Lemurian Activation Tour Commencement

It is with great pleasure that I announced the commencement of the Lemurian Activation, Aotearoa, New Zealand tour.

On the 9th of March, a beautiful group of hearts and souls gathered from all around the world to come to New Zealand and support the activation of the Lemurian consciousness.

For those of you who were tracking the invitation to this program, New Zealand was once a part of the Lemurian consciousness fields. And then in this current time of the rising of the balance of the masculine and the feminine together.

With this energy New Zealand is being called once again to rise in the essence of the beautiful feminine Lemurian consciousness, and help spread this around the planet to help the great balancing that is now transpiring,

We started off at our hotel in Auckland, and we’re greeted as we arrived immediately by the beautiful felines standing proudly outside our hotel The Pullman hotel. Immediately, I knew we were exactly where we needed to be, and always exactly as it should.

We started on the ninth with an incredible opening ceremony. Probably one of the most powerful, I have been involved in these years. We were joined by the powerful, important energy of Makuini and Hirini. Two well respected Maori elders, who joined us on this tour to anchor in a Maori consciousness, culture and coding to weave throughout this tour.

As the group entered the room, all of the hairs on my body stood up as Makuini did her opening song greeting everyone into the room. I could feel the tears welling up inside of me as the connection of my own lineage and the Maori culture began to get activated by her beautiful song.

And Hirini gave a beautiful Karakia, which is a Maori prayer to open the space. Then Alaya and I opened up the directions in the field who set a very potent, energetic container for our group’s journey.

All the group bought water and crystals to be infused with the consciousness of the group. These will be placed around the earth and placed with sacred waters around New Zealand as an important placement and anchor holding of consciousness around the country.

These will be dispersed at strategic locations around New Zealand as the tour initiates are guided to do and of course at the Green School where we will drop a crystal bed technology into the school grounds to help anchor the higher educational consciousness of 5th dimension into the school and the Earth.


On the first morning after the opening we went to visit Mount Eden (Maungawhau) which is an old Volcano Cone that erupted 15,000 years old. The Ngati Whatua tribe is the guardian of the mountain, and Hirini on behalf of the Maori lineage laid down a welcome challenge to see if we were pure in our hearts and we had come in peace. Makuini sang as we completed this initiation and ritual that took us to the top of Mount Eden.

The group stayed beautifully in their hearts and accepted the challenge and were able to hold peace and unconditional love. Passing this initiation were we able to go on and make it to the summit being greeted by wonderful views overlooking Auckland city.

After this we made our way to Waiheke Island for a beautiful walk, our next ceremony on the head and a wonderful vineyard lunch.


The next day we drove north to the Waipoua Kauri Forrest in Northland. A sad fact in New Zealand that only 2% of the original Kauri Forrest remains. New Zealand’s mighty kauri tree was cut down to be used for building, constructions, shipping and it was relatively late in the piece that efforts were made to save the Forests. Māori considered the Kauri be the kings of New Zealand’s forest.

Te Matua Ngahere (Father to Forest)

As we entered the Forest we could all feel the power of these incredible specimens. The first Tree we visited was mighty Te Matua Ngahere, Father of the Forest.

Immediately we were all drawn into it’s power, presence and majesty sand enjoyed meditating with it.


After this we visited Tane Mauta which is New Zealand’s most sacred tree, he is known as the God of the forest. In Maori mythology Tane Mauta was the God that

separated, Rangi Sky Father and Papatuanuku Mother Earth, creating light.

It was at Tane Mauta that we were guided in a physical where we lined up in the 12 tree grid configuration to bring forth the organic Tree of Life at the feet of the majestic Tane Mauta.

At this moment as we were greeted by the Queen of Waitangi who is the gatekeeper of the Maori consciousness fields, who ‘just happened to be there at that exact moment’. We invited her into the space as we were bringing in the upgraded 12 th dimensional consciousness field held in the 12 tree grid.

She stepped into the centre of the 12 Tree Grid and began to sing, and at that moment we all felt such an extraordinary rush of frequency and energy that came through our group field. It was so powerful my whole system was shaking as the energy moved through my system.

It was an extraordinary moment and I felt so much shifting in my being, she was the KEY that opened the gates of consciousness to allow the re-configuration to the 12 Tree Grid.

This is only a third day in a beautiful experience thus far. And I know this is just the beginning. I’ll send you a couple of updates from our tour…

Next up in a few days I’ll send you an email with my two cents worth of the Coronavirus and what I am sensing and seeing….

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