Mission Review: Oslo Krystal Cathedral Activation

We have just emerged from a powerful and intimate ceremonial journey with the Elixirs at the Oslo Krystal Cathedral, in the beautiful region of Stange with the serene Lake Mjøsa as a magical backdrop to our work.

The Krystal Cathedrals are five enormous etheric plasma cathedrals that came online in 2013 and have been sending plasma into the Earth grids lighting up the grids. With the Cathedral complexes needing

We were joined by our dear Brother and Sister, Louis and Dipika, who traveled faithfully from Ibiza to join us and support us in this sacred ceremony – with Louis bringing his Norwegian codings to support this energy transmission.


First up, we experienced a joyous reunion, after almost nine months in our own respective life paths and countries, and enjoyed a deep connection. Our focal point for our time here was to activate the Oslo Krystal Cathedral complex, which is one of the five major Krystal Cathedrals that came online in 2013.

Oslo was one of the ones I had not visited yet, and the Guardians gave me a dream to come and help support the activation of this complex, which was a little blocked in its ability to send and permeate plasma from the Krystal Cathedral out into the Earth grids, and spreading out through Europe. Hence, we were on an inspired directive to support a land activation on a major energetic hub that needed potentiating into its higher potentials.

We found a beautiful location that suited our needs, both with lake views, sauna and spa pool to integrate and nourish ourselves after long travels from New Zealand and intense work in Glastonbury and Stonehenge. And we were able to settle into our bodies a little more, after an intense time.


We opened the ceremonial space and allowed the luscious Elixirs to support our frequencies by raising our vibration. As we started to come online, the Guardians streamed in the codex into my system, which I then began to translate into the field.

This was a very intense time, as the energies that came in started to rock the field. The codes began streaming and began anchoring into the Earth grids, and this began to shake up the density that was creating the blockage.

This blockage and density that created a lack of flow of plasma in the Krystal Cathedral and, thus, throughout Europe, started to come loose. It was at that point, then, that the frequencies started to come online and I sang a soft, sweet Icaro celebrating the freedom of the land and the new emerged plasma frequency from this region out through Europe. All of this was beautifully supported by Dipika, Louis and my Beloved, Alaya – and our children, who were sleeping in the room next door.


While we were there for planetary purposes, there was also a very intense personal process that transpired. Quite often I find, when we’re doing land service work, that the streaming of energy comes through first our vessels and provides amplification and clearing of whatever is ready to release. In this case, myself, Alaya and our children went through a major healing and clearing process.

I’d like to hand over now to my beloved Alaya, who would like to do a heart sharing on our family experience.

* * * * * * * * * * 


“Almost every time I have been on the Elixirs, for my personal process, I’ve come into a space where there has been a lot of skeleton black dragons and scary things coming up. And every journey, I was wondering, “Where is this from? Where is this in my subconscious that’s still programmed?” It only comes up on the Elixirs. Now my understanding of it is, that when we take the Elixirs, it can literally bring back the chemical brain state and everything that was happening while being in the gestation period, in the womb of our birth mother.

For the last few months, I’ve been working deeply on my own gestation time in the womb, I was very clearly guided to look further into this by my visions and my body. It is said that our time in the womb is the blueprint for our life, until we choose to liberate ourselves from this blueprint and consciously re-imprinting our time in the womb. And that is what transpired in this ceremony.

For this time on the elixir I was able to clear some contracts that I felt might have still been in place with other lifetimes. And then, I was able to connect to my Higher Self to guide me into the healing of this.

In the plane to Norway I was reading this amazing book, which I believe is one of the most valuable books I’ve come across on so many levels, but definitely when it comes down to womb work. In this book, Womb awakening from Beautiful Beloveds Azra & Seren Bertrand they wrote the following:

“In original innocence you would have been conceived in the immaculate conception of sacred union, gestated in a Holy Womb clear from any negative physical, emotional, energetic, psychic and spiritual imprints; your genetic inheritance would be selected from a banquet of the finest jewels of your lineage, and you would enter this realm birthed in ecstatic, waves of pure love.”

In this way our Divine Blueprint would be able to bloom in its fullest potential. Well… I know for a fact that this has not been the case for my own conception, gestation period in the womb or birth… So very thankful I was for this knowledge since I finally knew the answer to why these dark skeleton dragons beings kept coming back into my awareness. I’d absorbed them in the womb of my mother. Since the subconscious is also somatic, every distortion that was present in the womb space of the birth mother is woven throughout the cellular memory of the growing baby.

While I was in this process of seeing all these, dark dragon skeletons, Aurora started really, really kicking off massively. Because, of course, as I’m her mother and she was in my womb space, everything I’m working through and have been giving through to her through my womb, she carries as well. And I know that she saw the same images as I saw, and they were really scaring her.

We brought her into the field with all of us and holding space for her while I was holding her in my arms, nurturing her while she was seeing all the images that I was seeing. That is when I realized, that I had absorbed all the discordant energies that were in the womb of my mother, because of the imprints my mother had from her own birth and childhood as well as my father.

I wasn’t conceived with the original innocence. I wasn’t continuously surrounded in powerful magnetic and biophotonic energy fields while I was inside the womb. I was surrounded by dark skeleton dragons, I could literally see them flying around me and permeate every single cell of me while I was growing into a baby. And the fear was deeply stored into my growing bones, into my cranio sacral fluids into every single cell. I could feel and see when my original cells were starting to divide, how the fear and the hostile emotions and energies I’d experienced in that time were weaved throughout all my developmental stages. And these were also imprinted in my womb space as part of my ancestral lineage…

So Christof and I were guided – to bring Aurora back into the bedroom with Noa, so we could stay in the family field together because we knew this was something we had to work on in our family.

Both Christof and myself, were guided to go back into our time in the womb from our conception and started working through the time in the womb of our Mothers.

Christof had the same hostile imprints in his womb space, as I have experienced, and therefore both Aurora and Noa in some regards as well. So, I was very clearly guided by the Divine Mother, who was connecting into my Higher Self, to go back to my own time in the womb while She was guiding Christof through me as well. To observe, witness and feel. How did it feel? How was it?

Then, to clear it all by remembering that we were indeed conceived out of pure love; out of Divine Love; out of Divine Union. To remember that we are created from the Divine Union. That our parents loved each other deeply, but because of their conditioning, they didn’t experience what they would create out of Divine Union and that they were loved and held unconditionally.

Both of us went back into our Father’s and Mother’s womb times, and our grandparents and the whole lineage of both our paternal and maternal ancestors. The lake was helping. There were white dolphins swimming around helping to clear all of it. Aquaspheres blasting through our whole family lines, all the way back to Source. Seeing our Mothers and our Fathers in there original Blue Print, sending so much gratitude and love for giving us life, sharing with them that they did everything as best as they could. I was literally shown my mother while she was giving birth to me. And I was kissing her and thanking her for giving me life; and my father, for giving me life in this life. That I love them, and that everything is forgiven.

It felt very liberating. And while we were doing all of that work, the children calmed down and they remembered as well, that both of them were created out of our Divine Union. And that the programming that we both carried still, that seeped through their conception, was neutralized. It was truly amazing. What was shown to me, was how the original cells were dividing and that while the cells were dividing, they were just surrounded by this unconditional love; aurora colours and white dolphins. It was so beautiful. So we could remember our Divine Blueprint.

So, in every developmental stage of our fetus self, both Christof and myself re-imprinted our journey, to be developed and grown with unconditional love.

After that, the next piece that came up was our placentas, since we – both Christof and myself – did not have a Lotus Birth. I was guided to bring back, for myself, my placenta, to literally reunite with my placenta on all aspects. It was amazing. I could really see my placenta returning to me, connecting into my umbilical cord into my bellybutton. It felt like I’ve always had an empty space in my tummy that I was trying to fill with sweets, mostly chocolate. Most people who know me, know I’m a massive sweet tooth, well I was! That program is now fully clearing as we speak!

Then I was guided to bury my placenta into the Earth, to connect it fully with the Great Earth Mother, to feel safe and supported and loved by her. My understanding of this so far is, that it’s actually a very important process of us living on Earth to truly fully feel that the living presence of the Great Mother is surrounding us in every way. Supporting us, holding us, loving us. This energetical transfer happens when the umbilical and placental connection is transferred from the human mother to the Earth Mother, by burying the placenta in the Mother Earth, after natural separation of the Placenta which we know as Lotus Birth. I even saw a Lotus coming out of my placenta.

After that, it was more releasing and more integrations. Christof and me went back to join Dipika and Louis in our own ceremonial space, and the children slept amazingly after that.

There is so much more to share about this profound work, and at this moment everything is still integrating. For now I feel the focus for will be to nurture our own reconnected placentas, so it can grow strong and vital again. And from there as is mentioned in the book Womb Awakening:

“From there were can connect our umbilical and placental energy fields to the true womb grids of life on this planet and in the cosmos, When we begin receiving support directly from Life, we can bloom I true fertile soil.”

Ever since I was pregnant of our first born child, Noa I’ve remembered this deep work and had a deep knowing about this, hence both our children had a natural home birth and a Lotus Birth. This is definitely a passion for myself and Christof to assist these new beings who are coming through and their parents in conscious parenting, from conception through to the age of our own children. That’s how we keep evolving, following the development of our own children and observing the reflections they show us, each and every day!

* * * * * * * * * * 


This was an extremely powerful process for us all. I, indeed, had similar imprinting with hostile and a lot of angry energy, in and around my gestation and growing up. And this was a full ancestral re-write.

As we were going through this process, and Alaya was guiding us through with her beautiful voice, I made telepathic contact with Anna – the Grandmother of Jesus, and the Matriarch of the Magdelene line. And the Wisdom Keeper, Code Holder and Scribe for a lot of the Essene material.

She connected with me, and we began this beautiful process of healing a lot of our ancestral imprints and woundings that were no longer serving this incarnation – both through my Father’s line and my Mother’s line.

Afterward, I felt a very deep sense of peace, inner calm, and stillness. As we came back to join the ceremonial field, I was able to sit in a new degree of stillness and enter a full state of being without any agitation or wanting to come out. It was a beautiful experience.

All in all, it was an extraordinary experience, to be here on the sacred land of Norway with its pristine beauty and stillness, activating the Krystal Cathedral complex. That is now four of the five I’ve personally visited, through directive with the Guardians and their support activating these enormous Krystal Cathedral complexes, to support humanity’s continued evolution.

The next day, we did a beautiful sharing circle and offered each other insights into our own personal process and to a greater refinement of how we can hold an even more beautiful and stable container. We are always trying to improve and evolve, and through the beautiful reflections of each other and our family container – through Louis and Dipika, Alaya and myself – we are continually evolving.

Dipika and Louie also experienced beautiful healing, it seemed like the Krystal Cathedral activation offered a beautiful wave of healing for us all.

Thank you for sharing our beautiful journey and all of your wishes and support. We cherish them greatly.

Our next focus is a live all-day experience in Amsterdam on August 25. We still have some space left if you or you know someone who would like to join us for profound healing.

All of our love,

Christof and Alaya

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