My Life As A Single Parent

Alaya has been away for the last 10 days, she has been in Hawaii for a well deserved Mommy break after two babies back to back. And of course the constantly moving landscape of living life as a nomadic family on call to the Divine.

She went and did a Woman’s Retreat on Kauai, where a tribe of dear sisters gathered and engaged in their secret woman’s business rituals ceremonies, sharings, and healings.

I was voted husband of the year at the local preschool when they heard I was going to clean the house before Alaya’s return (although apparently we have different definitions of what this actually means lol) and I suggested that all Mothers should be granted a one-week mandatory retreat a year.

I’m sure you could win an election on that one.

In any case, I became Daddy Daycare for 10 days.

Of course, all conspired to ensure I had maximum exposure to said children with a national holiday in New Zealand and some amateur dressing for a playground ensuring a couple of days home from school due to the chilly winds blowing through.

During this time I learned deeper lessons around the art of both Presence and Surrender.

I had mapped in my mind all these great productivity plans, grand creations, website design, offerings, recordings, and the like which of course all had to fall away with the holidays and coughs.

One of the things I noticed in myself how much easier it was this time compared to say three or four years ago to let go of everything and just be in the moment with the kids and not allow the rigidity of mental planning to interfere with what is now in the moment.

What this created was far greater presence, far less irritation and stress with not getting things done as my mind thought they should be done.

The truth of it is, that when we stay in the moment there is always Divine Right Timing, things happen exactly when they are supposed to happen, not when our forcing current, or pushing energy demands.

I for one certainly used to have a big pushing current, and over the years as I have softened and have learned to let go of the need to get things done in a certain time frame. This has automatically alleviated enormous pressure.

All pressure and stress is created from within in and the situations are pulled towards us to reflect our internal state. Once this shifts the external pressure drops away and you enter flow.

Flow is where the magic happens.

What I noticed this week with Alaya in Hawaii and me anchoring it down with the kids, when I surrendered to what is, I could let go and truly enjoy the gift of these precious moments with my beautiful children.

The greater lesson here for us all is that society often creates an environment where we are always thriving for success in terms of our external accomplishments. However real success can be found in these precious moments with our family.

When you reframe your success like this, it is so easy to surrender, drop into full presence and TRUST that by holding your conscious intention all will come to you in divine right timing.

So my question to you {first_name} is, where can you surrender more to what is happening ‘in the moment’, and drop fully into it. Letting go of the urgency created in the mind for the sake of being present in the heart.

Todays great reminder that success is truly in the precious moments with family,and loved ones. And our greatest gift and legacy is our full presence to our loving family.

Back with you next week with a fully charged momma bear to share more on our incredible upcoming New Zealand tour.


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