Our New Family Home

That’s a great pleasure Alaya and I are happy to share with you that we have safely integrated into our new family home.

Wow, it has been a very intense 2 to 3 months, we traveled to Mexico for the big Mexico event, Anarchapulco which was amazing to co-create with beloved Juan-Pa and Regan, George, Irina to produce a wonderful opening ceremony, check out glimpses from the event here.

Then we headed straight back to New Zealand, where we started the Lemurian Activation Tour, which ended up having to conclude at the halfway point in Wellington due to the New Zealand lockdown. 

We wanted to make sure and ensure that everyone made it home safely. Thus, just before the lockdown, we concluded our New Zealand Lemurian Activation Tour, having successfully completed many beautiful ceremonies with the lands, the elemental elders, and the spirit of the land.

We then were able to, just before the lockdown, move our entire house to our new family home. We had to do some glamping in our old house for 2 to 3 weeks while we waited for our friends to move out and then move serendipitously behind the scenes during lockdown into our home. 

We were sleeping on mattresses, operating on skeleton necessities,  But it worked, as we bridged into when we could move into our new family Home.

After 2 to 3 weeks, we have some resemblance of order and our new long term family residence. That’s with big happy hearts that we find ourselves settled and grounding in nicely and starting to get the wheels in motion once again, to share more with you in the coming future. 

Some pics of the lands around our home for you:-)

We are enjoying the nice green fields, Feijoa orchard, ocean, and spaciousness of our new home.  We look forward to continuing to settle in and grow up our children, two kittens arriving friday, probably a couple of more kids and a dog eventually. 

Might as well go all in.

My office is set up. Kids are happy to go back to their preschool. Alaya is happy with the kitchen well stocked and we are making the best use of our time and resources, making a house a home. 

I look forward to more video sharings, podcasting and bringing forth observations, insights and wisdom for you once we get a little more bedded in.

Thank you for all your loving support. Those of you sending your Aroha from across the waves. We now are very happy to be settled. Knowing that we are here for many long years ahead.

I look forward to more adventures with you all and some higher dimensional updates as to what is going on in the world right now as we settle in further.

All my love

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