On Gratitude and Thanks This Day of Giving

The secret to life is NOT having what you want, but really being grateful for what you HAVE.

This very simple switch changes everything in life as you move from transcending DESIRE into CONTENTMENT.

Contentment is the middle path where you cease oscillating between the extreme poles of ecstasy and depression.

When you are led through your desires born through your physical senses and egoic pleasure, this usually leads to following the waves of the life pulse in the extremes.

The universe is always moving through the phases of expansion. stasis, contraction, stasis. When you have not yet deepened yourself into your own internal regulation of energetic mastery by holding the frequency of gratitude for what is and contentment.

You are influenced more heavily by the waves of external energy, that bounce you around like a cork in the high seas moving with the waves.

The secret is to be not like the waves, but more like the water. Malleable flexible, fluid, and deep. It is in the depths of your very own being that you find your center and are able to create joy from your own internal state, not reliant on external factors, pleasures, and senses.

This shift to internal contentment through a conscious practice of gratitude for life, for the Creator, for your family allows you to remove external hooks and attachments to external outcomes.

As soon as you remove expectations from ALL outcomes and remain unattached to how things need to be or look, you immediately remove the trough of disappointment.

This keeps you much more balanced, and also at a higher vibration, that in turn creates the very conditions for effortless manifestation.

The other incredible thing with thanks and gratitude for what already exists, is that with a little more practice you can build the frequency internally of what it is you think the external thing would provide your emotional body.

Once you have the emotion anchored into your system through creative visualization, you not only create the attractor field for it to arrive but you simultaneously drop the NEED to have the external thing show up in your life. Because you already have the underlying FEELING of what you think this external thing will bring you.

This great paradox allows you to let go of the NEED of having the external things and truly drop into the instantaneous enJOYment of the internal feeling state you think it would bring.

This internal mastery allows you to live free of the need of chasing external shiny objects, toys, or egoic desires because you have entered the contentment of your internal state.

This Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to bring a simple daily practice of gratitude and Thanks to a full-blown celebration and ritual of love, family, and celebration.

The cornerstone of our life is our FAMILY. Our family provides the bedrock and foundation for unconditional love and is the glue that holds our life path and direction together.

Family is the quintessential expression of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and today is an honoring of that love and commitment for each other.

This is such an awesome occasion the US has that Alaya, Noa and Aurora and I will be joining the ritual with our own celebration of our LOVE for each other with a beautiful meal.

My invitation to you thanksgiving is to enter into greater VULNERABILITY with your loved ones and family. Let go of the masks, personas and small talk. Start the process of deeper connection for your family by sharing AUTHENTICALLY about your path, some of your deeper personal processes, programs and external reflections that you have been wrestling with.

Nothing builds greater rapport and love quicker than a deeper vulnerable sharing and expression of your deep love and appreciation for them.

May the luminescence of Divine Grace be bestowed upon your beautiful family this thanksgiving.

I love you.


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