Glastonbury and Stonehenge Review

It’s with great joy that we emerge after an intensive transformational portal, from August 7th, through to August 11th, in Glastonbury.

A beautiful gathering of Beloveds came together for the purpose of personal transformation and planetary service mission. Plus those of you who remotely connected in for the Stonehenge transmission.

Our transformational retreat began on August 7th, with our Opening Circle and Ceremony, where all the Beloveds had the opportunity to connect in, open up their field for sharing and process, as Alaya and I held a beautiful, loving container to support and facilitate alchemical transformation.


We had an important directive from the Guardian Councils to work through the Lion’s Gate Portal, focusing and targeting Stonehenge as our major directive for a planetary grid upgrade.

A big focal point for many Beloveds on the planet and, indeed, us was on 8th of August, the Lion’s Gate Portal, where we were guided to perform a planetary upgrade for the Stonehenge area.

Stonehenge is a major harvesting site and portal for discordant energies that come through the reversal grids from all around the planet. They collect and are harvested off-planet at the Stonehenge site. These are known as NRG grids or Nephilim Reversal Grids.

These have been placed through our planet as reversal currents that can send energies along ley lines and various arcing currents as energetic currents of energy to sustain the Imposter Spirit or Demiurge to sustain its life force since it is no longer tethered and connected to the eternal light force of Prime Creator.

This particular grid network has been anchored down by the sexual misery program and been the major harvesting portal for a lot of the Black Magic rituals around child abuse and child trafficking. As some of you may be aware, the noose is tightening and the net is tightening around this entire global network that has been sustaining elite groups through Black Magic and the power associated with such rituals over the years.


We were guided, on a particular ritual on the 8th of August, and our grouping came together with support from many of you on this list, who sent in your meditative stream of supporting energy consciousness.

We are so grateful and thankful for those of you who were sending energy towards us at this time. The Guardian Councils streamed through our collective grouping, as we configured in a 12-facing clock fashion, with a pair or one person holding and anchoring down one position within the clock face in a circle around Stonehenge.

We performed a particular ritual which involved, in the morning, sungazing through the Lion’s Gate Portal of the Golden Aeon transmission on top of the Tor for sunrise.

Enjoy it below.


Collecting those abundance codes, filling up our system with unconditional love frequency and abundance to the highest energy holding potential, and bringing a tri-wave through into our pineal gland, down in our vertical power column, anchored into the Earth grids.


We asked the Guardian Councils to stream their codex energies through us, and anchored into the tri-wave, which we then send down the various ley lines through the 12-facing clock positions, and the 12 sub-harmonics within it, creating 144 vector sphere that anchored into the gridline of Stonehenge.

We then anchored this in with the sound codex of Excalibur – SCAR LAA BAR. And for 12 minutes, we streamed this frequency into the Earth grids.


Afterward, we walked around a little. And about 10 or 15 minutes after the transmission, I looked around and there was an enormous flock of crows that began flying past and circling Stonehenge. And, indeed, nestling and sitting on top of the stones themselves.


Crow Medicine is extremely significant in Shamanism. It is the Keeper of Sacred Law. And the Crow Medicine signifies first-hand knowledge of a higher order of right and wrong, indicated by Divine Law and also laws within human culture. So, for the crows to come after we did our clearing signified to me a higher alignment of clearing of the distortions of these frequencies.

They’re often all also totems of working in the Shadow Self which, of course, was what we were doing on the Stonehenge Portal. They hold the colors of the rainbow, so are wonderful for transformation. And I saw this as a wonderful omen of the work being completed.


Also, a couple of hours after the clearing, the South of England was rocked by a small earthquake in Cornwall, on the very ley line that we were working on – the ley line of Mary. So, between the crows and the earthquake, which was reported to have a sonic boom and explosion being heard nearby, near the town of Helston, was incredible confirmation of the work is complete.


And those of you following some of the sealed indictment cases might have also been aware, one day later, Jeffrey Epstein – often considered the lynchpin and keyholder to the child trafficking network – committed suicide in his cell in prison. It seems that the frequency is no longer supporting this network, and many of the threads are now being pulled for it to collapse.


From the density of Stonehenge (although it is no doubt shifting now, many beings saw a golden sphere pulsing outwards, we moved onto the lightness of Avebury. I love Avebury it has wonderful memories for me after having been there several years previous and connecting with the Druids and the elementals there. So I was excited to take the group.

Avebury is all about connecting in with the stones and making contact and feeling some of the special portals that are available there.

We performed a series of rituals both at the Adam and Eve stone where we merged our feminine and masculine essence, and then onwards to the Beech Trees which hold the Druid Consciousness and as we did a ribbon ceremony to anchor in our desired manifestations.


The next morning we did an enormous integration and processing circle, this is often a missing piece in land activation work, so combining deep process circle with land service and sacred site-visitation was really an amazing and powerful confirmation.

There were incredible breakthroughs, transformations; a lot of high-dimensional clearings going on, that created enormous shifts into high alignments and timelines for people.

There was also an incredible opportunity, while we were in the Glastonbury Abby, to move someone across from a Type-3 Indigo contract into a Type-2 Indigo contract.
There were a series of significant synchronicities over a 15-minute period, just before the frequency started to rise up in this Beloved’s system.

Everything that happens in the Circles and Ceremonies format is all through synchronicity and the energetic container which pulls things up to the surface. And these synchronicities led us to a particular site within the Abby, that was previously used in the Pagan period for menstruating women and birthing women, to be able to release and birth frequencies and energies.

Someone mentioned that previously when they came, they had a lot of womb pain because of some of the young children sacrificed that took place in the Abby. And this was the very frequency and energy that we were dealing with in Stonehenge. And this, indeed, came up in someone and we were able to not only clear it, but also go up into the higher realms and upgrade her Indigo contract from Type-3 to Type-2.


For those that don’t know about Indigo contracts, they are Starseed contracts that are holding a particular DNA configuration. Type-3 Indigos have a difficult assignment, as they are polarity integrators and have two souls overlighting one body.

They have a Soul of Light, which is the Oraphim Soul of the Christos lineages, and they have the Nephilim, which is a Darker Soul. So, in many ways, these beings often experience split personalities and split states of being, since they have two souls wrestling for control of one vessel. Hence, they are known as ‘polarity integrators,’ to rehabilitate a race genetic that has a 10-strand DNA template up to 12.

Type-2 Indigo are beings that are here supporting the healing of individuals on the planet and have a 24-strand upward potential. I’ve only ever personally seen two other contracts being migrated from Type-3 to Type-2. One time, in Canada; and, one time in Egypt, I’ve personally performed one of these. So, it was a completely rare and significant event. And one that the entire group held space for, in a very powerful important ceremony, right on the Glastonbury Abby.

We then moved inside the Abby, in stealth, to the intersection point of the Michael and Mary ley lines and performed the higher-dimensional merge of our own internal female and male aspects of consciousness to merge in a Hieros Gamos-type union, and attempt to stream through a more unified consciousness into our system, which everyone powerfully felt.

Alaya and I had the opportunity to merge our consciousnesses together and start to stream that down through ourselves, which we often feel in ceremony and are attempting to build up more and more in everyday life – as so beautifully and elegantly held by Sananda and Shekinah, who hold this frequency for our planet.

The picture below is right on the Michael and Mary line.


Our final day saw a beautiful opportunity for a conscious uncoupling ceremony, held in the sacred womb of Chalice Well. A Beloved couple was going through a conscious divorce and completely redefining how divorce looks in the modern world, and to release old contracts of marriage and to create new ones of co-parenting.

It was a beautiful experience, to be able to see such a conscious way of forming new relationships without the usual projections, blame, and drama that can often be associated with divorce.


And we finished off with some baptisms in the Chalice White Well, with the White Spring Holy Water, with the John the Baptist consciousness that often streams through me. I performed a series of ceremonial baptisms in the icy-chilled water, for rebirthing those Beloveds that felt the timing for a rebirth of their consciousness in life.


All in all, this was an incredible experience – from the Tor sunrise on the 8th of August, visiting and arcing through to Stonehenge and onwards to Avebury Stone Circle, where we enjoyed connecting our consciousness to the Stones of Avebury. And the magical Beach Trees, where we felt the connection, connecting to the Druid energy; the faeries. There was a distinctive, palatable breeze of Spirit that washed through us, as we performed a series of rituals in Avebury. And particularly in the trees, we felt the Spirit Wind as the Druid’s started communicating to us.

So, with the combination of sacred site visitation, planetary service work and the deep process work of the ceremonial container that Alaya and I held for the personal process, it’s been an excellent format of both land work, sacred site visitation and personal process work. And it’s been an amazing start to our European Tour.

Alaya and I are taking some welling space, and are about to meet up with Dipika and Louis in Norway, to begin our ceremonial ritual for the Crystal Cathedral complex in Norway. We look forward to sharing with you further reports on one of the major energetic portals of plasma on the planet, after our ceremonial ritual together in a few days.


I want to thank and honor all Beloveds supporting this energy transmission, and important work, completed and anchored into the Earth grids over Stonehenge, and now being felt rippling out through the energetic ley lines of our planet.

The Circle and Ceremonies format is so magical, and I was so blessed and honored to have my Beloved Alaya stepping up and shining right beside me all the way. Amplifying our beautiful love container, we came together in such beautiful coherence, flow, harmony, and grace. And it’s such a privilege working together, side-by-side, as Beloveds in this supporting healing container.

All participants commented how much supportive love energy they felt through the five-day transformational experience. We are at the starting point of our European travels, and I’m very excited about the continued work that is to come for us.


I was recently given a dream by the Guardians – Clearing the Vatican.

This will be a big one…

Might catch some of you there next year for this, feels like we will need a powerful group container.

Namaste. and all our love from Avalon


Will send you an update after the Norwegian Crystal Cathedral Activation and report in what is going on there.


Places are extremely limited to so we can give enough care and attention to each person. We do this
due to the very personal and profound nature we work with each of you. The smaller numbers contain
an intimate magick that allows the more in-depth more refined work takes place, as the circle of trust
can be more readily established. It is a unique opportunity to work at the deepest levels with us personally.

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25th August 2019

August   25, 2019

Glastonbury United Kingdom

August   7 – 11

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