Processing Through The Portal

Since we navigated through this portal of potentiality, we have been moving through the eclipse season (July 2019) which has seen a number of significant astrological markers creating squeeze points for transformation.

We have had a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2, and on July 16th of Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. A Solar Eclipse is an extra-strong version of a New Moon – like one whole years’ worth of New Moons all rolled into one. And a Lunar Eclipse is like all the years Full Moons into one.

So yes things have been intense and these energies have been squeezing and ringing out of our fields any remaining shadows for processing and clearing.

So we have been sailing through a great opportunity of moving to a higher level of living and being. The last few weeks has been an intense energetic period where a whole lot of our emotional and energetic stuff can be processed.


Well, the last month provided us all with that potential. For the first half of the month, Alaya and I were sailing through as if nothing was happening. We were about to high five each other and said well done on our previous work when the wave began hitting us, and we were able to start processing.

I thought it might be useful for you if we shared a little of the journey we went through processing this last wave. Usually, people see us in between waves when we have stabilized and have pulled through the codes and consciousness to hold coherence and stability in our fields.

At events or in online courses and transmissions, we are there in service to others by broadcasting the energy and codes we have obtained through the in-depth processing journey we have been on for the last multiple of years.

So to share and learn, I thought it might be interesting to share what we have been going through, and perhaps you can relate to things.


My weak spot, where tings first hit me is in my thoracic spine, precisely behind my heart. This has been the case for so many multiple years I cannot remember. The back of the heart is always about receiving, and in particular, receiving love.

If I do not have a morning practice which involves stretching and mobilizing my spine, it aches every night when I sleep and when I wake up. If I keep on top of it through my morning ritual, the fascia is lengthened and provides less strain on my spine.

However, the weakness, of course, is not muscular-skeletal, it is energetic. Stemming I think from a loss of trust in the feminine. There have been childhood woundings in the loss of my Mothers presence when I was 5 when I remember balling my eyes out as I was forced to stay with my Grandparents when my Mum was in the hospital for a week.

I remember as a young five-year-old crying my eyes out screaming for my Mummy, and slowly realizing over the days she wasn’t coming back. Of course, she did, but a week to a five-year-old seems like a lifetime.

I remember when my Mother died when I was an adult experiencing relationship betrayal a week later when I found out that my partner had been having an affair for the last few months. This devastated me and collapsed my field and made me lose trust in the feminine.

The years of suppression of the feminine in my household with my father wafting out patriarchal aggression also created its fair share of conditioning. We sit now in this wave and womb, we can all feel and hear the rise of the divine feminine who has anchored and returned to the planet after being expelled by intruder races.

The rise of the divine feminine is so needed now, this is not just about Woman becoming more powerful. The last thing we need is Woman to be more like men, that is what the whole feminism movement was really about a couple of decades ago.


No, this is more soft empowerment, a feeling of being empowered by the Goddess. I remember so clearly my first proper transmission of the Goddess by Barabara Brennan in her school I attended for four years. At the end of each week, she would do a healing for the whole school, this was known as the Goddess healing.

The waves of love, joy, and ecstasy that cascaded through my body, I would never forget. The Goddess is pure love embodied. The energy of the Goddess is being broadcasted through our planet. Those codes and consciousness are available for all to integrate.

Beloved Alaya, through her conditioning, experienced something similar to me, and most lily many of you where the masculine was suppressing the feminine in her household. Alaya has been slowly awakening and integrating to the rising of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine inside her as I have inside me.

It is like this dance we are going through together. As Alaya softens, I can trust and soften a little more also. We mirror each other so beautifully as all complementary opposites (Twins) do. Which of course provides rocket fuel for transformation and some heated debates in the early years.

Now as we soften into greater harmony and flow, our glitches are few and far between and usually an invitation for more in-depth introspection work together. We agreed at the Soul level that we would stay together for the purposes of Soul Growth and Service. It has been a rapid transformation for us both in these last years.

She is now starting to step into her own healing arts path, in her own way through music, dance, woman circles, and is finding her own feet after the heavy conditioning of her upbringing and needing to work through fears of being seen, not being good enough, or not feeling worthy.

The beloved Goddess is helping to transmute these non-serving patterns and programs, and she has beautiful guides into this embodiment with Shekinah and Regan Hillyer supporting her with Goddess coding.


We have just come out of an eon of time that was the Patriarch, before that the Matriarch. Now we are in the age of the Twin Ray. The embodied masculine and feminine energy are working together. For this reason, all the new avatars of this coming age will be couples. Couples are holding the divine wisdom and balance of sacred masculine and sacred feminine together.

What both Woman and men have experienced is a suppression of the feminine within. What is happening now is a move the other way. So we can hold perfectly inside each of us unified, infused, balanced masculine, and feminine energy.

Once we balance this in ourselves, we can bring this out in our partners. Then together, magic happens as we hold a perfected harmonica balance both individually and collectively. This isn’t for the lucky few, luck has nothing to do with it. It has all to do with doing the inner work, and from there, it happens as a birthright.

We are born to shine,
Born as Creator Gods and Goddesses,
Born as Angelic Humans,

But raised in suppression,
In mental in slavery,
In emotional bondage.

We are being given this incredible opportunity individually and as a species, to rise. But we can only rise TOGETHER.

What is pulling us upward is the glorious Mother Arc, The Goddess. Anchored back in the planet architecture where she belongs. It is the energy we can all sue now to break free to new levels of living and being. New levels of love, friendship, family, and community.


These last two weeks have seen both Alaya I in the womb of the Mother, delayering further back into ourselves at greater degrees.

So when my weak spot flared up again, I could feel a wave coming, and I absolutely did not help myself by pulling an all-nighter to watch the world cup cricket final. New Zealand made the final, and I used to love watching cricket, so I stayed up till 6.30 am watching a riveting final. Congratulations England.

So depleted with tiredness, I made a mistake and gave a deep tissue massage to a friend who I have been working with. Supporting him through this great journey of embodying the feminine.

The tiredness and massage then dropped me into depletion and getting sick. I’m hardly sick if I am it is usually with the purpose of processing something. This was no different. All of this as we move closer and closer to our leaving date for Europe on August 3, with so many recordings and other various production activities to get done.

If there is one thing about the Goddess, she cares not about agendas, schedules, and priorities. She laughs at pressing to-do lists and promptly burns them right in front of you.

So yes, I had to SURRENDER to the Goddess once again. Just to make sure I got the message she took my voice away so I could not record anything if I tried. She just said STOP.

Everything else must fall away. Thankfully after many years of not listening to Her, when She speaks, I listen. All I could do was let go of pressing agendas, to-do lists and support myself energetically by creating space.


So the last two weeks, I have been in self-care, apologies to my mentoring, coaching students and those who enrolled in the recent Everyday Energy medicine transmissions. I have just not been able to do anything delivery or production-wise.

I’ve been resting. I’ve been healing. I’ve been taking hot saunas, spa’s, self-healing sessions, energy transmissions, deep conversations with my beloved Alaya whom in her caring touch and loving voice was able to guide me into a deep lost sadness.

A sadness of the loss of my Mother and the realization she would never see my children, then the tears came… I cried and cried, missing my Mother, missing the feminine which has been lost for us all, lost for humanity. Most of all cried for my children who never got to meet their Grandmother.

The most important piece of all this and processing things that are coming up for clearing is to make some space for yourself. Take time out, say no to other appointments, take it easy and ALLOW the process to move through you.


Through this processing, there has been a lot of releasing of yet deeper levels and layers and ancestral karma, conditioning, and heaviness. An exceptional softness and more considerable wonderment at the magic of life when you truly let go.

The rising we are collectively experiencing is allowing greater trust in the non-doing. Greater trust in the non-action. Greater trust in the emptiness. Greater trust in the stillness.

The feminine rising is all about space.

What creates Form is the space that surrounds it.

Through this period of great transformation as we navigate towards the end of this PORTAL OF POTENTIAL, how are you allowing the Divine Feminine and the Goddess rise inside YOU?

How are you creating space for yourself?

How are you creating greater presence, passion, purpose, and poise, by allowing the graciousness of your femininity rise inside you?

What can you do to express more significant degrees of your feminine essence in the way you move through life?

It is the feminine principle that is rising inside of us, the great question is, will you honor her?

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