Scaling Sacred Ceremonies – Adventures in Mexico

Alaya, I and the kids just landed in Vancouver after an extraordinary event in Acapulco.  

We were blessed and trusted with performing an opening ceremony for around 1000 people at an event called Anarchapulco.  An event designed to gather people who believe in sovereignty and freedom.

We feel very happy and excited about what transpired at the event, fulfilling a vision I have had for many years in being able to run a ceremony and an energy transmission for over 1000 people.  

A big thank you to Juan Pa and Regan who came together with Alaya and me in helping to anchor the frequency and bring the magic of their music and medicine to everyone. George Hardwick (Neo-Shamanic Initiate) who helped with the poetic artistry, and Irina Levy who we brought out of retirement to do the visual DJing.

And Sananda for supporting overlighting as always and for bringing down the visual Codes that can be used for mass transmissions and healings such as these.

An excellent fusion of energy frequency artistic poetry, music, Visual DJing and powerful energy transmissions.

We did loads of fun things together at the event, morning rituals, talks, healing circles.  We had an amazing connection with Juan Pa and Regan and we gelled super well were in the exact frequency match and stream which made everything go super smooth, easy with flow and grace.

The combination worked beautifully as people were entrained by the fusion of frequency of music, ceremonial magic, portal opening, and conscious imagery.

I’m so proud of Alaya who transcended a massive fear of being seen in public and

was able to move past this and provide a wonderful energy transmission of Love through her sacred song experience very much in the heart, sharing her beautiful feminine codes to the audience. 

We are still integrating after such a busy time with speaking engagements, morning rituals on the beach with me in one part, lectures, late dinners, networking and meetings with many exciting things cooking as a consequence.

I love to thank the Anarchapulco team for trusting us with the opening ceremony and closing ceremony and the wonderful flavor we brought in to the event with the theme of evolution.

Trust you enjoy the pics, I’ll upload more to my blog, and will get a showreel done of the event for you…. We’re integrating for a few days here in Vancouver before heading home to New Zealand.


On another note:


I’m excited to share with you that a very dear brother of mine Skip Archimedes, who I’ve known for many years, and together, we have been on such an incredible journey since meeting at the Youth Leadership Summit many years ago in the UK.

We’ve both been on an incredible transformation and he’s in a similar field of human transformation.

He has a great program he is launching that has loads of free cool stuff for you.  You can check it out here by registering for his Master-Class.



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