Decade of Destiny 1

This coming decade is our date with destiny.

What will we as a species collectively decide with our choices?

These next ten years will primarily set the foundations for the next several hundred as the technology gets laid that will drive and shape all our organizational systems.

From the macro to the micro, the grand game of chess is in motion, with the end game being sovereignty versus control.

This polarity is both an internal state and an external reality. Of course, if you are a part of this community, you will be fully on board with the notion that our inner world creates our external reality.

Hence our Consciousness, mind-heart-soul sets are all paramount to whether we truly feel free.

I believe the only ‘True North’ path to total freedom is to live in full alignment with your Soul Purpose, activating your creativity and divine gifts. Then live by creating real value in the world and exchanging this for something else of value you can put to use in society.

This creative energy is going to be crucial for you to harness and activate in this coming decade, as we enter the technology inflection point.

We will come to this later in Jan when it is time to unleash your creativity. For now, it is more about going inside, and letting goes, shedding layers.

Let’s explore:


They say millionaires don’t use astrology, but billionaires swear by it.

Why is this?

Because astrology dictates the frequency and frequency creates matter.

I am only going to share the big picture for the next few years, this is not an exploration of micro monthly influences, but rather a big picture of the influences we will be living in.

Astrology is about archetypes and themes, you can’t drill into micro or specific details, it is a big-picture reading. But with the big picture, you can position accordingly, and certainly have a better perspective than if you’re looking at life through a straw.


Some Astrology Terms 101:

First up we have a Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10, here the Universe opens a portal of energy that allows it to come in and release anything that we weren’t quite ready to let go of. This is so you can keep moving forward and evolving higher.

So on Jan 10th perhaps you might want to contemplate things you need to let go of. Emotions that are hanging around you still are a good first start. Ask them to leave.

Anything not serving your highest alignment consciously let go of, this will just be baggage keeping you down, the first part of the year is all about letting go so you can take off later.

Then just a couple of days later we have Saturn Conjunct Pluto on January 12.

This is interesting as these planets represent the deepest darkest most intense in our solar system. They are known to bring change, transformation, collapse and endings which of course all lead to new beginnings.

Saturn and Pluto align every 34-38 years, but it has been several hundred years last time they aligned in Capricorn.

The big picture of this energy represents large organizations, big global governance, and countries vying for power. Big systems, banking, political, education all being influenced by this energy.

The micro view is a great wringing out of anything that you need to let go of, a shedding of skin if you like. So consider what is in the shadow to release, or what is in the physical to let go of.

While this energy has many layers to it, it can be summarized simply as an alignment that brings destruction and a need to rebuild in order to create a new world.

Saturn and Pluto definitely serve a higher purpose, they are like the forest fires that burn off so new growth can begin once again, stronger than before.

Saturn, in particular, is like a tough mentor or teacher, here to show some tough love by pointing out all that is not in the divine right order.

The first days of Jan is an excellent time to shed some more energetic, mental, physical layers that will make you lighter to help your journey through this decade.
Think of it like packing for a trip, and beginning to get ruthless and taking only what you know you will really need for where you are going.

KEY FOR EARLY JAN: Stay Detached, Let go don’t start anything new until you reach the other side.

Following this, we have the New Moon in Aquarius on Jan 24-25.

This is the time to start creating and planning your new decade of transformation. New moon carries the energy of change, so this would be a good time to start your big-picture planning and master hearting for this big decade of change.
It is like shedding some baggage early Jan and then with a lighter height and load plan your Life Path for the decade ahead.


Then later in the year, the influence of Jupiter enters the equation, so we have a Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto Conjunction in mid-July. This is happening in Capricorn which is all about Laws, Governance, Institutions, Authority, Structures, Powers, and the Ruling Paradigm.

Jupiter in astrology is the expansive planet of wisdom and knowledge, big-picture thinking and the broadening of horizons. Abundance, expansion. higher learning are all aspects for us to explore our ideology and relationship with life.

While Pluto is a planet of extremes, however, it is not to be feared but embraced because of it all about transformation, awakening, healing our shadow side, and death and rebirth.

All growth comes with the letting go of that which no longer serves. So take a moment to contemplate what do you need to let go of?

Better to do it consciously than to have Pluto come and slap you.

The triple conjunction of Jupiter- Saturn – Pluto signals the ending and starting of three cycles simultaneously:

  1. The 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle
  2. The 12.5 year Jupiter – Pluto cycle
  3. The 37 year Saturn – Pluto cycle

All and all 2020 signals the starting point of a new evolutionary trajectory as these three cycles simultaneously engage. This will create the energy of a major societal reset, that will steadily begin this year and flow into the coming decade.


Jupiter and Saturn will form their next conjunction on December 21 of 2020 in the first degree of Aquarius, it will establish an astrological era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in air signs that will continue until 2159.

Jupiter conducting with Saturn is known as the Great Conjunction. This will simultaneously bring both the energy of the old dying and the new being birthed. The Saturn energy will trim any of Jupiter’s expansion to keep us in check and bring balance to ensure we only use or consume what we need.

We will see this balancing the growth of Jupiter and the reordering of Saturn. Let’s see how this plays out.


The twenties is the decade of great Transformation. We will see major changes to the socio-political-economic paradigm. Major disruption technologies are finally unveiled

On a global level, Pluto in Capricorn will put pressure on the systems that are currently broken, banking, in particular, will continue to be stretched while Pluto is in Capricorn (up to 2024). Its job is to rework the system and bring it into greater alignment and integrity.

Pretty sure it will have done its job by the time 2024 rolls around. By then we will have a new financial system in place that will be in far greater integrity than the one we have now.

It will also exert its influence on big corporations, and the government. Part of its job while in Capricorn is to rework things and to transform things that are not aligned with authenticity.

All and all this is the decade where we are all being called to step up to our higher potentials and bring through the changes we are coded to bring forth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, this is the decade to make it happen.

Start this year gently, create space for letting go, then move into your visioning and planning in the new moon in Jan.

I trust this serves you well.



I have to give final numbers to the hotels in the coming days for the NZ tour. If you feel a resonance to New Zealand and or Lemuria, then consider this upcoming tour, which aims to restore the Divine Feminine to these pristine lands.

 I Love you.

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