{DoD5} Creative Consciousness vs AI

I hope you are enjoying the flow of 2020 thus far, and you have had a chance to contemplate some of the more Master Building Questions I sent you last email about creating your visions for 2020.

Be sure to work through those you can get them from the last email.

It’s all about building your bigger picture vision for life.

I plan on supporting you with that as we build this energy and help release it together on the New Moon.

If you have not done so already you can register for the Wisdom Class on the new Moon:


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Please note the Friday start for Europe and the USA, last email I had Saturday)

Here I will go into Creational Physics and provide some first up energetic support for your visions, as well as some functional mapping to help bring your vision down into the physical plane.


Right now, you can probably feel that the old hierarchical and outdated system that runs our world is starting to wobble. We are coming to the end of an age.

All the systems and infrastructure we are using today to run our world have been created from the old, outdated energy, frequency, and geometry. You can feel all of the Political, Financial, Educational, Medical, Technological systems all bursting at the seams.

You can feel that we are coming to the end of the line for the old, outdated hierarchical systems that are holding together society at the moment.

We are moving through an Aeon of time where the new energy, frequency, and consciousness is birthing new ideas, paradigms, ways of organizing ourselves, systems of governance, opportunities, and whole new industries.

The energy and frequency is a broadcast held in the higher wavelengths of light, which you can begin attuning yourself into by adjusting your vibrational frequency into the corresponding wavelength to receive your creative download.

This process is how the creative Gestalt leap of your imagination and divine inspiration co-create the new realities that are destined to be built. It happens where flashes of new ideas and brilliance come at you when you are in the flow state, and it is because of the frequency, energy, vibration, and consciousness that is streaming forth to the planet is ready to burst forth a new creation.

These new creations will happen through you, through me, through anybody who is vibrationally attuned to receive them.

In my experience, three things need to be in place for everything to be opened and allowed to manifest in the physical realm for you.

  • Consciousness (to be able to hold the vision and build it in the physical)
  • Coding (the vibrational attunement to make it happen)
  • Contract (The Soul Contract or your pre-incarnational agreement that this is what you were destined for and all the spiritual resources would be provided for this to be so.)

You need to have all three of these spiritually and vibrationally aligned for the gates to open and the spiritual dimensions to birth through you, the highest visions you have for your service to your family, community, and the world.

When you get this sweet spot right, that is when self-actualize. You turn up, switch on to your most vibrationally attuned flow state, and magic happens.

People are in awe of you.

It is because you are doing what you are supposed to be doing on all levels. It’s simple and easy for you, you see the links and relationship between all things, and you do it easily and gracefully.

All of this does not come automatically; you have to work on yourself to get to this point. You have to work through all the human conditioning you received in your childhood.

Clear the layers, raise your vibration.

But you have had glimpses of this. I know you have.

Now is the time to make this your default state.

Now is the time to position into doing what you are supposed to be doing, and bringing down your creative project to gift to the world.

If you are ready to birth something, then I am prepared to support you.

CLICK HERE to register to get this process started.

The First New Moon of 2020 is a perfect time.


This decade so much change is coming at exponential speeds as Moores Law that observes that the number of transistors in dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years.

Moores Law and technology hit a hockey stick inflection point this decade, as we enter the Sci-Fi world.

Technology that we used to only see on star trek and star wars will start to become a reality. Within all of that, the way society functions and operates will fundamentally begin changing.

Technology that first disrupted the Blue Collar / Manual Labor sector through the industrial revolution and robotics of manufacturing. Will now start this decade infiltrating white-collar workers / Intelligent Labor force.

This infiltration will come about through greater use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in linear and repetitive tasks that involve the processing of information.

The takeaway notion here is that the CREATIVITY of human Consciousness and what it can create from imagination is what separates us from AI.

Many technologists make a mistake believing that Consciousness emerges from thought processes. Hence their belief that AI is all-encompassing and will surpass human intelligence.

However, the inverse is true.

Thought processes emerge FROM Consciousness. It is Consciousness that drives, creates and shapes thinking, gestalt breakthroughs, cognitive downloads, and intuitive lepas.


With the speed of development and innovation, AI is going to do a far better job of analysis, reporting, diagnosing, and recommending than humans are.

During the industrial revolution and the first technology revolution, many blue-collar jobs were disrupted by robotics. This decade white Collar Workers are going to be disrupted by AI. AI will do it better, faster, cheaper than humans.

Plus, you will want AI to do it for you, and it is cheaper, faster, and more accurate. Example: imagine your sick and concerned about your health, you go and get a scan to diagnose say cancer.

Your human consultant looks at the scan based upon his / her experience of ready scans and gives you their opinion. AI goes into the scan databank, scans millions of scans in a few seconds, compares your unique scan to the millions on file, and creates a diagnosis and treatment plan based upon the millions of proven scan results, and treatment pathways. Then from your blood test determines the best course of treatment based upon your unique bio-chemical markers backed against millions of real-world case studies.

Who would you want to see?

The point is that AI is going to disrupt many industries and jobs in the coming years. The only ones who are safe are those who are Creative.


Creative Consciousness is simply something that AI will never be able to access. It is paramount that we all consciously engage our CREATIVE MIND to dreamscape how we wish the world to be in 10 years and commit fully to this course of action by taking Divine Right Action.

Humans are able to thin creativity because we are tapping into Consciousness that drives thinking. We can think of new things from our imagination and bring them into the world.

All of our special powers, divine gifts, abilities, and talents are all accessed in a coherent, unified heart-mind field.

You must enter each day into this coherent, unified heart-mind field of energetic intelligence. Doing so will allow you to access the Creative Consciousness needed to separate you from the analog and algorithms.

This state is something you can choose to harness every day by consciously attuning your bio-energy field, Consciousness, and DNA to the frequency of creativity.

It is probably the most critical thing you can do for yourself each day to reconnect with the pure Consciousness that you are.

The ancestor of thought is Consciousness.

And Consciousness is creativity.

Right now, the most important thing you can do for yourself and for the planet is access and activate your Creative Consciousness.

Make this the year where you finally birth your creative project.

This year I will be supporting a group of people with birthing their creative project; it will be a group dedicated to launching their special project.

If you have something you have always wanted to create and launch successfully, then this might be for you.


I love you

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