Neo-shamanic Certification

The ultimate training ground for light workers and star seeds to activate their leadership and healership.

Article No. 1

The Need For Sacred Transformational
Circles In Community

Article No. 2

Neo-shamnism And The Need For Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

Article No. 3

Skill Sets Of The Neo-shaman


The path of a healer or shamanic facilitator is not a profession; it is an initiation and a way of life. It is a full spectrum integration of consciousness, soul purpose, unconditional love, and selfless service to others.

If this is resonating then you are in the right place, acceleration into the highest potential of your Soul Purpose awaits.

Neo-shamanic Energy Medicine


Neo which means new, Shamanism which is the practice of bridging the spiritual and natural worlds for healing and divination used by indigenous communities since time immemorial.

Energy Medicine is the next frontier in health and vitality, it is the science of how the bio-energy field, DNA, and consciousness interact with one another to shape and create not only health and vitality but life itself.

Neo-Shamanic Energy Medicine is a form of healing arts for the contemporary soul and western mind that honors and utilizes the natural and supernatural worlds blended in an alchemical container of unconditional love and selfless service.

Health and vitality, as well as sickness and disease all, originate in the bio-energy field. Everything is stored as energy, frequency, vibration, and information, and is passed down through the levels of the bio-field into the physical vessel.

Often disease in the physical vessel is the accumulation of many years of stagnation and discordant thoughts, created by distorted beliefs, built upon unmet needs and wounds.

When you change the bio-energy field, DNA and consciousness you change the state of health in the system. Physiology follows frequency, and when the chakras, meridians, and nadis, are all allowing the frequency to flow then the energy system is in a state of health. When blockages through this system happens, the disease manifests.


Soul sickness is when a person has not integrated their Soul purpose into their physical life. When this happens, there is a discrepancy between the needs of the Soul and the desires of the Ego. This gap creates a disconnect from being fully engaged in life and is the seed of depression.

Soul sickness is so prevalent in the West because people are so disconnected from their spiritual self, their true self. They have been conditioned by society and family to follow a specific prescribed path which leads to ‘material world success’.

Soul sickness is the disconnect between physical and spiritual reality. The gap between one’s ‘spiritual purpose’ for incarnating and how they are actually showing up in the world. Neo-Shamanism helps to bridge this gap through Circles and Ceremonies, Rites and Rituals designed to be able to bring their physical self into greater Soul Alignment.

This level of Soul integration not only requires the sacred space to explore one’s own Soul Alignment. But also the intellectual translation and support that can integrate the necessary changes into real-world reality.

This is where Neo-Shamanic Energy Medicine comes in. It allows for a safe container to heal into wholeness and become aligned into one’s Soul Path.

Neo-shamanic Certification Journey


The Neo-Shamanic Certification journey offers you the best in ancient wisdom and modern science in Shamanic Energy Medicine, it cultivates your healing potential, develops your leadership skills, and takes you on an accelerated path of personal and spiritual growth.

The multi-faceted training and journey will prepare you for a life of servant leadership. You will develop the skills and abilities to serve others into greater health, leadership, and potentiality through a thriving consulting practise. You will be prepared to Facilitate high level Circles and Ceremonies, Retreats, Events, Festivals and Conferences Land Activation, and be of service to the Divine Plan.

You will be trained to work initially individually with clients and then as you progress to holding group containers that provide group healing, and deep personal process and transformation.

You will be working on the frontier and at the cutting edge of human potential.

The hybrid self-study, case study, video training, live community calls, and the deep dive live experience gives you the ideal combination of stay at home study, life integration and rich deep dive live immersion as we come together as a faculty and school to set you up on your Golden Path and life of dedicated service in the healing and leadership arts.

You will explore three essential phases in your journey that will help prepare your life as a Neo-Shamanic Facilitator, and a central pillar in your local and international community as a way shower and beacon of light.

You will learn to work with individuals and groups in consultation, and group circle format. This will set you up with the skills, abilities, and templates to run your own profound transformational events, programs, retreats, and experiences.

You will learn various shamanic rituals you can utilise as a shamanic priest, priestess in your community. You will embody the highest levels of impeccability and integrity as you grow and accelerate on your spiritual path of awakening and service.

Your Community

Your Small Group Pod (portal Of Discovery)


It merely is miraculous what happens when groups of people get together with a clear focused singular intent. Miracle healings happen when groups of people come together with a thought directed energy and prayer for people in need. Including transforming illness and disease, complete life turnarounds happen instantly through the coherent power of the collective small group field.

In your certification training, you will join a POD (Portal of Discovery), this is your smaller community of like-minded hearts and souls deeply committed to their path of spiritual growth and healing. Within the larger school container, you will come together regularly virtually for your learning and physically for your live immersion.

Your POD is a group of 8-9 people that will gather fortnightly so that you can be mentored and learn, grow, and evolve together. I will personally mentor you, and you can learn from each other in the implementation of everything.

Your small group POD (Portal of Discovery) will be the place you will share your personal process, your case studies, practise healings, and a place to have your questions answered during your growing Neo-Shamanic skill set development.

Inside the POD will be the sacred space for your personal transformation and group healings we will perform together every session for those in need, through this direct experience you will see how collectively our small group can create miracles in health, healing, relationships, finances, careers and life purpose for others. And in doing so, we will transform our own lives.

We will use our group container to amplify all our collective life results, help provide healing for those who have health challenges and through this experience you will have direct experience of how you can do this too in your own community.

While there is a lot of video training, and your own practice healings. A large part of our journey together is our live small group calls. It is in these small group calls that so much of your own healing and transformation takes place. I will be there for you as you move into implementing the skills I will be teaching you for feedback to give you those small tweaks needed to take you to the next level.


My deepest Gratitude for being able to share these words with yo. The Online and distance learning and the especially the live experience l had for the 9-day Intensive is undeniably the highlight of my Spiritual Awakening and Journey. I know there is more magic to come, l just wish to share with you how profound these past two weeks, past 2-3 months and so far this year 2019 has been for me. Going deep is an understatement!!!

I know I am going to work with each Individual Clients Inner-Child. So powerful is this Knowingness that l understand my Divine Purpose. So grateful for this experience these past two weeks to solidify the modalities, learn new techniques, see the transformations in people with my own eyes, see the future. Most important is to also FEEL Divine Source come thru, while being fully present. Such JOY, the REVELATIONS, utter ASTONISHMENT as to how this Universe works is how l can now see the ” Bigger Picture “.

Christof, you said that one word that has given me that Spark that will never stop my Internal Flame from being here in Service to Source. That word is Impeccable. I thank you so much for your teachings and watching you be Impeccable with your actions, words, knowledge, understandings and most important your Impeccable Intentions,

Alaya, Deepest Gratitude to witness The Divine Feminine in you shine thru all of the Magic that you Created these past weeks, so grateful Awe-Inspired is how l can describe how all has unfolded with Divine Will. l now know what you shared that “We are the Medicine”. Thank You for this sharing as it made me realize that we can do this ALL for our Clients.

All my love, Arlen Schreiner

Your Journey
to Becoming A Neo-shamanic Energy
Medicine Practitioner

Your Journey to Becoming A Neo-shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

If all of this is resonating inside of you and your heart and soul is singing then stepping into this path is probably in your highest alignment. The certification teaches all the best elements of working holistically across the mind-body-energy system of human consciousness. It takes the best pieces of ancient wisdom blended with modern science and packaged for the western mind. It is designed to harness your natural gifts, switch on your High Sense Perception and allow you to become the highest version of your self in service to others and the Divine Plan. A high level of integrity and spiritual commitment is required of aspirants as they are held in a loving container for not only skill development and learning but your personal process and accelerated spiritual growth.




Neo-Shamanic – Personal Healership

(6-12 months)

Advanced healing skills

Soul psychology and evolutionary consciousness

Building your unique Morphogenetic field

Learn the rituals to affect the pre-manifested and spiritual realms to change the physical, how to create new templates and geometries to create change in someone’s life circumstances.


Neo-Shamanic – Circles and Ceremonies

(6-12 months)

Ceremonial Magick and Circle facilitation

Neo-Shamanic Rites and Rituals

Higher Dimensional Intelligence

Build your health and healing prescriptions and protocols, learn advanced circle and ceremony facilitation, group dynamics, techniques for deep group and personal process, and develop your Shamanic rituals and rites of passage for initiations.


Neo-Shamanic – Leadership and World Service

(6-12 months)

Thought Leadership

Communication Mastery

Special Project

Develop your personal brand, identify who you are serving and why, cultivate your message and offering to reach more people and touch more lives, master your delivery modalities and package yourself world service.


All course work, assignments and learning conducted at your own pace, upon completion of case studies you may attend the 9 Day deep dive, and complete the rest of the training for that stage.



To find out more about the training and journey, and be able to ask questions live to Christof please enrol for the next live call.

Become a Neo-Shamanic Facilitator



To find out more about the training and journey, and be able to ask questions live to Christof please enrol for the next live call.

Become a Neo-Shamanic Facilitator




To find out more about the training and journey, and be able to ask questions live to Christof please enrol for the next live call.


Become a Neo-Shamanic Facilitator

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