligence in terms of being the change you wish to see in our community and planet.

It is for people who have are serious about contributing to the world at large by bringing their Soul Purpose to its fullest expression and manifesting their highest reality.

I am passionate about helping you make a difference in the people’s lives around you, by holding energy that is naturally healing to be around.

The first step on the path of self-mastery living your life at the highest levels you know in your heart is capable of is releasing your shadows and the underlying Imprinted Programming.

The first step on this path is being able to identify when you are in an emotional reaction or are being defensive. Being in defense simply means the false self or ego-personality is defending your, authentic, vulnerable, loving, true self.

This training allows you to work through your shadow states, identify when you are in a reactive state, and reverse engineer this back to your Core Wounds and heal them.  

It provides acceleration in your Soul Growth so that you may live pragmatically spiritually aligned to your values and purpose in the physical world.  It is a deep dive into knowing yourself more fully.

Through the Divine Keys pathway, you will begin identifying when you’re in defence by spotting your resistance, impatience, anxiety, frustration, fear, anger and rage

You will learn clearing techniques and give you a process map to teach you how to reverse engineer these defences to find the core wound. The root that has created these energetic patterns and shows you how to clear them yourself so you can be empowered to go forward in life after the program, fully confident you can not only identify patterns but clear the root cause creating them.

Your energy field will be imbued with a host of energies that will create the ultimate energetic healing container. One that will fundamentally change the way you are vibrating, and thus change what you attract and are creating in your life.

Living the Divine Keys is the ultimate expression of your Soul Purpose, it is the ultimate spiritual growth journey experience and is a living library of breakthroughs and transformation. It is something that will filter out and impact your entire family, your relationships will change, because you will have changed.

It will impact your abundance because you will feel abundant on the inside, and it will bring you into greater alignment with your Soul Purpose because we will identify WHY you are here, and help you extrapolate meaning from your childhood experiences, painful episodes from the past and the skills and talents you have acquired on your journey of life.

You will impact those closest around you and fundamentally change all of your primary relationships as you come into a degree of more vulnerability and authenticity. You will begin living as an ambassador of the New Earth, naturally holding healing frequencies in your field impacting those around you.

As you build the habits that will sustain a robust harmonic field of frequency you will move into higher flow and harmony in life. You will experience an effortlessness and ease as you draw towards you all that is held in your loving field of intent.

1. Divine Keys Process

The Divine Keys is the ultimate journey of raising your vibration, expanding your consciousness, and working on your energetic intelligence. It is a self-study and personal mentoring circle where you and a small group of other like-minded initiates are mentored by me each week through the Divine Key initiations

You study and apply the principles, and we meet in a live online setting for integration and personal process to help you dive deeper into your soul growth.

The group container and wave is a strong force field of healing energy that is much more effective than going through the portal alone. Your fellow initiates are there for you in between sessions for support and encouragement through a private portal

We set up a morphogenetic field of energy for each Key. Meaning that as you come to the Key to study all the energy held in this lesson, becomes heightened in your life. All the imprints and wounds get triggered as we explore that Key. It is designed, so this energetic matrix creates the ultimate life lessons as you navigate the Keys and each week we come to our circle for processing everything that came up for clearing during the week.

Each Sunday we set up a healing field for you to lie down and receive to help integrate all your processing during the week. This is designed as a thorough, energetic cleansing off of all your process and triggers of the week.

We will be working through the ego deficiencies of the lower three energy centres. When these energy centres are deficient through the conditioning you experienced growing up, you can never really pull through your soul purpose to its full potential.

2. Over Coming Egoic Deciencies


If you are experiencing imprints in the first chakra, you will not feel safe stepping into the unknown, and thus you will sabotage or block opportunities that are on your soul path because your ego can’t work out how this will turn out. So you will retreat back into the safety of your comfort zone. All Soul Growth and a life of purpose lie outside your comfort zone, to feel comfortable there we need to ensure you that you have healed any deficiencies in the first chakra. We will be exploring and erroneous beliefs of your safety and survival and treating these.

If you are experiencing imprints in the second chakra, you will have trouble fully trusting others, and not feel entirely safe in relationships and always feel a sense of neediness never having a really full sense of belonging. There might also be distortions in the flow of healthy sexuality that is creating blockages in your ability to manifest your creations in life. We will be exploring erroneous beliefs of your relationships, community and belonging.

If you are experiencing imprints in the third chakra, you be living your life by attempting to manage the opinions of others, as you will draw a lot of your self-esteem from other people’s opinions. You will either big yourself up, or play small to manipulate others opinions of you because your own internal self-esteem was not anchored in at a deep enough level to not need others opinions in following your life path. We will be exploring your beliefs around your self-worth, identity and recognition.

3. Getting Your Soul Needs Met

As we navigate together up through the Higher Keys, we will begin coming into contact with your Soul needs and longings. The key to navigating life is to be able to overcome any issues in the lower energy centres, so you have stable foundations upon which to go after your Soul Purpose in life.

Through the carefully laid out inquiry of the Divine Keys you will uncover your Soul Purpose, who you are at the Soul level, and why you are here. We will then set you in motion on yourGolden Path, aligning what you are actually doing in life with what you came here to do.

We will ensure you have the right internal programming held in your DNA, Consciousness, and Bio-Energy Field to shape and create your reality aligned to your soul purpose.

Modules In The Divine Keys


Explore the dimension of being centred, not projecting into the future with your thoughts, or influenced from the past with your thinking, but being fully present anchored into the moment here and now.

The dimension of centredness allows one to be calm under pressure and not get caught up into emotional reactions, to respond consciously and clearly to life and event waves that come towards you so you may be calm in the storm of life.


Get CENTRED and into the dimension of HARA
Understand Energy & Consciousness make up reality

Look for patterns that pull you out of centre

Integrate the practice of Centring into your daily life
MENTORING: Integration Circle 1


Uncover the cutting-edge programming techniques to lead a disease free, and ageless life. Uncover the purification techniques and processes to allow you to be in optimal health and vitality for you and your clients.

You will receive resources to be able to live at the highest levels of vitality, explore the critical systems of the body and how to manage them so you can increase your personal light quotient and raise your vibration to the highest levels you can safely handle at this time.


Module One: The Global Health Crisis
Module Two: Cellular Health
Module Three: Detoxification System
Module Four: Whole Foods
Module Five: Purification


Explore the first chakra as an insight into balance and stability in your life, and how the image of the external security of the job, relationship, home, are all illusions and the real source of security in one’s life is internal stability which is held through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

Being stable is really about having calm thoughts and balanced emotions no matter what events are happening around you.  Understand how you need to master your emotions to be stable enough to receive the higher frequencies coming down to the planet at this time.


Module One: What Is Stability?
Module Two: How Your Operating System Works
Module Three: Beliefs And Imprinted Programs
Module Four: Emotions And Emotional Reactions
Module Five: Reprogramming Your Operating System


Understand the creation and manifestation process and learn how to regulate your energy field to birth your creations in the physical world with effortless intention. Uncover the alchemy of manifestation, transmuting energy in the astral plane down into the physical plane of existence by matching and holding the vibration of what it is you wish to manifest.  

Ensuring both the masculine energies and feminine energies are both used in the creation process, and how to use both energies to create life to your ideas.


Module One: The Gift Of Emotions
Module Two:  Quantum Laws
Module Three:  Universal Principles

Module Four: The Co-creation Of Beliefs

Module Five:  Manifestation Mastery
Module Six:  Creativity Transmission


Your personal strength comes about by knowing who you indeed are, understanding what has shaped you as a person.  By exploring the challenges, you have overcome you realise what codes you carry in your field that help unlock others.  Here you identify how you may be of service to your fellow humans.  

There is no more noble cause than service to humanity, and in finding what you have overcome, you see in yourself the codes that can help uplift others through your energy field.  The strength in your identity helps not to be pulled or swayed by the opinion of others; you become your own master and others opinions matter not.  You trust your intuition which comes into your third chakra, and you can process both the intuitive mind, heart and intellect working together..


Module One: What Is Identity
Module Two: Vision And Values
Module Three: Profiling Your Energy Signature
Module Four: Transcending The Ego
Module Five: Our Shadows And Personas
Module Six:  Identity Transmission


Dive into the power centre of your system, the sacred human heart.  The human heart is the gateway that allows you to access the higher dimensions and is the bridge holding your spiritual energies in combination with your personal powers anchored here on earth.  The heart is 50 times more electrically powerful than the brain, and 5000 times more electromagnetically powerful than the brain.  

It is truly your power centre and entrains all other biological rhythms in your body.  In this section, you will learn how you block love in your system and how to live with each day in your field and utilise its power to magnetise your longings, desires and personal mission towards you.  You will explore how love is your true power centre in your body and how the power of purpose can expand your energetic power to accelerate towards you all the resources you need to manifest your dreams


Module One: The Supreme Heart

Module Two: DNA Divinity
Module Three: LAW of Love
Module Four: Divine Relationship
Module Five: Love Transmission


The fifth chakra is your centre of communication and expression, where you speak your truth.  You can articulate what is there for you and your concepts and ideas in clear and practical ways.  This level of the human energy field is also the level of the divine will.  Aligning with this high level you can feel the divine presence’s support and effortless unfolding of the divine plan.  

When you can align your energies with this powerful force and let go of the controlling human ego and will and align with your divine purpose and mission, then all-powerful creation energies flow through you, and you are greatly accelerated in your life’s mission.  Here you will learn how to connect with this divine will and open up communication pathways to guidance and support.


Module One: What Is Expression

Module Two: Expression And Repression

Module Three: Divine Will

Module Four: Aligning With The Divine Plan
Module Five: Expression Transmission


Exploring this chakra will teach you to open up your inner sight, your ability to see into the future and create and manifest your vision for a better world and your role in its creation.  It’s about not only the ability to envisage things, but also carry it out in a practical step by step fashion.  

The sixth level of the field is about connecting to divine love, knowing that all the love you need is inside of you, and is always available through source energy. It is the recognition that you do not fill yourself with love through external relationships, knowing that this love is always possible and is still freely given allows you to drop into deeper feelings of peace and security as you wake to the fact that love is all there is.


Module One: Direct Clarity
Module Two: Self Awareness
Module Three: The Power Of Prayer
Module Four: Inner Sight
Module Five: Eye Of God
Module Six:  Insight Transmission


Unlock your direct connection to universal intelligence and the divine mind by strengthening your relationship to the Godhead.  Learn how to receive downloads and distinguish divine messages from your own personal thoughts.   

Move into a state of Knowing, which is a dimension deeper than believing, and as such uncover that you are indeed a spark of God, and as such have full creative power without limitation. 

It is by aligning with divine will and allowing divine love to come through you, that you unlock divine wisdom.  The wisdom that comes through you from the creator direct.  Only those with the pure intention of service and pure in heart will be gifted with the code that unlocks divine wisdom 


Module One: The Kingdom Of God
Module Two: Empathy And Guidance
Module Three: Accessing Divine Wisdom
Module Four: The Holographic Universe
Module Five: The Divine Human Template

Module Six:  Knowing Transmission


We come together each month for a Deep Dive Integration call that is designed to deepen your knowledge, to allow you the opportunity to ask questions and check your understanding.  

You will be able to share and learn from others as you explore the Living Library of your life experience as the Divine Keys begin to open synchronicity and accelerate your personal process.

Your personal process and sharing what you are going through with others forms a large part of your training and journey together as a community moving through the Divine Keys.

Our live calls are a key component of your experience and journey into your new life.

This means you will come face to face with your old programs and habits, be triggered by friends, coworkers and family. You will then be coached how to transcend these challenges and thus rewrite your programming so you can create a better reality. This program is only for people SERIOUS about making real, profound, lifelong change. 

These calls are an energy transmission live with me in person.  They are deeply profound and transformational, they transfer all the Codes and Consciousness I have picked up on my personal journey.  They impact not only yourself but your primary relationship, your ancestors and children as we work through the many layers of karma and programming.

They are a portal of high alchemical healing and transformation.

Please do not apply if you want a quick fix or just want to be passive and receive healing. To make real progress and transfigure the limiting patterns you need to explore yourself from the deepest levels actively. 


The program is set up in an energetic container where the group hologram is projected through increasing frequency as the weeks progress linked to the lessons of the KEY. This means that the challenges and experiences of that KEY will directly show up in your life as you navigate the program  

You will come face to face with your old programs and habits, be triggered by friends, coworkers, and family. You will then be coached on these live calls on how to transcend these challenges and thus rewrite your programming so you can create a better reality.

This program is for people who are SERIOUS about making a real, profound, lifelong change.

To make real progress and transfigure the limiting patterns you need to explore yourself from the deepest levels actively.  The best results are achieved when you become fully engaged in the whole process.


Each Key you will receive clearings and activations that are designed to steadily raise your vibration by working on your Hologram in the best way that supports the KEY you are working through. This is a journey of healing and facilitation so, please allow space for yourself to integrate each KEY.

 Each live call will also contain profound healing and energy transmissions.




The biggest thing I learned about the Divine Keys about myself was who I was.  Like, I thought I knew; but apparently, I wasn’t even close.  And then, when I found myself through this, I was, like, in love with myself.

 So, I think that the biggest thing is that you – after you work through everything that you’ve been through, and kind of taken away all the layers, which is what he teaches you how to do, you find who you actually are; and then, you fall in love with yourself all over again.  It’s like a rebirth.        – CHLOE STARK


To do the Divine Keys, it really – like, the way I would describe it just in simple terms is, it’s just cleaning the shit out of your head.  Like all these, like – like Christof says, like, imprinted programs that you didn’t even know you had.  Like, that was just developed over time.

 And, like, all those little things; like anxiety, you learn that was just like in the brain, anxiety and excitement, they register the same.  So, once you, like, are able to flip that switch and you have all these, like, mind-bending concepts that you learn.  Like you said when, your – your body doesn’t form an energy field; the energy field forms the body.  And it’s like, “Holy shit!  I have like all of this potential to co-create alongside the energy that creates me.       JACKSON STARK


The biggest thing that I learned about myself through the Divine Keys would be – how powerful I am.  How much love I am capable of giving, to myself and others.  And just knowing that – that I’m part of something bigger.

It was about building more confidence in myself.  Really taking responsibility for everything that’s – that’s in my life, that’s happened to me in my life.  Knowing that I’m the cause of it.  And having that knowingness really putting me in a state of being – in a state of equanimity.   

But the biggest thing I want to add about this specific program is that Christof, he doesn’t take — he really makes it sure that he’s not your guru.  He really wants to push it back onto you, and show YOU that you are in charge of your life.  He’s just a guide.

If you get that little feeling in your heart, that’s a good sign.  And I had that feeling in my heart when I first watched Christof.  But then, I had other voices that came into my head.  But I just made the decision to do that.

 And I think, when you just make a decision in life to do something, that’s when the best things happen.  And this is one of the best journeys that I’ve been on because I made that decision.      –  JIMMY CHIMARIOS


I loved how I worked through a lot of woundings, core woundings and triggers, and imprinted programs; and there are still things there.  There are still things I have to work on, but – but I – but even through all the pain and the suffering through my life, I can – I can just like go forth with like an incredible – incredible amount of love.  And heal people.  And – and walk the path that I’m supposed to be walking.

 And, so that’s – I didn’t think I would probably get that from the Divine Keys when I first started.  I just thought I would learn about Chakras and I would learn – but, it’s really a foundational point for the healing arts, to walk the path; to see what you are good at and what you, you know, and – and to look within and say, “What do I need to change about myself to go on and become a better version of myself. 

The Divine Keys is going to get you to look deep within yourself and find those triggers; find those wounds, so then you can go out and – and just touch one other person in life and – and be this catalyst for change, for a new paradigm.   –   ROBERT LINDENBERG


I believe what called us to the Divine Keys was meeting Christof, and feeling the energetic power that he had.  And we really were searching for something, not really knowing that we were. 

What Surprised me about the Divine Keys was how easy, honestly – how easy it was.  And also, how in-depth it was.  So – and just how guided it was, with Christof.

Each tool we learned was applicable to something else that we really needed to work on, on a deeper level.  And it – amazing set tools that we can take with us for the rest of our lives.

I do remember the decision we made to do the Divine Keys. And we knew it was a year-long commitment.  And we said, “Are you up for it?”  And we kind of waffled in the beginning and then, really quickly, after you talk to Christof or you listen to people who go through the program, you say, “Oh, I already – I have no idea why I hesitated at first,” but looking back – The Keys were so necessary in our development as – as a couple, as human beings; in our own separate paths, and our path together.  We have been given tools that they don’t give you in normal life.  These are – these are literally secret tools.  And I – maybe that’s why they call them ‘Keys,’ because they’re unlocking secrets for humanity.



What – what surprised me about Divine Keys was that, it’s an in-depth look at who you are.  And there were things that I didn’t even think about until I started diving into each Key.  And more and more, it is built on the last Key – each Key built on the last Key.

 And it was surprising that you learn about yourself, you learn about things that have been programmed that you didn’t even know were there.

And I think, through the Keys, I have been empowered almost to – to be more fearless in the future; and thus, switched my priorities around, where I’m prioritizing joy and fun, and not work and safety and – and those things. 

I think the main thing that I learned was – with the Divine Keys – was that, there are ways to improve your life.  There – there is a – a program, a step-by-step, you know, way to figure out what you don’t like and what you do like. 

To be in the room and feel the energy of everyone there, and Christof and Alaya, was beyond anything that you can imagine.  It was so comforting and so soothing, and just the – the guidance and the energy, the power, the kindness.  The kindness was overwhelming for me.  THAT was amazing.  STEVE AND MARTINA FANIZZA


I would say to anybody who’s thinking about coming into the Divine Keys program that you shouldn’t even think about it.  Follow your heart, trust it; and, just go.  You will not be disappointed.  It’s the most phenomenal experience I have had in my life.  MICHAEL BOJARSKI




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