Pizza, Pasta and Gelato and Home Again

It’s with a happy heart that Alaya, Noa, Aurora and myself find ourselves back home in New Zealand Aotearoa. I didn’t realize how tough it was until I got home.

I’m pretty knackered, and the body is a bit stressed and burnt out, so I am currently nursing myself back into the rhythm of life here in the stillness of the energy of New Zealand.

So I’m just taking it each at the moment, Alaya is in Hawaii for a deep dive women’s, retreat and I’m locking it down at home with the kids. (Big kudos to all single parents out there).

I will be turning attention soon to finish putting together our New Zealand Tour in march 2020, we are making it possible for all those of you who were interested in coming for two weeks to join us for the North Island portion of the tour and the important green School activation and crystal stone Koha (gifting) ceremony. More to come next week….

Anyway, It’s been a long 10 weeks of journeying through Europe supporting beloved’s in healing and transformation and right now I am just taking space to integrate all the energy work and travel.

The lesson here is when it’s time to rest, really listen to your body. REST and rest big. So that’s what I am doing this week, sauna’s, healing spas and a few big sleeps.

Anyway, a tribute to our European tour and all those whom we encountered.


There were some wonderful planetary upgrades to the morphogenetic fields during the journey, most notably one of the five energetic Krystal Cathedrals located in Norway (Lake Mjosa) that is now more fully activated and streaming plasma into the European grids.

Thanks to Dipika and Louie who heard the call and joined us there to get the work done. A great pleasure supporting beloved Louise’s homeland, and the Krystal Cathedral has been amplified and streaming out much more plasma into the European grids.


The continued Starseed mission of overriding much of the old planetary architecture by moving towards the Kryst / Christ 12th dimensional currents, the organic tree vs the artificial tree of life, and tri-wave geometries over bi-wave continues throughout the planet as more and more Starseeds come ‘online’ and move to see past the Maya / illusion.

In our own directed efforts, the focused work at Stonehenge and anchoring in a tri wave frequency, overriding the bi-wave influences that created reversal currents in the morphogenetic fields. This was a major piece and alongside the Norweigan Krystal Cathedral complex saw land service work for our beloved planet.

Thanks to all the Glastonbury retreat members who heard that call and came to support that mission.


Alaya and I were blessed enough to support a beautiful small festival for families in the Netherlands, it was a lovely experience where we were asked to hold the Opening and Closing ceremonies and anchor in the container for the festival.

Holding sacred space for such things is a great privilege, and when you learn how to build morphogenetic fields and portals of energy you are able to bring people into deep stillness and states of feeling unconditional love. It was so touching to see and feel so many tears during the opening as people could FEEL the higher consciousness streaming into space.

I feel very motivated to teach as many people these skills who are open to learning…


Then the amazing and first Neo-Shamanic Certification live experience. Wow, that was incredible and it is truly a groundbreaking training ground for Star Seeds and Light Workers who are getting ready for the planetary missions. One of the few deep dive multidimensional healing experiential available.

From this experience, I am super committed to building this school in the years ahead, it does seem one of my core Dharma’s, and I look forward to opening the intake in November. (Watch this space).

The first intake was spectacular, and I look forward to serving the lightworker and Starseed community to help fully prepare them for their Missions and being able to hold sacred Circles and Ceremonies, retreats and events around the world.

Well done to all initiates who are well and truly on their path of Healing Arts Mastery.


Then finally the Elixir retreat in Ibiza with beloveds Dipika and Louie where we all experienced exalted states of consciousness and profound personal breakthroughs and new levels of awareness and states of being.

The Elixirs provide rare opportunities to reconnect with higher stations of consciousness and integrate these into one’s physical vessel. The great lesson in all f this work is that you can only expand as far as you are prepared to navigate into the shadows.

All too often I see lightworkers avoid their pain body or shadow states, or deny the shadow aspects of themselves. This is a big trap in spirituality and provides such big missing component of spiritual growth. Before you can accept more light, you have to go deeper into the dark.

A big hats off to all initiates at the Elixir retreat who all dug in deep so they could fly much higher.


After all those beautiful deep dive experiences we did manage some family time in Italy. I always wanted to go to Dammanhur and the Tuscany region of Italy and we were blessed to be able to do both and catch up with our beloveds Sananda and Shekinah and have some overdue family time together.

It was around two years since we last saw them on the Egyptian Particle Emergence Tour December 2017, so it was a joyous reunion and some fun times moving through Florence and some of the surrounds.

Sananda and Shekinah organized a couple of beautiful locations for us to stay and enjoy both Florence and the wonderful surrounds of the Tuscon countryside. It was quite blissful being in the presence of each other again and get some much needed time out together.


Well if there is one thing you can certainly say about Italy is that you leave heavier than when you arrived. Both physically and energetically. I can’t say how many times we ate Pizza, pasta and Gelato’s in Italy but it was a lot. My goodness, I definitely need to enter some sort of fitness again back home here as I definitely have pasta belly. lol…

But I have to say they do have great Pizza and great Ice cream, our kids certainly loved oh let’s have an ice cream everyday vibe strolling through the warm climate of the Tuscan sun.

Alaya and I also found many of the physical locations energetically tough, it was pretty dense and we could feel a lot of the suppression of the feminine locked down in the grids.

Perhaps this is why the guidance is coming through (The Guardians gave me a dream to do some land clearing work at the Vatican, which has its hold not only in Italy but throughout the world). Perhaps next year we will head there with a group.


All of the retreats and ceremonies and the Neo shamanic certification training is catching up on us upon us a little as we now take some rest and integrate all of the energy work that transpired on tour. I’m just taking it easy for now. As we look to slowly get started into the rhythms of life once again. (Although Alaya is doing some more personal deep dive work in a woman’s retreat in Hawaii)

A sincere thank you to all of those of you who came and joined us and any of the events and retreats and experiences that we ran through Europe our hearts are filled with love and happiness of all the wonderful transformations that transpired.

For now, we’re taking a little space, but are also beginning to put the final pieces in place for the upcoming New Zealand tour and indeed getting ready for the next intake of the Neo shamanism certification starting shortly in November.

I trust this finds you well. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity that we had through Europe and now look forward to settling into home life with the children.

Thank you for your loving support and best wishes during these travels and I look forward to reconnecting with you soon as we bring up as I bring out some new content material and free offerings and planetary insights and perspectives to keep supporting you on your journey.



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