Decade of Destiny 2

As you continue your footsteps into 2020, I would love to support you in these early days architect your decade of Destiny.

Remember from my last email that the early days of 2020 are all about letting go…

First up, we have a Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10, and two days later, we have Saturn Conjunct Pluto on January 12.

Both of these will serve the purpose of wringing out the dirty sponge. It is an excellent opportunity to clear and purge non-serving patterns and programs that will not carry you towards your higher vision for your Life Path in 2020.

Both of these planetary alignments serve to bring out the deepest darkest hidden aspects of our individual and collective consciousness. They are known to bring change, transformation, collapse, and endings, which, of course, all lead to new beginnings.


I would love the opportunity to help you step more fully into your Life Path. Your Life Path is your highest potential in this lifetime, and it requires clarity and refinement of your choice points to ensure you are navigating into your clearest waters for your evolutionary path.

The only way to Self Actualise is to get:

  1. Crystal Clear on Direction
  2. Soul and Value Aligned
  3. Strategically Mapped
  4. Vibrationally Attuned
  5. Divinely Guided in Action

These five things are essential to ensure you will create massive traction this year and this decade. I’ll share more on this at the right time. However, right now is not necessarily the best timing to start this process. I’ll come back to this when I feel it is the best time to focus on it.

Right now, the energies serve us all better to go inside and start identifying and bringing up to the surface deeper-lying patterns and programs that no longer serve you.


Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to start remotely coaching you with critical questions. These questions are designed to prime your consciousness, ready to make a monumental leap through 2020 and beyond.

So if you are ready to activate LIFE PATH 2020 let’s get started:

Coming into Jan 10 and 12, we need to bring the shadow to the light. We need to bring up to your consciousness the awareness of the non-serving patterns and programs so you can use the following macro lunar and energetic planetary alignments to purge out these energies that are holding you back from your highest potential.

Let’s get started by being brutally honest with yourself, get your journal, and answer these questions, which serve to identify some of these unseen shadow forces keeping you capped.

It’s time to remove the mask and look at yourself with the eyes of Divine Truth.



1. Right now I do not have enough ____________ in my life

2. Right now I am missing ___________________ in my life

3. What must my deeper beliefs be If I do not have 1 and 2 right now _________________

4. My biggest and most recurring trigger in my life is _____________

5. What is underneath that, what is the belief that gives rise to this thought? What was the unmet need I experienced that keeps this trigger coming back, what chakra was affected by this unmet need, what fear and insecurity lies around this constellation

6. My most powerful shadow self behavior I use in life to avoid the above pain is___________

Choose from any number including:

  • Victimization
  • Impatience
  • Self Destruction
  • Arrogance
  • Self Depreciation
  • Co-Dependance
  • Superiority
  • Worthlessness
  • Passive – Aggressive
  • Power and Control
  • Control
  • Poverty
  • Greed
  • Stubbornness

7. My most common archetype / personas I use that covers up my deficiencies is _______________

8. What my next addiction I have not transcended and am not yet ready to acknowledge or let go of. An addiction is anything you could not do without. (Start with coffee, chocolate, sex)

9. What have I inherited from my parents that I don’t like? In what way is, are the patterns in my life similar to that of my parents?

10. What is the one thing I absolutely MUST change this year, no exceptions, no BS no excuses, that is holding me back the most?


Enjoy contemplating these over the next few days; these will serve to prime you for the portal opening on 10-12th.

I will be back with some more stirring of the pot to support you in clearing these aspects so you can best utilize the upcoming energy window and use it to catapult you into 2020 and beyond.

Then I will release an audio transmission for you to use to shed these layers from your bio-energy, consciousness, and DNA template.

Let’s do this, and make 2020 the year that sets in motion your highest potential LIFE PATH.


I have to give final numbers to the hotels in the coming days for the NZ tour. If you feel a resonance to New Zealand and or Lemuria, then consider this upcoming tour, which aims to restore the Divine Feminine to these pristine lands.


I love you.

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