Life Mastery X

The Master Heart Mentoring Group for exceptional living.

Over Lighting Your Life Path

Over Lighting is a term used to describe when I have my multi-dimensional consciousness lighting up your life path, and through mentoring and regular contact, we illuminate possibilities and potentials, Navigate you into your sweet spot, Architect the relevant energetic and geometric codes to build out our life vision and embody it to its fullest potential.

We use direct highly personalised regular small group consultations to accelerate you forward. Group container contains your own personal process through direct conversations and divine guidance with me where we generate awareness of unconscious patterns playing out and create clear real-world actions steps to align you with your Golden Path and amplify your impact.

These live sessions are all about personalised feedback, identifying internal blocks and barriers to success and clearing anything that is not aligned to your vision. I will personally help you craft your LIFE MASTERY PLAN in a simple, easy way to inner-stand that will allow you to bring all areas of your life together and put it into an easy one page at a glance template you can follow.

Then in between sessions, you will develop your CRITICAL ACTION PLAN which is the strategy of real-world actions you will schedule to make happen so that you move in the effortless direction of your Golden Path, the Highest Vision for your life.


My commitment to you is to get you clear, congruent, and vibrationally aligned to your vision and life purpose. Then to help you develop the strategy to live a balanced, well-rounded life in the physical place, being of service and influence in the unfolding of the divine plan by supporting you in the implementation of your Life Plan and holding you accountable to your word and actions.

Accountability is the key to make things happen in the real world. Actually getting done what you said to yourself you would get done. I will hold that mirror for you and help you work out why things slipped if you miss things and clear the program that is in the way of you completing your personal commitments.

Living an extraordinary life does not happen overnight, but it starts in one day. Big picture strategy with everyday focus, supported by the best practise rituals and habits will lead to greatness. I intend to assist you in making the following 12 months the year where you make significant strides in getting there.


Together through our Life Mastery X Mentoring, we will explore the following themes:

Vision And Purpose

The whole key to creating an exceptional life is activating the Natural Law of Mentalism. All things share a connection to the Universal Mind so to enable a higher reality you need to get clarity in your vision and begin to stream creative thought forms, powered with emotion to create in the Higher Dimensions.

Then with the clarity of vision harness the power of the Law of Structure to establish the form holding templates held in the higher realms to allow the particulates of light to be built around your hologram and creatively Divinely Aligned intentions.

We will activate the Natural Law of Correspondence and set the intelligent, energetic substance, into frequency and form through the instructions sets held in the mind structures projected through your visioning.

The mental plane and realm have overall influence in all dimensions, you will learn advanced visioning and manifesting techniques to be able to set the Divine Right mental structures in place to be able to set in motion the instruction sets created from your mind power.

Aligning your life with your spiritual ‘blueprint’ allows you to create from your highest divinely aligned self and sets in motion the appropriate God infused synchronicity to bring forth your vision for the highest good of all as you walk your Golden Path.

Unlock the secrets of your spiritual blueprint and learn to create a life plan aligned with who you are at Soul Level, to indeed fulfil your destiny as planned before you incarnated. Then you will creativity build the big picture vision for your life.


Health And Vitality

Set in motion the highest health and vitality habits to get your inner landscape clear and your DNA’s bio-photonics light emissions highly coherent so that your DNA can speak to the intelligence of the universe.

Implement the highest-level nutrition strategies alongside ensuring you are getting enough of the correct vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to sustain and prolong life as you learn the latest anti-ageing and life extension strategies employed by the highest level functional medical doctors.

Vibration And Consciousness

Everything is intelligent energy it flows through all things, here you will learn to amplify and direct this creative energy to be able to build stronger morphogenic fields of energy within your own system. You will learn and use advanced energetic strategies to amplify your bioenergy field and raise your own vibration so you can access the faster wavelengths held in the Higher Dimensions which hold exponentially more packets of information and intelligence once you can access and download them.

Learn the stages of development you go through for Soul Growth and receive the 6-month Ultimate Clearing and Activation Protocol as a path of cleaning up imprints, wounds, distortions in the subconscious and unconscious minds.

Clear non-serving patterns, contracts agreements, astral objects, entities, curses, spells, bindings, ancestral karma, quantum life karma, soul level karma and any unnatural seals in a deep cleanse of your energetic anatomy to get you Clear, Congruent, and Aligned to your Vision. Then moving into DNA activation of your multi-strand DNA potential and move through soul absorption into your monadic and avatar consciousness.

If you are ready, we will move you through soul absorption through DNA activations and Soul expansion to merge with your monadic consciousness fields and begin streaming directly from your OverSoul or Avatar consciousness without the intermediary of the Soul, depending upon what evolutionary stage of Soul Growth you are ready for.

When you live and operate from Monadic / OverSoul or Avatar consciousness fields you have shifted into service to others and will be supported with the resources and responsibility this level of spiritual growth and consciousness holds as an embodied server of the divine plan.

Flow And Productivity

Translating from the Mental Plane to the physical requires both the frequency of your energetic container and focus of action to be able to earth down your ideas into being. This means being able to enter the state of Flow daily.

You will build upon the basic Morning Ritual strategy you have been implementing into a highly personalised ritual that sets in motion your own holograms unique energetic signature to anchor and lock into place the Mental and Energetic Structure that supports your spiritual blueprint you are embodying this lifetime.

As this is locked and sealed in your hologram, locked and sealed into the time matrix daily you are operating from increasingly a light point of divine precision as you get more and more clear from following through the clearing and activation protocols.

Then we move into the highest-level productivity tools, models, and processes so you can translate frequency into form through guided action and get more done in less time. You will move from Vision – Plan – Schedule – Complete, with me holding you accountable and giving you personal guidance and feedback into the best course of action.

Our Strategy and Implementation calls which make up a big part of the training are all about supporting you into the divine right actions that will help accelerate you on your Golden Path.

Love And Relationships

The quality of our life is reflected by the quality of our relationships, and especially the mirrors of our family and significant other. Most of our happiness in life is not down to us, but down to how the significant others in our lives make us feel.

We can directly influence these relationships by nurturing our loved ones through elevating our own sense of self-worth and self-love. We love ourselves fully and completely and fill ourselves up totally with the Cosmic – Infinite – Divine – Unconditional LOVE we fill our own cup completely and fill our loved ones up from the overflow of our saucer.

This is set in motion through the Morning Ritual which moves through upgrades and refinements from the one you are currently practicing to include more connection with the Cosmic – Infinite – Divine – Unconditional LOVE that permeates through all things, but humanity has cut itself off from.

When you move into this elevated state of daily being you begin to transcend lower formed patterns of Expectation – Disappointment – Blame, because you directly know that you are love and love is not something external to you. You will move out of any co-dependent patterns by identifying and clearing what these are and how these subtle programs create little power competitions in your primary relationships

Through the Ultimate Clearing and Activation Protocol, you will move past these patterns and through the teaching in this module you will learn higher evolved models processes for deeper connection of love and intimacy with your partner. Or if you are yet to be reunited with your beloved to enter into the sacred practices that will allow you to invite their energy signature into your life.

You will also develop clear planning strategies and get these scheduled into your calendar so you can materialize greater love, connection, and spark in your relationships through carefully crafted magic moments.

Finances And Wealth

Abundance is not what you have is who you are, you need to feel abundant on the inside to be able to take the necessary actions to generate real-world money and assets. Through the Ultimate Clearing and Activation Protocol, you will move past programming of limitation, lack, scarcity, false relationships with money, wealth, unworthiness, unreservedness, poverty consciousness, and any karmic patterns or soul contracts preventing you from moving into full abundance.

Then we will move into the real world accelerated wealth creation strategies that will take portions of your existing and future energy exchanged efforts for service to others and place this into the emerging trends that are coming.

The world is about to enter into a major global economic recession and depression. First, we will see a final blow off in the capital markets, were shares will go through one final frenzy before the everything bubble that is long overdue to burst will burst.

The world as not evolved or learned it’s lessons from the 2008 financial crisis and the bank bailouts. We are in more debt, and the bank’s positions are far worse than they were in 2008. The Federal Reserve’s (United States of America’s Central Bank) has influenced monetary policy and artificially created all the booms and busts over the century,

The Federal Reserve mistakes: Mistake #1 – keep interest rates too low for too long. Mistake #2 – raise rates to try to mitigate the damage from Mistake #1. Mistake #3 – drop rates in a panic when Mistake #2 causes the economy to crash

This is already set in motion as they plan to pull back interest rate hikes for next year in response to a mini-crash the happened end of last year when they put interest rates up again .25%. With the US Government in over $21 trillion debt, and with so many companies borrowing when interest rates were artificially low any interest rate hikes make it difficult and beyond certain levels impossible to pay back.

Sometime in the coming years, everything bubble will burst to create a financial collapse. The resource and commodity sector will enter a multi-year boom, within particular Gold and Silver going on a bull run, as money flows into traditional safe havens

The financial crisis when it this happens simultaneously creates the moment of maximum financial opportunity, as the money starts flowing out of stocks and bonds, into silver and gold and the cryptocurrency as the old financial system collapses and the new economic system built upon trustless, permissionless, decentralized blockchain materializes.

The future of the economic system is currently being built out and will be established as a Decentralized Finance system. This means no centralized authority or organisations creating the means of transactions.

You will be able to become your own bank, hold your personal digital assets, be able to lend out these digital assets through smart contracts to others. The big themes that we will explore and get positioned for riding the significant macro trends will be; securities tokens and decentralised finance, and commodities.

Your Passions And Creative Expression Project

My favourite quote about success:

“Success is in direct proportion to your commitment to excellence and love of what you do regardless of your chosen endeavour” Vince Lombardi

You have to follow your passions in life, in this module, you will develop your creative expression project and support this where ever it leads you culminating in a shared production, performance, new hobby, skill, or achievement that you will learn over the year and provide a sharing and evidence for the group.

This is your own opportunity to do, learn, or create something you have always wanted to do, but have never got around to it. It will be something that will take some time to build the skills or cultivate or develop. But will set in motion the need for weekly dedication to your creative endeavours.

This project is directed and driven by you and is something you will cultivate into being as something that is on your bucket list of to do, or master before you die. It is your chance to shine, and you will provide evidence and sharing to our group container.

Leadership And Impact

Leader of One, Leader of Many, if you can’t lead One, you can’t lead Any.

Leadership is not about leading a company, or a team of people, having a fancy title or formal authority over others through position. This is an out doubted old model of leadership that is going to dissolve. What I am talking about is INFLUENCE.

You do not need a fancy job or title to have influence. What you need is a Vision of a better world and a clear path to achieving that, focus staying on the path and living in complete integrity to the values of what this encompasses.

Leadership is not about talk, it is about aligning your behaviour and actions to values that create a culture that delivers the results of your vision of a better world. When others perceive and see you in this alignment and see the results you are generating because of your value clear congruent choice points.

In this theme, you will learn divine virtues and the highest level of servant leadership that you then you align your behaviours and actions into will allow you to become magnetic to those in your field of influence.

You will begin crafting your message to the world in the medium that is easiest and most flowing for you, writing audio, video and simply share your thoughts with the world in an authentic, vulnerable space that touches the hearts and minds of those people interested in this area you are uniquely coded and destined for.

You will install the habits, rituals, models and strategies of higher performing leaders. If you intend to build a project business, practice I will share with you the best strategies I have learned for creating a model that serves you and your audience, so you do not become a slave to time. If you do not feel the need to grow a following for these purposes, you will learn how to be an influencer in your community and share from the free place of being a shining example and living in integrity to the change you wish to see in the world.

We all need to lead, lead ourselves into higher standards, into a higher evolutionary path of mastery and allow this energy to rub off on others naturally. This is your time to shine, and when you install yourself with the highest internal alignments to Natural Law and Divine Principle and you match this with external best practice actions. You will naturally elevate yourself and shine in the eyes of others and become an influencer in your community.

Contribution And Legacy Vision

How do you want to be remembered, what do you want to leave behind for others?

We are here for such a small window of time, each of is given this short temporal time window to express what is in our soul in the physical plane. What will you choose to do with this your time here?

Being in this community, you are awake and switched onto to the fact that you are an eternal consciousness temporarily residing in a physical vessel. When you have this level of awareness and you can inner-stand divine principle, and you recognise yourself as having come to Earth for a specific purpose.

That purpose is always linked to making the world a better place. That is why you came. To evolve, grow, and leave the bread crumbs for others waking up to their path, or create the inspiration to help propel humanity forward in your own unique way.

This whole piece of contribution and legacy comes down to the fundamental path of SERVICE TO OTHERS. This is the essential principle of leading a spiritual life. How will you implement this in your life? This theme is all about taking real-world action and being of selfless service to a particular area or audience you feel inspired supporting.

We will be implementing real-world actions and developing strategies on how we all can become of more exceptional in selfless service and in doing so activate the Law of Return which further amplifies our own endeavours.

Small actions of selfless service and supporting areas of the community in need are all ways we will be looking to engage in. Whether it be helping to create new models, making the old ones obsolete. Or merely being there for people in need. It is all helping to build your level of contribution to the world and build your spiritual legacy.

Your spiritual legacy is the energetic footprint you make in the world, the lives that you touched, how much you loved, how much you gave. We will as a community amplify our impact by focusing a portion of our actions and efforts to contributing to a better world in our own unique way.


I Want To Help You Make
The Next 12 Months The Finest
Of Your Life

I Want To Help You Make The Next 12 Months The Finest Of Your Life

I am committed to really making a significant impact in a few people’s lives so that they can up level in all areas of their life and make some waves in the world.

This is not something I can take a big group though, I choose applicants whom I feel are ready to take serious action, align to their Soul Purpose and help serve the Divine Plan.

Inside Life Mastery X we have lots of personal contact in our sessions so I can give you particular and directed direction, strategy, feedback, clearings, activations to ensure your vibrational alignment and consciousness expansion so you can hold the energetic container for the highest level of your vision.

But then to bring this down in the real world by helping you to implement the highest vision of your life into real-world action. I would like to use my gifts to help bring out yours, get positioned in your sweet spot so you can turn up effortlessly and efficiently in the world and shine your gifts and talents.


This means we have to install the beliefs, run the routines, do the work and live the days that would make so much of that their reality. How you turn up each day becomes your High-Performance Culture, and how you deploy your personal organization, and what personal life, personal finance and wealth, health and vitality, relationships and business tactics you use to determine how you experience reality.

It’s not only about forming the right rituals and routines to get you in the Mind-Body-Energy alignment but getting the external navigation of the real world perfected.

This means implementing the best practices of personal health, relationship, wealth creation, and personal branding and business. This is where I have been obsessed about researching and fulfilling in my life over the last 20 years.

I want to share what I have found to be the most effective strategies across all these areas of life with a small group of people that I can personally mentor with regular live calls, deployed video and resources the best real-world practices that will guarantee a greatly expanded, and influential life path for you.

If you feel you would benefit from close personal contact with me either privately or in a small group intimate Master Mind setting where we work together all up levelling ourselves in transparency and accountability (including me), then I would love to support you by inviting you into Life Mastery X Mentoring.



Life Mastery X Mentoring Application

As you are no doubt aware by now if you are following my journey and message in the world, a big part of turning up to your highest potential and timeline in the world is ensuring your Consciousness, Bio- Energy Field, and DNA is operating at their highest energy holding potential.

But we need to get that perfectly aligned to your Soul Blueprint, what your Soul Purpose is in this incarnation. Hint this is more to do with overcoming the unique challenges you have faced in your life and then sharing effortless from these direct experiences.

As you are no doubt aware by now if you are following my journey and message in the world, a big part of turning up to your highest potential and timeline in the world is ensuring your Consciousness, Bio- Energy Field, and DNA is operating at their highest energy holding potential.

But we need to get that perfectly aligned to your Soul Blueprint, what your Soul Purpose is in this incarnation. Hint this is more to do with overcoming the unique challenges you have faced in your life and then sharing effortless from these direct experiences.





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