Identifying Your Shadows


First up welcome to the first SHADOW RELEASE insight for this week.

If you choose to follow along this week you will make a very important and powerful first step, and that is taking personal responsibility for your life by exploring the SHADOWS…

If strangers ask me what is it that I do, I usually say I am in the Healing Arts. However, practically this means I am a SHADOW WALKER. Someone who helps people navigate their blind spots and by triggering them and watching the emotional reactions, using this information to CLEAR and DELETE the program behind the shadow.

Now for the first time, I am going to teach you how to do this for yourself, this is the first step of self-mastery.

So let’s get into it.

The first you need to do is to become MINDFUL, this means being the compassionate witness in your life, ASKING – EXPERIENCING – WITNESSING your life from a detached viewpoint and noticing where you experience an UPSET.

The first upset we will explore is RESISTANCE.

You know you have resistance to something when someone wants you to do something you don’t want to do or has an idea that affects you negatively in some way. Resistance can also come about through a refusal to look at a given situation as it truly is….Or being resistant to changing your behavior causing a situation or even the refusal to even discuss a particular situation.

For example, if you are talking with a friend and they bring up a painful topic for you, and you refuse to talk about it by avoiding the conversation or ignoring the question you can be sure you have resistance.

Resistance is a sure sign that you are getting closer to making a breakthrough, you’re getting closer to the root cause of something major and your EGO defense prevents you from accessing this fully, for the fear of temporary pain that this may cause… However, the truth is the resistance causes much greater long term pain.

The resistance is prevent’s you from accessing sensitive wounding. A wounding is something that causes a scar in your bio-energy field and to help protect this scar you develop Imprinted Programs that serve as the energetic and psychological defense mechanism to the painful wound.

Very often resistance limits you in opportunity’s without even realizing it, have to think about where you were given an opportunity out of your comfort zone, but you resisted it even though in your conscious mind you knew it would be a good opportunity to take, but the thought of going through with it was scarier than the pay off it would bring.

This is resistance UPPER LIMITING yourself, preventing you from taking action in an area that would bring expansion.

Simply put resistance is what we do protect ourselves from awareness of that which we fear will overwhelm us.

So your homework today is to write down all the areas of your life you have resistance in and you are avoiding….

Where do you have resistance in your:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Family
  • Wealth creation
  • Friendships

Underneath these areas, we will find a series of programs that will be limiting you in life….

We will explore the steps and release techniques of these programs if you choose to go further on this topic at the end of the week…

But for now just write them all down, it will make you far more aware of your blind spots in this area…

Tomorrow we will take a look at ANXIETY.


So hopefully you explored the areas of your life that have resistance… and you listed them all out.

Isn’t it amazing when you actually become a DETACHED COMPASSIONATE WITNESS in your life, just what you can uncover about yourself and how much more data you get about how you are navigating life?

Next stop on our SHADOW RELEASE journey we are going to explore the shadow of ANXIETY.

Anxiety is that subconscious feeling of fear, worry, anxiety, and unease in your life. It is generalized and constantly there as a background thought loop running in your system. It is generalized and unfocused, it is not to be confused with fear. Fear occurs when you confront something that you perceive to be intimidating or confronting and can be recognized as a threat to your physical or psychological survival. It is something born out of the actual experience, for example, a snake suddenly appears just in front of you while walking in the forest.

Whereas anxiety can be more general constantly running in the background and is when we run looping thought programs about what ‘might’ happen in the future. For example, we have constant noise in our heads and worry about snakes, in this example, the threat isn’t real it is imaginary.

A lot of time and energy is spent in anxiety worrying about things we feel ‘might’ happen to us. in the words of the great writer Mark Twain who once said “I’ve had a lot of troubles in my life….. most of which have never happened” Is a wonderful summary of anxiety.

So if you are constantly worried about the future, about your relationship, about your finances, about anything, you have anxiety. Underneath these worrying thoughts live the fear based beliefs that were installed during your conditioning from your parents and the culture of the society you grew up in.

Anxiety shows us that we have unmet deficiency needs from our childhood and by exploring more fully we can get the the root of the program that causes the anxiety.

To start this process write out a list of all the things you have anxiety about, just notice where the worry some thoughts take you, what are you imagining ‘might’ happen. We will take your list and use it in the Shadow Release program to clear the underlying program’s creating this in the first place.

Anxiety is the only form of resistance that is generalised all the rest that we are exploring are usually in reaction to an event trigger that kicks off the response. Anxiety on the other hand is generalised and constantly there like a duck quacking in your ear.

The obvious goal in this case is to shut the duck up!

We do this by releasing the underlying components of anxiety.

This is where the codes Akasha designs some into play, they are codes from the higher dimensions that give information direct to your hard drive to over ride the program causing the anxiety.

That’s how we release these programs with clients, and we would love to share one of our most powerful and versatile codes with you….

If this excites you then stay tuned this week

Tomorrow we will explore the next shadow on our mini-course journey IMPATIENCE

(and yes if you have this you will have to work through this one while you wait for it to arrive tomorrow)


OK let’s get straight into today (for those of you with this shadow playing out today.)

Impatience happens when you are not able to get what you want when you want it. You get impatient with anything that causes delays or obstructs your progress.

Impatient people view a lot of situations as threatening and often react like small trivial things are the end of the world. For example, the amount of emotional reactions seen in traffic by impatient people is incredible.

Impatience can be a blind spot, especially for high achievers who feel that they are not impatient but just have really important things to get done, and can often mask their impatience with it’s just that it’s so important to line…. This is one for sure I have used a lot…

You can spot impatience is playing out in your experience if you cut people off mid-sentence without truly listening to them complete what they want to say, you make quick uninformed decisions and judgments, you snap easily at others, you have a lot of tension in your jaw and you clench your teeth…

A big part of the cause of impatience is a stress if there are high amounts of stress in your life you are far more likely to react with impatience to friends and loved ones. So, of course, there are stress reduction techniques, but of course, this can simply mask the underlying root causes of impatience.

Deeper impatience is the fear of missing out on life which was ingrained from an early age, as a consequence of this you try and squeeze as much in as possible and you end up projecting your thoughts in the future and leave the present moment of now, and are constantly projecting through your to-do list in the future.

Then when you cannot get across everything you can snap, pushing either cater goring people as allies or foes in your quest to get through your never-ending list of things to do… Which of course are very important.

If you notice you are becoming impatient you can rest assured that there is an underlying program running that is limiting you in some way.

And tomorrow we will explore the SHADOW of FRUSTRATION.


Yesterday we looked at ‘impatience’ and how this is a mechanism of reaction when you cannot get what you want when you want it.

If you can’t resolve the situation, your impatience transforms into FRUSTRATION.

Frustration is the emotion you can have when you experience opposition to your goals, it happens when you perceive your will is being resisted, or you are not getting your needs met. Then what happens is that your belief you cannot trust others to meet your needs get confirmed, and your frustration grows.

There can be internal and external frustration.

Internal frustration can arise from failing to fulfill your personal goals, ego needs, soul needs, or even handling a perceived deficiency. While external frustration happens when something or someone from outside blocks your progress. A classic example here is being put on hold with the annoying elevator music by the power company when trying to sort out a query or bill, or anything that you deem to be time-wasting….

In any case whatever the origin frustration is a common emotional response to opposition to your goals or intent. Typically, the more important the goal, the bigger the tasks the greater the frustration can be.

Frustration is also enhanced when there seems to be a discrepancy between the amount of effort you are putting into your goal and the number of results you are getting. This intensifies when your greater amounts of effort are producing diminishing returns, you are getting fewer results than you think you should.

A big piece here is I often notice people who have this running a forcing current in their Bio-Energy field, this means their chakra’s in the will center’s at the back are overactive, and the emotional chakra’s at the front are shut down, and they are using the third eye to try and control and manage the future.

Ideally, you want to have your field running balanced between reason, will, and emotion and are experiencing life through effortless intention. This is that state of FLOW that runs through you when you are able to accept divine right timing, everything happens when it supposed to. You are able to have ‘acceptance’ into what is…

Acceptance is the anti-dote to frustration, but you must have the ability to ‘DISCERN’ between what you CAN change and what you cannot. It’s one thing being in acceptance of things beyond your control, and another altogether to ‘accept’ a situation even though you could change programming within yourself to change the outcome.

Frustration is a clear sign that you have discordant internal programming not matching with your goals and plans, or you are running a forcing current in your bio-energy field.

Take a moment to list all the things you are frustrated with within your life right now….

Then explore objectively that if you shifted your internal programming would the situation change.

PS Remember at the end of this series I’ll be giving you the opportunity to have a clear process, and an actual clearing code and command that you can keep and use daily to overcome all the shadows and upsets presented so far:


Just imagine how this will impact your life if you would be able to identify the root cause of the above upsets and be able to clear this root cause.

It would be an incredible self – management and personal development tool.

Tomorrow we explore when the root cause of FRUSTRATION does not get resolved that ANGER emerges into our life.

Catch you tomorrow.


So yesterday we explored FRUSTRATION and how this builds when you cannot get what you want when you want it.

The next step in the continuum is moving from FRUSTRATION to ANGER.

ANGER occurs when you feel in some way you have been thrawted or wronged. It is an emotional response to a perceived or real grievance, it can have origins in the past or result from projections into the future.

Anger occurs when giving up both frustration and restraint and let go into an outburst, that usually with the lens of time we are somewhat embarrassed about, and have remorse over.

Anger can be passive or active in that it can be inwardly directed such as the case of sulking or passive-aggressive behavior. Or it can be overtly active and obvious in the case of lashing out verbally or physically.

In any case, the underlying mechanism of the behavior is that you have unresolved anger in the system. This gets stored in your liver and can build up over time and even get past down the ancestral line so the anger you have inside you is not actually yours, it was your father’s or mothers.

Now anger is a completely normal human emotion that we all have, it is when it causes destruction that it creates problems for your life. You are much better processing the root cause of the anger and releasing it out of your system, than allowing your relationship, career, or children to feel it’s an effect.

Often anger can get suppressed and this can cause a host of other problems both in relationships and in your own health, as the low vibration from this still sits in your field, thus attracting lower vibrational people, events and circumstances in your life. I am sure you are aware of the law of attraction so you can easily conclude that suppressed anger in the system will continue to attract more angry people and experiences to your reality.

Often this leads to you to say but it was a circumstance beyond my control, he/she just came at me, or I was in the wrong place at the wrong time…..

These are all BS excuses we justify to ourselves that it isn’t our fault. We like to project blame on others rather than face our shadows. The truth is you have attracted to these situations because you have the frequency of anger in your field.

When anger materialises you can use this as an inquiry tool into what is the underlying characteristics creating it in the first place and use the processing technique I am going to teach next week on the SHADOW RELEASE PROGRAM to get to the ROOT CAUSE of it, and clear it permanently from all levels of your field using a specially designed CODE (a code is a mathematical scalar wave program that provides instructions to the user), that will pull the Imprinted Program.

Of course there are other breathing and relaxation techniques, mindfulness, stress management techniques that can all keep this at bay. These are useful and powerful to suppress the symptoms, but of course the KEY is to get to the ROOT CAUSE and use a process that deletes it from your hard drive.

Why the codes are so powerful that Akasha designs is that it speaks in the language of the universe which is symbols, geometries, colour, tone, sound, and vibration. This language is how we program both the universal matrix and our personal bio-energy field.

The codes Akasha brings though are designed from dimension 13 – 15 where the templates are pure and these codes have the ability to get into your deep UNCONSCIOUS MIND, the place where this programming plays out. What is exciting about this is that now we have the technology to but the power in people’s hands who are dedicated to self mastery and taking personal responsibility to their personal process.

if this sounds like you then keep an eye out later this week when we give you the opportunity to do just this.

Tomorrow we will explore what happens when you don;t deal with the anger and how it can turn to RAGE.


So yesterday we explored ANGER and how this evolves out of ‘FRUSTRATION’, today we are going to learn what happens when you don’t process your anger, and how this leads into RAGE.

Rage is uncontrollable and is in immediate response to a given situation, but the underlying programming for it has been lying in the system usually since childhood. Rage is a raw and primitive form of anger that forms out of feeling unnoticed or abandoned and is a last-ditch attempt to get back at the person who ‘did’ this to you.

The origins of this come from not having your emotional or physical needs met as a child, so to protect your heart your strategy was to push others away so they don’t get close to you so you don’t get hurt. This strategy, of course, creates more isolation and disillusionment further fueling the cycle.
Why it’s uncontrollable when it kicks off is that it floods your system with oxytocin, vasopressin, and corticotropin-releasing hormones. This results in the pituitary gland producing and releasing large amounts of the adrenocorticotropic hormone, which causes the adrenal cortex to release corticosteroids.

Remember hormones are messengers and provide clear instructions and the fuel to vent out the anger stored inside you. Thus once the hormone release happens it is almost inevitable that strong emotional outbursts take place.

All impulsive reactions such as rage to presenting triggers are actually the expression of stored programming and suppressed emotion from childhood. Rage is a clear red flag that there is something majorly going on in your programming that needs to be explored, processed and resolved.

Remember we teach that the divine angelic human template is just that ‘divine’ and rage is a very obvious sign you have experienced severe genetic digression from your original divine state. It is, however, an opportunity to process and work through deeply held trauma and issues before rage actually destroys anything good in your life, including your relationship and or career.

So this week we explored how the following can play out in your life:

  • RAGE

Remember that the path of self-actualisation is to work through all the upsets we have and process them through and go after the root cause creating them in the first place.

Now with the technology Akasha and I have developed utilizing the sciences and understanding of quantum physics, wave genetics, kathara grid mechanics, scalar waves, and 15 dimensional field physics we are actually able to access previous difficult to reach deep programming through the use of CODES, which provide instruction sets into your bio-energy field and the actual HARD DRIVE where your programs are stored.

Now the opportunity for you is to be able to take personal responsibility for your own evolution and be able to access and work through a clear simple process to get to the root cause that are creating the upsets you can observe yourself doing.

So here’s what we have got:


This program is a two part webinar, a training and instruction manual, Three high resolution CODES to clear the root cause of the program.

This is an excellent self mastery program and protocol for you if you are interested in improving and acceleration your own evolution and taking personal responsibility for your life.

Previously we have only given manuals, commands, and codes to those doing our healing certification. But now we feel we wold like to get this technique and this particular code out to as many people who want t take personal responsibility for their own accelerated evolution.

The IMPRINTED PROGRAM code is excellent because it is so versatile and can be used for so many stored Imprinted Programs you may have, and we will teach you how to use it for the variety of programming issues that you uncover.

When you sign up you will be sent an eight part process map that will help you to identify the root cause of behaviours we explored this week. You will write down all the root causes and in the first webinar Akasha and myself will CLEAR all the presented root causes people bring to the program.

During that process, you will experience the CODE and the COMMAND protocol. After the training, we will send you a training manual that will take you through step by step HOW to do the clearing on yourself.

The following week we will do another webinar this time with answers to your questions and you will get an opportunity to practice the COMMAND and CLEARING so we can give you feedback so you know you are doing it correctly.

Then you will be set up for life. So if this resonates with you and you would like to take personal responsibility for your life and the lives of your loved ones y learning how to remove nonserving programming then follow the links below:


CLICK HERE to purchase.


When you sign up you will get access on Wednesday to the 8 step process map, so you can begin tracking and pulling apart the upsets we covered this week, find the root cause and come prepared to the session with your list that we will personally clear for you on the first webinar.

Then in between the first and second webinar, you will receive the instruction manual on how to use the commands and code. Then on the second webinar, you will practice its delivery.


Wednesday 6th July, 8 pm UK time, 12 noon LA


Wednesday 20th July, 8 pm UK time, 12 noon LA

CLICK HERE to get started.

I hope to see you in this training which will bring the power into your own hands for your continued evolution for the rest of your life.


I know I mentioned 6 at the start of this series, while fear isn’t really a shadow persona it is really the key piece that drives them all so FEAR is worth exploring as a topic on its own

FEAR! Which I am sending out as a bonus…

Now as to your probably aware through our journey together on this important topic, the SHADOW states are the unconscious aspects of the personality that the ego does not identify with.


OK Now onto our final exploration in our journey together exploring the shadows…

FEAR! I know I mentioned 6 at the start of this series, while fear isn’t really a shadow persona it is really the key piece that drives them all so FEAR is worth exploring as a topic on its own.

Now as to your probably aware through our journey together on this important topic, the SHADOW states are the unconscious aspects of the personality that the ego does not identify with.

Now as to your aware we have covered:

  • RAGE

But underlying all of these is fear, which sits festering in our system from painful unresolved episodes from our childhood, ancestral lines, past lives and in our soul matrix. Fear accumulates either through unresolved ego needs not being met through childhood. Usually, these are created through the inadequate psychological processing in the first three chakra’s linked to our safety and survival (1st chakra), relationship and sexuality (2nd chakra), and self-esteem and personal boundaries (3rd chakra).

If during development the needs of these chakra’s do not get met, the consciousness system develops patterns of fear that create the Bio-Energy Field to react in certain ways to corresponding energy and information triggers presented in the field.

These create the emotional reactions many of which we have been exploring in the past blog posts, the underlying aspect that creates these shadows is FEAR.

The other way fear gets set into your system is through WOUNDS. A wound is an actual fragment in the energy consciousness system, what happens is very similar to what happens when you cut yourself and you begin to bleed.

First up the blood coagulates, it begins forming a clot, this stops the bleeding, and eventually, a scab gets formed. This scab is designed to protect the sensitive wound underneath so that the repair can happen. Then eventually the scab falls off and underneath a scar remains for a while, and depending on the severity might actually remain.

Pretty much the same thing happens in WOUNDS, which are the result of painful psychological and or emotional trauma. First, up the painful fractures energy starts to coagulate around the pain, an energetic scab form around it thus protecting and sealing the pain off from further intrusion.

Once this process has happened this energetic scab is the first layer of protection for the wound. Inside the wound is the memory from pain from the pain of the trauma. This is so painful that the consciousness system creates a second layer of protection just to make sure no ‘like’ frequency comes into the wound.

This is when the secondary defenses kick in, this is the ego’s shadow states that you have been exploring. These shadow states are the protective mechanism that prevents any further pain from being felt. Remember the consciousness system and ego will do anything it can to protect its self from further pain.

This is why we often do silly things to sabotage ourselves when a like situation presents itself through a different form, being, or situation. So what you do is you go into your defense and react with one of the SHADOW’S we have been covering.

So really underneath the shadow is FEAR, fear of further pain. Then the consciousness system develops a complex set of survival and coping mechanisms to be able to react to any incoming stimuli that might be a threat to this tightly held wound. This set of unconscious reactions of self-protection we call IMPRINTED PROGRAMS.

IMPRINTED PROGRAMS are the drivers behind the SHADOWS. When you can release the imprinted programs, access and process the wound and fear, literally all your reactions fall away and you simply do not respond in the same way to the same information held as light coming at you on a daily basis.

Once you begin clearing your Imprinted Programs then virtually everything in your life begins changing for the better.

The path of self mastering is identifying your shadows, working out what is driving them and release the imprinted programs and wound underneath it all to collapse the magnetic’s holding it all together in your brain, and release the neural pathways associated with this.

Now as you may have read the last post I am happy to give you the opportunity to step into your self-mastery by doing just that. With the release for the general public of the:


Click here to be taken straight to it

This program is a two-part webinar, a training, and instruction manual, Three high-resolution CODES to clear the root cause of the program and clear it permanently from your system.

Just imagine what this would mean for your life, in your hands you would literally have technology, processes, and protocols to be able to master your self-inquiry, get the root of the issue and clear it from your system.

What this would mean for your life is that the patterns playing out and keeping you stuck in recurring patterns of conflict and drama in your relationship would ease and dissolve. This alone is massive considering most of the happiness in life comes from harmony in your key relationships.

Just imagine what this would mean for you if you no longer get triggered by your partner on a certain issue. Your whole typical response just drops away. This happened recently for me and Alaya where I used this technique to a very deeply held imprinted program I inherited from my father.

The space I feel now is amazing and liberating, now without being egotistical I’m fairly down the path in personal development, but I still find issues and clear them using this system we are going to share with you.

It flat out works.

In this training, you will receive the IMPRINTED PROGRAM code, (plus two others you will need) a process map that will help you to identify the root cause of behavior we explored this week. A manual that takes you through the steps, sequences, and commands you need to drive the process.

We will do two webinars and train you on how to use this process and upload you with a frequency so you can drive the commands through your own system as well as friends and family.

Then you will be set up for life.

If this resonates with you click here to invest in this program.

I hope to see you in this training which will bring the power into your own hands for your continued evolution for the rest of your life.


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