Seismic Shifts This Solstice

Eclipse season is when we enter a portal of profound alchemy and transformation by moving through two lunar eclipses on June 5 and July 5, with the annual solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21.

The energy behind June 5 was upon the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which typically pushes us to become more curious and push the envelope of our boundaries choosing risk and adventure over fear.

We are certainly witnessing this energy at the moment as the collective rises up for some collective push back to strong-arm tactics by the various enforcement agencies.

Remember, at the start of the year {first_name}, where I said that we can expect some significant societal shifts this year that will lead us into our Decade of Destiny. Where we will emerge in 2030 either completely controlled or completely free.

We started off the Saturn Conjunct Pluto, which only happens every 34 years. With the combined making us look into our most deep-seated individual and collective shadows, societal structures begin their decay and break down.

I am pretty sure we can tick this box.


As part of our own journey, we are each being asked to explore our own shadows and transcend them. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and is all about Power.

What is being shown to you right now in your own reality is your relationship with Power and Authority. How are you navigating your personal relationship with authority, are there any triggers coming up for you to own and look into?

Remember, all that you experience is your own creation. Any hint of irritation is due to unhealed aspects of yourself coming up for clearing. Where have you been wounded in the past by authority? What needs healing now for you? What is underneath the trigger, underneath the belief, under the unmet need. What wound lies there that needs healing that keeps cycling around for you to look experience?


There is no doubt that the Pluto and Saturn conjunct has done its job. Even the most stubborn of beings are now questioning the mainstream narrative and who is controlling society.

We have already had Pluto and Jupiter conjoining in Capricorn on April 4, and coming up again on June 30 and again November 12.

The energy behind this combination is all-around opportunity and change. It also brings in the energy of dissolving or collapsing of any group, person, or organization that had or has total control and is abusing this Power.

Just consider the implications of the recent letter by the clearly awake Archbishop Vigano, the former papal ambassador to the United States. It appears factions within the Vatican are awakening to the darker forces.

 A key piece from the letter:

“The investigations already underway will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the COVID emergency not only in the area of health care but also in politics, the economy, and the media. We will probably find that in this colossal operation of social engineering, there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations.”

Will we see The Vatican also begin to dismantle and crumble?

Indeed, as soon as we can travel again and are back in Europe we will be leading a Tour there for some much needed planetary grid work, the Guardians gave me a dream last year I needed to take a group for some work there. So keep an eye out for that announcement, it will be a big one.


We are currently seeing a collective uprising on the abuse of power by police. While many great people are doing fantastic work in the Police force, it also attracts abusers of Power and people hungry for power and the willingness to use unnecessary force for the rush it brings.

We are witnessing a cultural and collective push back as this energy and awareness enters people’s psyche, no longer will Force, Power, and overtly displays of Aggression be tolerated by our species which are waking up to the Power Elite control systems. 

Pluto has always been involved in the energy of change in the balance of power., it brings forth a different world with new rules and creates paradigm shifts. Many of the world’s most significant recent shifts have coincided with Jupiter and Pluto’s watch.

(Thanks to Jessica Adams for these)

  • The end of Apartheid and Japanese Government collapse – (Jupiter conduct Pluto December 2, 1994),  
  • The uprising of the French working class and significant concessions by the Government – (Jupiter conjunct Pluto October 13, 1968), 
  • Suez Canal crisis (changes the balance of Power at Suez Canal) (Jupiter conjunct Pluto December February 8, June 16),
  • Spain gives up control of its territories, (Jupiter conjunct Pluto December February 8, June 16),
  • Japan joins the United Nations – (Jupiter conjunct Pluto December February 8, June 16),
  • Russia defeat Nazi Germany (Jupiter conduct Pluto DecemberAugust 1 1943)
  • Italy invaded by allies (Jupiter conduct Pluto DecemberAugust 1 1943)

Right now, we have in the US alone:

  • 28 States have activated national guard
  • Protest in all 50 states
  • Protest in over 350 Cities 
  • 20,400 National Guard Soldiers activated
  • Active duty military on standby outside Washington DC

There is a collective stirring for change.  

The combination of the energies of Jupiter and Pluto suavely gives us Hope, Power to the people, the ending of hierarchy and control, and the transfer of rulership.

The archetype of Capricorn, which is all about “The King must die so the new King can be born,” leads us in a clear direction of significant changes in how Governance works.  

You can feel it in the collective mixing pot, people are standing up to the Patriarchy energy and saying NO MORE!

This combination of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn where it is now doesn’t roll around that often….

1771 and before that 1522 were the last times… Big changes then, big changes now.

Here it is again ripe for us to have the wind under our wings for seismic change.  

All of these changes that Pluto and Jupiter bring are going to specifically hit the big players. Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Business, ruling classes, societal systems, class systems.

It is the energy of the beginning of the end.

So if you are looking at the world with all the riots and chaos, and are wondering what the heck is going on….

Just remember that all is as it should be when Pluto and Jupiter come together to play.

It’s about shifting power., and it’s coming back to the people. One heck of a time to be alive witnessing this all and writing the story.


The Guardians have suggested that this coming Solstice on June 20 will be the Earth’s most powerful wave of unconditional Love we have received to date, such that humanity will be forever changed by the energy transmission. 

The sun is a conscious living being and is answering our calls for help. It seems that Galactic Forces and Divine Will is going to help us to purge out the darker forces keeping their grip on our reality.

This isn’t a free pass by God, we still need to turn up and do the work. But we absolutely have the incredible wave of energy at our back to support us.

I will release a Free audio energy transmission for this Solstice. You can play on the Solstice to amplify and boost the potent energies streaming into our planet and your hologram.

It would be an ideal time for some magic manifesting…

Alaya and I plan on some magic and alchemy on this portal to help keep evolving our families’ consciousness and evolutionary trajectory. I suggest you may also wish to do the same…

Keep centered, keep calm, keep focused on the highest evolutionary trajectory for yourself, your family, and humanity, and we will sail through this into something different.

What will the new normal be like?

Well, that is to be written by us all….

Time to make it happen.

Let’s do this…

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