Ibiza Elixir Retreat Review

We are just integrating the other side of the Elixir retreat we held this year in Ibiza. As you re probably aware The Elixirs of Life are profound alchemical formulas revived from ancient times to brig initiates into profound states of expanded consciousness and inner realizations of directly experiencing oneself as Divine.

If you are interested in reading about our experiences take a few minutes aside and have a read when you have some space.

The Beloveds of the Elixir Retreat gathered from all around the world to do a deep dive into their personal transformation. It was an incredible experience all around and we emerged very close as a group, like a family who has just been through something remarkable together and now has a very close unbreakable bond.

With the precise, detailed interviews and pre-event preparation, everyone was very well navigated into their shadow states and awareness of their shadows, to be ready for processing for Ceremony 1.


The first ceremony we call “The Awakening” and is essentially designed to get people used to taking the Elixirs and waking them up to the higher frequencies that these incredible Elixirs can provide. However, this year, due to the incredibly detailed preparation, everyone’s shadow states were very ready to come up to the surface in the first session. However, Akasha Elixir is not really designed to do shadow work. So, what we found was an incredibly high-frequency container trying to pull out deep from peoples’ cellular core. This created instability in the field.

However, that being said, enormous amounts of things were cleared through this process. I handover to Alaya now, who will share a little bit about what she saw in the field and how we dealt with that.

Alaya: Yes. So, while we were tuning into the field, I work in a way that I receive the visions and I can feel sensations in my body. And I felt the need to purge on the first awakening night, and I received many disturbing visions which I realized during the ceremony that they were snippets of the journeys that our Beloveds on the floor were receiving.

But somehow, there felt there was a blockage or a veil in our field. So, I was tuning into that. And, all of a sudden, I see the Prophet Muhammad appearing in front of me, who was overshadowing the ceremony.

Now, I have no idea about the Prophet Muhammad. I wasn’t even thinking about these things, so then I know it’s not something that I make up. It’s really something that I’m reading into the field. And what I clearly saw, it was coming through ancestral lineages, and that the Prophet Muhammad was capping the ceremony from going beyond into a higher vibration and connection to Source. It was preventing the awakening ceremony from accessing its fullest potential and, locking down our ceremonial field.

Christof: To give some context on this, the three core faiths on the planet – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – come from the lineage of the Abrahamic faiths. And this is all part of a false Father God program that essentially has created a separation from the Goddess or from the Divine Feminine energy, creating a capping of frequency in consciousness – meaning that many Beloveds who are heavily invested/involved in the rituals with these faiths send thought-directed prayer to a false God entity who harnesses all of this energy to sustain its life.

And this is what presented itself in the ceremony. While there was no one in the ceremony actively participating in this lineage we do all store frequencies and energies from in our DNA through our ancestral lineages, and this is where was coming from. This overlay held in the ancestral templates was creating a false ceiling and preventing a connection to True Source.

Once removed and unscrambled from the DNA there was immediate higher downloads and energy available to only for the ceremony as a whole but also for those that held these lineages in their ancestral templates. The False Father God program has been installed in so many of us who have grown up in religious households, Christianity, Judaism, Islam are all part of that same False Father God archetype and took our the Divine feminine principle in their teachings. While many of us rejected this ideology we still are affected through the lineage in our DNA.

Alaya: Yes. And also, when I even tuned in to the Prophet Muhammad, and I took my consciousness towards this point in time where the split happened. Where the demiurge separated from Source. And I could feel how this instant loss and this instant feeling of, “Oh no. I don’t feel the feminine anymore.” But then, needing to survive in a different way, and wanting to – or wishing to – experience something else, than unity and a full merging of the masculine and the feminine energies.

So, that was very interesting to feel it and to realize there is no dark or light, or right or wrong. It’s all part of the experiences that are here for us to experience.

Christof: The other piece for the first Ceremony for me, three weeks previous I received a dream from the Order of Melchizedek, my spiritual lineage, who showed me a book in a library that was available for me now – due to the some of the aspects of my consciousness that had been still unfolding.

So, on the Akasha in the first Ceremony, I went up to the Grand Library of the Order of Melchizedek and found the book, and downloaded it into my system by bringing it into my Third Eye. And immediately upon touching my Third Eye, my whole body began convulsing for about five minutes, as my system experienced an incredible download of the Book of Records and Book of Knowledge of the Order of Melchizedek – which contained the holographic records of the Logos.

As a consequence of doing this, in the integration, I noticed that the clarity and depth of my words really came to a whole new level of expression. So, I’m looking forward to seeing how all this unfolds in the future, as this knowledge and frequency keeps integrating into my field.

Speaking with Sananda last night in the hot tub under the stars he shared that there are 12 volumes in the book linked to each constellation that will take me four years to integrate this wisdom into my system. So that by the time I reach 50 I will be ready for the next phase of my ministry. This is why they gave the book to me now as I enter into an elder frequency.


Ceremony 2 – Death. The second Ceremony is usually designed to deeply work on the shadow states. And we work with an Elixir known as the Maji, which comes from a Mimosa Hostilis tree which is essentially amazing for detoxing. It pulls out things from the bones; it pulls out things from the muscle tissues, and deep, deep from the system. So, it’s a wonderful thing for clearing and detoxing.

And ideally, in retrospect, we would use this Elixir in the first Ceremony, because everyone is so well-prepared now for these Elixir retreats. Alaya will share a little bit about her experience in the way that they entered the Ceremony slightly differently this time.

Alaya: Since both Dipika and myself are reading the field with multiple sensors, we see a lot of – we receive a lot of visions, but we also receive feelings and sometimes even if the Beloveds themselves are not wanting to go into certain woundings and not wanting to clear them, then they project them out into the field. And because we are the facilitators, we can receive those projections.

This time, we were guided to start outside of the field so we could step into it. So, we were not in the field as the heaviness began coming up. So, when the lights went out and the candles went out, and all the Beloveds laid down and settled in, we stepped outside under the beautiful starry night and we started a journey of our own which was beautiful; which cleared up some things that were also ripe for clearing. And both Dipika and myself, we have many memories of being together in a timeline with Isis and the Magdalenes.

But as in every story, there have been some interferences and this time, because it was just the two of us, we could really detect them very clearly and release them in a very beautiful and gentle way – which was so amazing to do that, and to remember all these timelines that we were together. We did some amazing clearing work together which brought us to new levels of clarity and calmness and then stepped into the ceremony field.

So, it was very quiet and everybody’s in their own process. And at one moment, both Christof and Louis were getting up – they were working already, of course, around. But they were really getting up, putting on a specific song. And they both had their shakers out on each side of the altar, and in the centre of our circle. And they started using the skakers.

And that’s when, all of a sudden, I see this massive dragon that was linked to the previous ceremony and the Prophet Muhammad. And the dragon came through that lineage, and it was so interesting. And while we were sitting outside beforehand, I could see already sometimes a dragon eye, looking – looking at me; it was really — and I said it to Dipika; like, “Wow, there’s a big dragon somewhere around.” And all of a sudden, it was in our temple space. And it was hypnotized and called in by the men working their shakers.

So, it came; it appeared; it showed itself, completely. And it was so enthralled and enticed – “Wow, what’s here?”

So, this dragon was not of the highest light, some Dragons are our friends and have our best interests in their hearts; and some of them, do not. This dragon did not.

So, we all – it was a beautiful, powerful field working together. And at one moment, I was dancing with the dragon to keep it hypnotized. And while I was dancing with the dragon, Christof and Louis were working the field. And Christof was pulling and programming the field as well.

And the most beautiful thing happened. The angry dragon turned slowly to a less angry dragon; and then, into a very sad dragon — all the way, until I had this little baby dragon in my hand; in my arms. And I was wondering, “What should I do with the baby dragon? I can’t take it home; I can’t just release it back into the air.”

And that’s when the Dragon Luminaries stepped in, and took the baby dragon to mentor it.

Christof: The Dragon Luminaries are the seeders of this entire time/space matrix, and absolutely dragons of love, light, and compassion.

Alaya: So, when this all happened, and that whole field that was anchoring down this energy was released, that’s when Christof could give one of these Beloveds a beautiful piece because the opening was there. There was no overlooming shadow of the Prophet Muhammad anymore. It was all released.

Christof: With the dragon gone and the Prophet Muhammad gone, it gave me full access to the DNA morphogenic field of the families of lineage to bring out them – out from the DNA – the entire overlay of the false Father God matrix; uploaded this into the morphogenetic field of the ancestral templates, the children; and, created the codex to be able to then move this through the species and the lands of origin. And after this work was complete, there was the ability was able to experience a whole new level of downloads and breakthroughs and insights.

This was an extraordinary experience for me, personally, as I could then have a direct experience of just what is happening now to our planet and species, as the false overlays through Christianity, Islam and Judaism are starting to collapse and dissolve. And as more people start breaking through to a direct connection with Source, how this is having such a profound effect on a direct connection and cognition with Mother/Father God.

And as more and more Beloveds come into this alignment, I’ve got absolutely direct knowing and certainty in my system that we will see a mass evolution in consciousness in our species. And this process is starting now.


This Ceremony we work with the Grand Elixir which Dipika herself personally revived from the Egyptian timelines. We are so blessed that Beloved Dipika, the Master Alchemist, has been able to revive this extraordinary Elixir – which is all around rebirthing and the rebirthing chambers in that timeline.

There was a little expectation in our collective facilitator field about the beauty of this session. However, it wasn’t the session we were expecting. In fact, it was a session that the frequency was a lot lower than what we normally are used to for this one, and mainly this was due to a witch/demonic energy which presented itself in the field that we had to contend with, making the field quite dead for periods of time. And as a facilitation team, we had to work very, very hard raising the frequency of this session to bring it up to a higher state.

Thankfully, people were still having extraordinary experiences all through the rebirthing process. And Alaya, fresh off her experience in Norway, is beginning to go through a very powerful rebirthing process for people – moving through the placenta, a lotus birth template, and a whole rebirthing through the gestation period in the womb, the actual birthing process and actually into the physical world to totally re-imprint that entire process.

So, that was the theme, basically, of Ceremony 3 – a beautiful rebirthing and dealing with the heaviness in the field, and to work with releasing the lower frequency beings that presented themselves in the field.


This was, by far, my favourite Ceremony. This is the original intention of the Akasha medicine. As a collective group, as facilitators, we learned that to really honour the Akasha and what she’s here to do, she’s not really designed to do the shadow work and shadow states. And all that internal work has needed to have been completed beforehand to get to the point to allow this Elixir to do what it came here to do.

This allowed us to have an incredibly still, beautifully sacred Ceremony. And it was one of my most beautiful experiences on the Elixirs. I was able to move through and perform a number of Galactic journeys for people, reconnecting people to their star systems of origin; reconnecting people back to various aspects of their consciousness, where they’ve had their consciousness involved in the higher dimensional activity.

There were reconnections with Starfleet commanders of ships sitting people back into they were commanding. Connecting people into the Portal of Lyra, where their consciousness was first established. Connections into the felines. Connecting into Temple of Isis and opening and connecting in those codes. And activating a various number of the Galactic heritages of Beloveds, who would then start having extraordinary experiences due to their consciousness and coding being able to bring through that frequency.

This is the power and precision of the Elixirs and ultimately what they are designed for, to be able to expand and retrieve lost aspects of consciousness that are still held in the higher realms and bring these down into the physical vessel for integration into greater wholeness.


Overall it was another extraordinary experience for everyone including us as facilitators. Dipika, Louise and Alaya and myself absolutely love spending this time together and I think it shows for the initiates who are enveloped in our loving presence.

The deep preparation work, deep dive interviews before the first ceremony and deep sharing containers after ceremonies with specific feedback and guidance for each beloved really make this a very precise process for beloveds to be guided into the very place they need to focus upon to maximise their opportunity on the Elixirs.

The integrative practices, healings, and transformation tools leave everyone well prepared to go on and integrate everything very deeply into their physical life.

The Elixirs of Life are truly a profound gift to humanity, I feel so honour and blessed that Dipika, Louie, Sananda, Shekinah, Alaya and myself are able to be the frequency keepers and guardians of the profound substances and facilitate accelerated expansions for beloveds o their great universal journey home.


“One word that comes to mind is – belief. And I feel that I’ve – I finally believe in the beauty that I always knew existed, but I couldn’t sort of find it, you know? And now, I’ve actually experienced it; I’ve seen it; I’ve touched it; I’ve felt it. I know what’s possible. And it’s like I’ve been searching for this path, but I’ve sort of been off to the side or off to this site, and now I’ve been put right at the beginning of this new path. And I’ve got the opportunity to walk straight down it and get to exactly where I want to be.

I’ve been shown my true self, and I’m going to do my best and try my hardest to stay on this path, and follow this life and this path towards more beauty and a wonderful existence. Thank you.”

“So, I feel this straight connection with Source. And how I can – how I actually transformed myself into more trust, love, and ease.”

“This has been one of the most profound experiences that I’ve had in my lifetime, for personal growth and spiritual expansion. I come away completely humbled by what it is you guys do.”

“Thank you for creating a container of love and safety. It’s been an incredible week; challenging in many ways. But we’re here to do the work and thank you for the guidance and support that you’ve given me. Thank you.”

“It just has been a very, very, very – very profound experience. Very powerful Elixirs. The Elixirs are just so incredible, beautiful and I feel completely changed in my inside world.

And I know that, from there, the work is to bring in my personal life, in my daily life, and to become that observer of what is happening in my inner world. And that’s what I’m set up for now; to do that in a much better way than I could before. I feel so much more clear and connected with my Higher Self; with my inner guidance. And I’m so very, very grateful that I could manage to come this time, this year. And I felt I needed to be here and that is absolutely the truth and the case.”

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