Happy 5th Birthday Noa

Yesterday was Noa’s 5th birthday. What a beautiful day of celebration of both his magical life and also honoring Alaya five years as a mother, and I guess also myself five years as a father. Becoming a parent has been one of the most wondrous, beautiful, expensive, joyful journeys of my life. 

The highs and lows of parenting are like waves in the ocean. Such wondrous, exciting, joyful moments and also periods where it can be challenging tiring. Often we are called to draw upon the reserves of our strength, to move through periods of time, most certainly, any new parent understands the first 12 to 18 months of a new child’s life is an initiation. 

It was no different for Alaya and I, who only just met when we became pregnant with Noa four months later, and then, of course, nine months later, we are parents for the first time.

Our 5 years together with Noa and our life has taught us so much, how to be patient, how to love unconditionally, how to be selfless and to really understand and comprehend what the term of ‘family’ really means. The sacrifice, the love, the connection, all the things I’ve ever dreamed of, and here right now for us. All thanks to our little man Noa. 

I feel of all the things I have accomplished creating the harmony and love in my family is my greatest love and achievement.  It is the centre point of my world and every day with it is such a blessing after many years of evolving myself to the person that can hold it.

Back to Noa.

He is a total rock-star.

I’m always beautifully surprised and impressed with his charm and confidence as he sparkles up anyone’s day, so full of joy. He can strike a conversation with anyone, adults included. 

I never had this degree of self-confidence when I was young and certainly, as I became a young adult, filled with anxiety and worry about what people thought about me, trying to manage people’s perceptions, so wondrous to see my son, not having any of those issues. 

All of our experiences and becoming a family and certainly it felt that way when Aurora arrived moving from parent of one to a parent of two was really so beautiful. 

Noa has been on some pretty epic adventures for one so young.

It is all normal for him to be around groups in epic places arpoiuad the world where he seems to be the centre of attention.

As he turns 5 years old he is moving from his wonderful pre-school that has helped evolve him.  Into the Green School New Zealand.

The Green School is the reason we came to New Zealand in the first place.  So we are all very excited for him to go to the future of schooling around the world.   We know he is going to thrive there and have wonderful connections, creativity, love, and play.

Right now we are, as a family taking a well deserved holiday for two weeks snowboarding and skiing in Queenstown, New Zealand, where we introduce our children to the wonders of snow for the first time. 

For now, I really want to take this moment to honour Noa for lighting up our lives and Alaya for the incredible mother that she is to our children.

I should be back again in touch with you for a couple of weeks when we returned from our Queenstown adventures. 

Fort now……

All our love and Happy Birthday Noa

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