Nz Mission Briefing For Lemurian Code Carriers


NZ Lemurian mission.

Calling all Lemurian Code Carriers – Return of the Waitaha

Our world is facing an interesting dichotomy…

Technology, science, and AI.


Nature and organic consciousness.

It seems we have come a full circle, and a fractal pattern is playing out…

Remember, Atlantis (Technology, science, AI). And Lemuria (Nature and organic consciousness).

It seems we are there once again.



Since 1987 and the Harmonic convergence, we have been on an accelerated consciousness time-line, we went through another one in 2012 as we hit an ascending time-line trigger, despite the best intentions of others who attempted to keep us in a descending pattern through the 9/11 descending time-line trigger.

Thankfully we side-stepped that landmine, thanks to the Star Seed mission and the various groupings keeping consciousness in an evolutionary state as we brought control of the Stargates back into Guardian oversight.

All of the Star Gates now in Guardian control and are open as frequency hubs, and consciousness and our planet continue its Evolutionary Trajectory.

Hold on.

As we move down a path of accelerating technology, we seem to be on a quantum leap in our evolution in the way technology can organize ourselves as a society and species.

On the one hand, have the high tech geeks of the singularity that feel consciousness is a consequence of thought. And the other that thought is merely a consequence of consciousness.

The only way we are to manage evolutionary leaps is by developing our consciousness at a faster pace than technology, or we shall fall into the same collective unconscious pattern that played in out times of old.

Lemuria and Atlantis.


One of the main reasons for gathering people to New Zealand for the upcoming Lemurian Activation Tour is not only because of the incredible nature, scenery, and beauty of New Zealand (OK I might be a little bit biased, though it is true)

But also the land service work for the ongoing Guardian Alliance Guided mission directives. There is a bigger picture playing out in the Earth’s continuing ascension pathway and Christos Realignment Mission that many incarnating Starseeds are here for.

The next big piece is the resurrection of LEMURIAN CONSCIOUSNESS into the lands of New Zealand which receives energy from the Southern Pole, moves up the spine of the Southern Alps towards Taupo and as it hits the giant energy vortex and energy wheel sending it towards Taranaki which then parcels it out towards Australia and onwards around the world.

Right now, this energy coming from New Zealand has a masculine overlay, this is not her (New Zealand’s) natural state.

We need the Lemuria Code carriers to come and share their Codes, love, and wisdom with the land here to help Activate the Feminine essence of New Zealand, then have this energy circulating the planet and help to reactivate the Lemurian Consciousness fields and help revive our natural world.


Lemuria was here around 4,500,000 BC to around 13,000 BC. It coexisted for a period with the more masculine Atlantis on the planet, before ideological differences created a fracturing and split, which ultimately led to devastation and destruction of Lemuria, and later as ego continued to grow Atlantis.

The star lineages from Sirius and Alpha Centauri formed the Lemurian civilization and was one of the seedings for consciousness on this planet. Lemuria was a garden paradise that lived in spiritual harmony and rhythms of nature for millions of years. Before the collapse, that took place on both Lemuria and Atlantis.

What Alaya and I have noticed since being back here is the true essence of New Zealand is Feminine, Lemurian. The Goddess resides here in the land deeply buried.

The last few hundred years has seen the Patriarchy ground into New Zealand, this has created a crust over her lands that needs lifting.

Now is the time.

Papatuanuku, Mother Earth in these lands, needs awakening.

If we can gather the right mix of people, codes, and consciousness to break through the mantel and crust overlaying the pristine Goddess and feminine energy of First Lemuria New Zealand, so once again, she can rise.


If you have been following our family for a period of time, we have been involved in bringing groups to a number of crucial sacred sites on specific alignments to continue the upgrading of the Earth Architecture to ensure the Earth Grids continue to build the morphogenetic frequencies, codes, and consciousness to ensure we make the leap in consciousness and live and reside in the higher harmonics and dimensional bandwidths, as is our trajectory.

We must build the morphogenetic fields of Lemurian heart-based consciousness at a faster pace than technology, and AI is being developed.

After all, it is our consciousness that programs the AI. Consciousness is the creative, intuitive leap, and gestalt thinking that separates us from technology. Our heart and soul, intuition, and creative artistic abilities can never be replicated by machines and digital code.

We need heart and mind fused working together, only then can we unlock real intelligence.

To ensure our organic consciousness outpaces technology, we must honor and raise the feminine aspects of ourselves and planet to higher states of vibratory frequency. The Goddess within us all must rise, as must the land.

Many of us have come back to Earth as time-line bridgers, bringing forth the knowledge and wisdom of future epochs and eons, and are here now in our 3D embodiments reweaving and laying the groundwork for the future time-lines of Earth’s transition into Soul (Tara) and Over-Soul (Gaia) consciousness.

Having supported missions and group containers for the newly upgraded geometry of the Krystal Spiral for the Particle Convergence in Egypt August 21, 2017, then re-established the original organic 12 tree grid in Safed Israel anchoring the authentic architecture of the macrocosm during the Israel tour in 2018.

Major upgraded planetary geometric codexes have been established and are building in the morphogenetic fields. We have personally visited four of the five major Crystal Cathedral complexes and performed activating rituals to bring their plasma up to higher potentials.

Bali, Egypt, Peru, Norway (Sarisoda Florida) to come.

Indeed we have so much higher consciousness and energy coming into the planet, more and more lightworkers are coming into their empowerment and running the tri-wave encryption codes into the morphogenetic fields and grids of sacred sites and various other high crystalline points on the planet.

Right now, an essential destination presents itself as needing specific work to support the ushering in the Golden Aeon. This place is New Zealand, Aotearoa. First Lemuria and first to rise as New Lemuria.

How is New Zealand (First Lemuria) relevant to the planetary Architecture and ascending consciousness fields of our planet. To answer that fully, we need to dive into some esoteric and occult wisdom of consciousness beyond the 3D realms to truly comprehend what is playing out and what is at stake.


You have probably heard of these two ancient civilizations, while more is known and made available about Atlantis, perhaps due to the suppression of the feminine energy we have experienced in this last cycle.

Many of us have deep memories in the unconscious and DNA on Lemuria. I remember very well the frequency, energy, and vibration of this epoch. The harmony, the way we communicated through telepathy, and our sensitive, emotional bodies.

I remember infusing my consciousness into a crystal skull during one of my lifetimes as my physical vessel departed. I also remember in this lifetime, in a ceremony with Sananda finding the energetic signature of this skull and being reunited with this aspect of myself once again.

I also remember Atlantis and the time-lines there.

That didn’t end well either, with ego and competing factions for the love of power being more important than the power of love.

We had the more masculine science-based Atlantan culture based in the Atlantic ocean and the more feminine nature intuitive based Lemurian culture found in the Pacific region.

Ultimately both the Lemurian and the Atlantan cultures fell as conflicting aspects of consciousness corrupted the morphogenetic fields of the land, creating devastating changes to the electromagnetic frequencies disturbing tectonic plates, with ensuring cataclysms moving sea and land into formations we more recognize today.

The shifting of the lands, poles, and oceans are a very natural part of evolution, and how we cope and deal with these shifts largely determines how the next evolving root race develops in consciousness.

As seas rise and landfalls, peoples migrate, and the evolution of consciousness continues.

The Lemurian fall happened from around 50,000 years ago with some patriarchal interference that resulted in the cataclysms in the Pacific basin, which resulted in underground migration and eventual relocation to Egypt to resurrect civilization around 35,000 years ago.


Before the fall of Lemuria, key High Priests and Priestesses infused consciousness into Crystal Skulls, Lemurian Crystals, and seed crystals that holographically stored the Lemurian wisdom and consciousness.

This was part of the Maji Priest-Kings and the Blue Flame Melchizedeks protecting the deep understanding of Earth, Star Gate, Soul, and DNA evolution. The consciousness of this epoch needed to be recorded and preserved for a later time.

This wisdom was split, packaged and transferred into Lemurian Crystals, and Lemurian Seed Crystal and buried around the Hawaiin Islands and other portals around the region.

The first distributed ledger technology.

This was done to preserve the original ascension time-lines, which got hijacked subsequently in the Egypt-Semurian time-line with intruder races and sent us in the devolutionary cycle that we were in for thousands of years until recently.

The original information and consciousness of our ascending planet in the Lemurian Epoch was split, distributed for safety into the Lemurian crystals as a safety mechanism to protect the Founder Race knowledge and keep it safe until the right time where it could be taken as a distributed information system and packed into one holographic record with all the upgraded consciousness fields for the Golden Aeon of time.

That time is now.

All the Architecting plans have been accumulated and gifted into unique crystals and diamonds that materialized into our 3D plane a few years ago. These are safe in Guardian control and will be used as primers for the various Lemurian Seed Crystals that Lemurian Code carriers will bring to New Zealand for priming and gifting to New Lemuria and indeed take home with them back to their homes to assist in time-line transcendence.

Just as all the participants of the Particle convergence in Egypt experienced a significant upgrade in consciousness and time-line, so too will the Lemurian Code Carriers who will then hold the time-lines for their return to their Lemurian lands and lifestyle.

Some of these Crystals will be needed to use as we created a crystal bed technology at the Green School New Zealand, and indeed leave them at energetically strategic locations around the country on the Lemurian Activation Tour. Then each beloved will take one home with them the full Lemurian Architecting Codex embedded and infused into it. So rather than holding a piece of the code, it will contain the full Codex.

It is time to access the Lemurian gateways and activate this consciousness and the Goddess into the grids of New Lemuria.


We find ourselves once again building the contrasting philosophies of Lemuria and Atlantis, masculine and feminine, science and nature, spirit, and mind. I believe a balance of both is important. Indeed this is our only path of ascension and liberation.

We must balance the polarities inside of us. Merge the masculine and feminine component of ourselves at the monodic consciousness levels. Ideally, through also the physical expression of reuniting with our complimentary physical opposite (twin flame) and look to build our consciousness to unify as one body of consciousness overnighting two physical vessels.

As this plays out for us individually, we must also look to balance the macrocosmic consciousness.

It seems humanity is doing a pretty good of resurrecting the Atlantan consciousness. However, much more much be done to help anchor in the new Lemurian Consciousness.

We must balance technology and nature both on the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Much more must be done to help to activate the Lemurian Consciousness fields and grids on our beloved planet. Hence the reason for my recent Lemurian Activation stream on 11.11.

I received so many emails from people sharing their dramatic experiences of this light language transmission.

“Thank you! I saw many things, and I was shaking uncontrollably and sweating. I started tapping on my heart vigorously as tears were streaming down, and in the end, I was surrounded by pure, bright white light, and my loved ones from the other side were there. Full of love!, I saw the codes streaming towards me, It felt like rebirthing.”

People are crying out for the softer, more Lemurian energy streams. The Lemurian rebirthing is happening on our planet as the Great Sophia Consciousness field lifts us into a better balance with the Feminine and masculine within each of us.

And hence the reason for the upcoming New Zealand Lemurian Activation Tour. It is our moment to activate this land once more into its original Codex.


Hundreds of thousands of years in the future, I am sure we can agree the lands might look somewhat different than they do today. What the exact time-line are we do not know, but one thing for sure if that everything is speeding up.

This time, however, it will be the building of a Golden Aeon rather than the departing as we are an ascending trajectory of consciousness. There have been numerous attempts to map out this transition and how this may look in the future.

One of the more pioneering authors in this mapping is Gordon-Michael Scallion was a futurist, teacher of consciousness studies and metaphysics and a spiritual visionary.

In the 80’s he claims to have had a spiritual awakening that helped him create very detailed maps of the future world. He took his data streams and those from Edgar Casey, Nostrodameus, and created further projections of our planetary bodies.

What is interesting about this interpretation, is the rise once again of Lemuria and the indeed the emergence of New Zealand as of the lands expanding, alongside the new land of the new world, west of America’s in the pacific of the New Lemuria.

There is no timeline however many generations or thousands of years this may or may not be but provides a fascinating similarity to ancient lore of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Hence our purpose and reason behind the NEW ZEALAND LEMURIAN ACTIVATION TOUR.

To help re-establish the consciousness and coding of Lemuria back to the lands of New Zealand, so she can rise and send this broadcast out through the energy grids of the planet.


It is widely agreed (at least in esoteric circles) that Lemuria was part of the Pacific Basin. It included the Pacific island of Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand, and Indonesia, which together formed the mountain tops on the plains of Lemuria.

The tablelands of New Zealand extended far further than New Zealand does today and was part of the first epoch of time, which we know as First Lemuria. First, Lemuria stood steady for millions of years.

In the future, New Zealand will be a safe haven and point from which existing civilization will grow from its existing infrastructure.

The ancient energy of this land needs to be activated, resurrected, and then broadcast out through the energetic planetary grids.


I was chatting to Robyn Adams, who joined us for the Egyptian Particle Emergence mission. She shared some intel of her planetary gridwork back in 1992 that has assisted in priming our purposes alongside Drunvalo Melchizedek’s trip here many years previous to ours.

We will be connecting and intersecting with similar nodal points and on the ground Waitaha elders for our own journey. We hope to complete what was started on these and other tours and activate the Feminine Consciousness on New Zealand and shake off the patriarchal crust that sits here now.

Energy from the Spiritual Southern Pole arcs its way up the South Island of Zealand, and Aoraki is one of the worlds purest nodal points, and the energy continues its correct up to a large energy wheel complex at the shores of the bottom of Lake Taupo in Tauhara which we will be visiting for an infusion of the Divine Feminine and Lemurian frequencies into the energy wheel.

This energy then makes it’s way west to Mount Taranaki, which we will connect to with some of the group climbing, which then parcels the energy out West towards Australia.

Part of what we will be doing is bringing back the feminine essence but dissolving the masculine patriarchy crust that has formed over the land on New Zealand. This will allow once again the feminine softness of New Lemuria to then be sent out West to neighboring masculine Australia towards Uluru Ayres Rock, which then can take this frequency and correct and redistribute through the portal connecting Mount Kailash, Tibet, and the Great Pyramid Kheops, Giza Egypt.

This amplification of the feminine energy of New Zealand will allow a merging with the masculine energy of Australia and send out a more balanced fusion of masculine and feminine energy around the planet as a signature to embed in the morphogenetic fields so humanity can breathe this into our auric areas.


Sananda was the first one to present my Waiataha Coding. The Waitaha were one of the first civilizations out of Lemuria that established themselves, and they lived in peace and harmony with the wisdom of the Grandmothers.

I am a Waitaha. It is woven into my DNA.

The Waitaha are the water carriers, they hold the memory of the universe in their cells and have the ability to bless and imprint water. They lived with the feminine principles of sharing, kindness, creativity, cooperation, and lived in a peaceful society free of violence and warfare. They had hugely activated high sense perceptions, were intuitive and psychic.

They lived on the lands in New Zealand before the Maori came and have systematically has much of their cultural heritage removed from the histories of New Zealand. New Zealand, while the essence of her is feminine, presently has a masculine overlay.

This is the great need for this Sacred Mission. To help bring forth the Goddess of this sacred land and allow the original feminine essence of Aotearoa (New Zealand) to be emitted from the land and have this energy spread out through the planet bringing greater balance.

This will be the activation of Lemuria. Papatuanuku. Mother Earth.

Lemuria’s rising.

The Waitaha and Lemurian Code carriers will form a significant piece of this mission. So if you have connections and codes from Lemuria, you may be getting tingles as you read this. It’s your Higher Self speaking to you.

Our opening ceremony will infuse us all with the necessary Codex to not only perform our rituals and ceremonies but also take with us as our bridge into the Golden Age time-lines.


Unbeknown to most people on the planet New Zealand has an archeological finding of some significance. The physical remains of the Lemurian civilization, which is immediately south of Lake Taupo, the Kaimanawa’ Wall.’

This wall has a similar feel to it as many other ancient walls around the planet, such as Sacsayhuaman.

Without a doubt, this is an ancient builder technology, and we will visit this incredible site as an open-source link from a people’s predating the Maori. I believe this is part of the post-Lemurian, Waitaha culture that provides an energetic nodal and link to old Lemuria.

We will be tapping into this energy and help New Lemuria to rise once more. If you would like to transcend time-lines and move towards your highest potential Lemurian time-line reality. Then this may just be the tour and mission for you.

If you are interested in joining our Sacred Mission, (and would like to experience the beauty and splendor of New Zealand.)

Then check out the logistics page for New Zealand Lemurian Activation Tour and apply there.

Please go to for logistics and application.

We would be delighted to have you join us if this resonates.


We look forward to being of service to you and support you’re accelerated personal and spiritual evolution, help reawaken the feminine essence of New Zealand and of course show you our beautiful homeland.


MARCH 2020

We are in love with New Zealand, we want to help you fall in love with her too.
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