Lessons from surfing in Costa Rica

It’s with a sad heart that I say goodbye to Costa Rica, it’s been a wonderful couple of weeks here checking out the vibe of the place and integrating into the lifestyle template that it has to offer. Alaya, Noa and I spent a week in Santa Terresa and a few days in Nosara chilling beachside, getting waves, and working on the development of our various programs and the Institute of Divine Potential.

Was a pretty cool lifestyle template. Get up early in the morning and SURF, eat break and get some life mission tasks done through to the early afternoon.   Take lunch, siesta and back to the beach for sunset session and beach time.

The trip was made easier with some local input from fellow Amazon initiate Joe who happened to arrive in Santa Terresa the same day we did (of course) and who lived there for 4 years and had things wired. So pretty quickly got dialed into local knowledge, culture, food, and goings-on.   

Her life pretty much revolves around SURF – EAT – SLEEP – REPEAT.  I worked on mission stuff in between, had time with Alaya and Noa (so much fun on the beach with them) Was a life template just how I like it. Anyway, everything I learned about surfing is true for life. So here’s a quick list of what I’ve learned is really important in surfing (and life!)

1. SURFING: Go with the flow…..You can use the natural energy of the moving water using the rips and currents to get you out the back with less effort.  LIFE: Go with the flow….You can feel the energy of a situation and use it to your advantage, if something feels like contraction in your field avoid it, it’s likely to be way more effort for very little results, kind of like paddling into white water and getting nowhere.  Tune into what the energy of the situation is doing, just as waves come in sets, energy has a flow… EXPANSION – STASIS – CONTRACTION, this is the life pulse. The whole universe has this pulse as does our galaxy, our solar system, and our planet. There is a natural energy to what is happening around you, it’s either expanding, resting or contracting.  In all of this, you have your own life pulse. You need to tune into two things, the first is the life pulse of the situation and the second is your personal life pulse. When both are in contraction you had better not be taking massive action but more planning and preparing, when both are in the expansion you better be taking massive action.

2. SURFING: You have to be in the right place at the right time with total focus energy and effort to get the wave. LIFE:You have to be in the right place at the right time with total focus energy and effort to get the PRIZE.  This means you have to be in FLOW to allow the synchronicity to come towards you. You don’t chase life just as you don’t chase waves you get in the general area and allow them to come to you… In life, you sit and ALLOW the energy to percolate around your field based upon your intention and you DECIDE when to act based upon the convergence of energy (synchronicity).

3. SURFING: Sometimes the best waves are the scariest, take the drop and do it anyway!  LIFE: usually the best things for your progress are the scariest, they take you out of your comfort zone, they stretch you, push you, test your limits and make your EGO scream nooooo! Do it anyway!

4. SURFING: You gotta take your medicine, you’re going to wipe out, it’s OK it’s all part of surfing, just relax under the water, don’t struggle and allow the wave to finish with you and pop up…. do not panic!  Review what went wrong, adjust the approach and go again. LIFE: You gotta take your medicine…..You’re going to make mistakes, this is guaranteed. remember there is no failure only feedback. Don’t beat yourself up over it, live in the past, blame others for it. Relax, allow the situation to pass, learn the lessons from it and move on… If you’re not failing you’re not stretching yourself or moving forward enough.  Review what went wrong, adjust the approach and go again.

5. SURFING: You gotta commit!  Once you have chosen your wave and your looking down the face of a testing size one it takes courage to take the drop, there’s moving water (a lot of it) it can hurt of your fall, and you can be held under for some time depending on the size of the wave.  Despite all of this you have to paddle 100% and commit ALL of yourself to make the drop and get the wave. LIFE: You gotta commit! You need to choose your project and when you have chosen play full out, leave nothing behind in terms of committing resources and time to your chosen endeavour.  Most people don’t commit enough to their project, they play half-heartedly, they develop excuses as to why they shouldn’t or why they couldn’t. This is just BS self-defeating inner talk that keeps you stuck where you are. Commitment is leaving nothing on the table, it’s putting everything you have into what you’re focused upon.

6. SURFING: Get in the sweet spot!  That is the shoulder of the wave. The place where the breaking wave and the face meet and you can use this angle, moving water, and gravity to make get enough momentum and make the drop.  A meter to the right or left you can miss the wave of your life, it’s all about paddling to get positioning to get on the wave, it’s all in the setup. LIFE: Get in the sweet spot! In life, this is the place where you PASSION – PURPOSE – PROWESS all intersect.  You need to find that place where what you are deeply passionate about and something that gives you a purpose greater than yourself (this means it means more than getting your personal and family needs met) It’s the big WHY this is important. Usually, it’s to do with helping others or the planet in some way due to the direct experience you have had in your life.  Then you take these two things and you work out your natural prowess in how you deliver this. Your prowess is your natural skill, ability mastery, expertise, and soul gifts come together very effortlessly for you. In fact, when you do this, it comes very easily for you, it’s like you can do it without trying and you cannot understand why others can’t do it as it’s so simple for you.  This is PROWESS and when you match it with PURPOSE and PASSION you will have found your sweet spot for life, and that’s where all the action is.

7. SURFING:  You can surf alone which is cool, but it’s always better with friends.  Your friends are great out in the water, they can push your limits, be excited for you when you take a wave that tests you, and you get to share in each other’s joy.  Surfers call this the STOKE. Being stoked is better when there are others around to share it with. LIFE: You can get on with your mission alone which will take you so far and be OK.  But it’s always better with people you actually would want to hang out with, get involved in projects that inspire you and invite people into that space with you who you would share your weekends with.  Life is too short to hang with people that don’t spin your wheels. A project that more people are involved with means more energy and effort can be injected into it.

Part of this is overcoming the fear of having to provide for others other than yourself.  Don’t let this limitation and scarcity mindset hamper your growth. if you want to achieve remarkable things you need a group of people who are all in their own sweat spot within the project.

The trick is to find the right PEOPLE and get them on the right seat of the bus. This ultimately free’s you up to be able to focus on your own unique PROWESS, they focus on theirs and that’s when the magic happens.    Now if we continue with this metaphor, due to the unique time we are in, specifically a stellar activation cycle.  

A period of time that only happens every 26,000 years, the frequency is the fastest and highest it ever has been. So there is swell and there is no better time to not just dip your toe into the water but to actually get wet and get involved.  You might just catch the ride of your life.

Thus in Ibiza June 18 -25we are planning on doing 5 – 6 ceremonies on our retreat program for a small group of dedicated beings who are ready to mutate into the next evolution of themselves. I am currently doing interviews for this retreat and we will only be taking between 10 -12 people maximum (due to the high amount of personal interaction and one to one healing ceremonies we will be doing).

If you would like to apply for this retreat and basically go through an atomic acceleration and have Akasha and I work on you pulling out all the stops to try and establish this permanent seed atom to drop into your spiritual heart so you can move into this newer, faster, cleaner operating system.

Then head along to my website about the retreat and send me in an application ASAP so we can chat about this experience and whether you’re a good fit for it…

Or if you want to dive into a little deeper what will be happening you can check out the one-hour webinar overview Akasha and I did recently.

Go get stoked on life.

Time to step it up…

Hope to see you in Ibiza


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