Coronoavirus Update

We are midway in our sacred mission around New Zealand, having completed a series of significant ceremonies with the land and people here. It is profound deep work in the midst of heightened health, economic, political, environmental and energetic activity.

Due to the coming lockdown, we needed to cut out NZ tour short. So it was with some sadness we need to say our farewells to everyone. We did manage to get in our key ceremonies and activations for the land of Aotearoa. But sadly this is a conversation for another day.

So rather than report on the progress we re making here on our mission I felt compelled to write a Higher Dimensional Perspectives piece on the unfolding Coronavirus situation playing out globally.

Higher perspectives refer to the bigger picture of what is playing out in any circumstances, what this is really about, what to expect and how to prepare on all levels for what is to come. The first thing required to expand your viewpoint, from not just being in it, but also being the neutral observer of it.

Now there are some both unfortunate and long term positive consequences to all of this, we must navigate through these times with resilience, patience, open and compassionate hearts, but importantly a good dose of pragmatism.


For this of you who have been following me for a while I have often talked about the New Earth, and the new systems that will be created to support our species. Well what is happening with the Coronavirus is a TIMELINE TRIGGER.

We are witnessing the acceleration of the change over from the broken legacy systems, into the new systems to support humanity’s rising consciousness.

We are moving from hierarchy, centralization and control. Into decentralization, and distributed forms of governance thwart will allow us to move out of the power Elites control systems and allow us to become sovereign and free.

If you have been observing the crumbling of the financial markets, the legacy financial system has its origin in the Babaloynia timelines, where spells were put on the money supply and the fractional reserve banking system was born.

Here the money changers started to lend out more money than they held in reserve and began the debt-based financial system that we see existing in the Federal Reserve today. The worlds Financial System is the Lynchpin of the controller network that keeps humanity in enslavement.

In order to get from where we are to a free and sovereign system, we have two go through the experience of the crumbling of the old system, just as the new system is created and takes over.

What we are experiencing right now, is the crumbling of an old outdated system of money and Governance. While we are experiencing real human tragedy, illness, deaths,, fear, isolation, panic, and a break down in society. These are all inevitable precursors to the purging of an old way of collectively living and being.

This first stage needs to happen if we are to rebuild into something better.

The reality of the humanity’s motivation to rise up to something better can only happen out of struggle and pain. When things are too comfortable we get stagnated in the status quo of being comfortably numb.

Not enough people were striving for something radically different, because they were on automatic pilot accepting mediocrity and their lot in life because their life was not painful enough to change.

The collapsing of the various systems of health care, education, banking, finance and food will absolutely jolt people into some sort of collective DESIRE to want to create something different.

Perhaps this is the starting point of that growing desire in mainstream consciousness and more people to start to seriously question the Status quo of what we have collectively created.


What we are dealing with is a laboratory-created and enhanced bioweapon. Both the energetics of the virus and some facts you will not find reported by the MSM point to this direction. 

The only Level 4 microbiology lab that exists in China is the Wuhan Institute of Virology which is located in, you guessed it Wuhan. This has been part of a planned release to both create maximum psychological and physical damage to the population.

However due to the amount of light anchored into grids and with the enormous of amounts of planetary architecture changes over the last two to three years. The full potential of this virus has not been realized, and it is not going to create the significant number of deaths that the elite groups were hoping.

However from a higher perspective there has been incredible amounts of fear and fear harvesting that has been happening by off-planet intruder races who have helped orchestrate this.

One of the key parts of the virus has been the psychological trauma and fear that is so pervasive in the field now. The truth of it is we live in a very different world now than what we dis just a few short months ago. All of this fear is creating enormous pools of energy that is being siphoned off planet.

The key it to stay in the luminosity of your heart space, and know this too will pass with not nearly as much damage as controller forces were hoping for.

The truth of it we are in a psycho-spiritual war, and we have entered a Time-Line Trigger.


During this time of enforced pause in normal life, it is important we all rethink closely our pulsation and flow through life and look at what the virus is here to teach us.
If you have ever contracted a virus you will recognise it usually happens in time of chronic stress. It comes when your immune system is low, you are over tired, over worked and over stressed. In these conditions the virus can enter your immune system and create havoc.

I should know I have had a few viruses over the last years, and every time it can be linked to these conditions. Each time the absolute best advice:

Two weeks rest.

Then of course during the usual extra vitamins and minerals to support your system, vitamin C, Vitamin D, and taking some oregano bombs (6 drops of oregano oil, with 6 drops of mallencula oil in a capsule)

Then finding a therapist who has the sound frequency devises that neutralize viruses.

Yes, viruses are very easily destroyed using sound frequency. In the last few days, I had a virus (NOT the coronavirus), due to the aforementioned conditions. It was easily dealt with using sound frequency, sleep, and lots of vitamin C and D.

The fact that so many people are getting it tells us the chronic state of the immune system runs down in society. We have created life conditions where most people are stressed, tired, burnt out, and have lowered immune systems.

The perfect conditions for any virus to create havoc. Let alone an engineered virus designed to create maximum havoc.

We all need to seriously look at HOW we are living life, learn to slow down, rest more, and appreciate spaciousness so we can all reset to a speed of life that will serve us all more.


From what I am sensing the Coronavirus is inorganic, meaning it has undergone some enhancements in lab.  It has been enhanced in a few ways to make it more effective at what it is doing.  It is designed to spread rapidly around the world which is exactly what it is doing.

From what I am seeing there will be two to three waves of the virus so this is the beginning of a time period where we will be in prolonged contraction, needing to hunker down and allow the wave to pass.

Those with weak and compromised immune systems are being affected the most, so it goes without saying to fortify your immune system at this time, which you should be doing anyway as good optimal health strategies.

There are a number of unusual coincidences around the virus, location, and timings of all of this.  There are more questions than answers, but you may wish to ponder the following when you are exploring all of this:

  • Why was a global simulation of a major virus outbreak in the world completed 6 weeks before this Coronavirus was announced? The virus they modeled – The Corona Virus
  • The Wuhoo area has one of the worlds highest security bio-labs where they test and make this sort of thing
  • How did a test for this specific virus get designed and deployed worldwide so quickly?  Usually these things take a long time.
  • Why did this virus get immediate collective buy in from the main stream media immediately all trumpeting in unison the same message.
  • Too me this looks a classic PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION scenario with the ultimate agenda forced adult vaccinations and tighter regulations of personal freedoms and civil liberties.
  • It will work for a while, however the human spirit is something that can never be contained.  What will ensure is a bursting of human creativity, and what we will experience is a renaissance of technological breakthroughs.
  • We will enter a high tech world where many of the problems facing humanity will be solved with technology that will be widely adopted circumventing Governments, central banks and central authorities who will grow increasingly redundant and worked around by distributed technology runs and designed by the people for the people.


Reading this article you most likely have some level of energetic intelligence.  This means you appreciate that things are created from energy before they exist physically.  They are formless before they become form.

We now sit in uncharted territory energetically, as we are living in an arena of the twin ray consciousness of unified masculine and feminine consciousness streaming into Earth.

While civilisations have risen and fallen.  All of them have been under the influence of either one of the feminine and masculine polarities.  We had the rise and fall of Lemuria with its feminine consciousness, and the rise and fall of Atlantis with its masculine consciousness.

We have had the rise and fall of ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome all on the stream of masculine consciousness.

The last few years the energetic winds of change have blown in a new breeze of unified masculine and feminine consciousness that is serving to rise the Divine Child in us all.

It is the first time in all of the known and unknown history that this balanced energy which is the form holding blueprint of all creation has existed.  While we are only in the early stages of the conception of this energy, it’s long lasting profound effects will slowly permeate into every living aspect of reality.

As conscious beings we are all living with the stream of this balanced masculine and feminine energy flowing through our holograms.  How we individually and collectively choose to utilise this, time will tell.

I am picking that for the first time this balance off masculine and feminine energy and a consciousness stream will bring forward balanced world solutions in the young people who are are on the forefront of world change through their professional creative endeavors.

We will have to develop the intellectual and spiritual maturity to be able to deal and program effectively Artificial Intelligence, however if coded correctly some components of AI has the ability to free large sections of society from linear repetitive tasks.

While the industrial revolution and robotics took many of the manual labour and blue collar jobs.  There is no question AI is going to replace many of the white-collar jobs.  We will be emerging from this decade with the working and professional landscape looking completely different than it does today.

This collective pause if the frantic nature of life can serve for us all to take a collective breath and contemplate our role in the coming decade. 


If you are living somewhere that is in lockdown already use this time as a physical, mental, emotional reset.  Use this time to relax, meditate, build and fortify your energy field and consciousness.

Start to map out a new way and new pace of living your life.  If you are not on your LIFE PATH, use this time to re-evaluate what you are doing in the world. Perhaps dive into study and research into how you can serve in the world in an area that will make your heart sing.

The world is going to look very different when we come out of this, how do you want your life to be different?  

How will you contribute with your creativity?

AI will replace many linear professional jobs, lawyers, accountants, real estate, doctors, engineers, system analysts, financial analysts, mortgage brokers, bankers are all going to get replaced.

Consciousness will reward creativity and this is what separates humanity from Artificial Intelligence.  Consciousness drives thought, and it is from consciousness that creativity emerges.

In the coming months and possibly years the coming suppression and restrictions of what we previously took as fundamental rights will drive an unparalleled reneissance, especially in technology and science.

New break throughs in the way we organise everything in our life will emerge, and they are already emerging.

In this period of introspection create a vision for the future in an area that you are inspired to contribute towards and go all out in your study and endeavours to study and develop the skills and wisdom to serve in this area.

Most importantly what are you going to put your energy towards for this coming decade.


It is important to adjust your thinking now to a world that is very different.

China’s manufacturing has been decimated. China is the epicentre of global manufacturing has now been decimated.  In the long term things will start turning to more local, we will all need to start adjusting our outlook on what we can easily obtain locally, and what is and is not available now in this new era of time.

I feel you need to be moving into a new way of thinking about how you are navigating in the world.  Everything is different, and your relationship to resources has changed.  This will not be a simple 2-6 week fix and everything will be back to normal.

We all need to orientate to be contributing to a more local economy, so we all need to step into being part of that solution as things become unstuck, and the various lockdowns start easing up in the months ahead.

The global supply chain has been comprised, so we need to start orientating ourselves into accessing more local suppliers and working withi our community.  Our consumable society will not be operating in the same way.  It is going to take several months to get things moving again.  This is a wonderful opportunity to change the way we are living life.

We are being asked to grow up quickly in our spiritual growth 


OK, some pragmatic steps in getting through the coming months, and how to come out ahead.


You will want to fortify your immune system, make sure you are taking enough immune system building supplements.  Vitamin C D, anti-oxidants, omega three and six primarily and Chaga mushroom powder as a daily tea.

If you get the virus then you will want to take Oregano essential oil in capsules you can take three times a day, and hopefully soon we will have the sound frequency to kill the virus immediately.  We need to test it on a few people first to get the right frequency.

I’ll email my list with a link to the sound frequency, so forward this to your friends where they can subscribe and receive my mails and link to sound healing frequency when we come up with it.


There is no question there is going to be some economic hardship for many people.  Take a moment to consider all the industries disrupted by the virus.  All tourism, hotels, airlines, Air BnBs,  tourist activities, retail, events, experiences will all go on hold.

The knock on effect and reality is millions of people will lose their jobs, this will affect renting, and mortgage payments and the ability to fund home life.  In response central banks of each country will be forced into economic rescue packages, that will include lowering interest rates, and printing money and handing this out.

This will create mass inflation in the longer term and ultimately make paper money inflate and in the longer term become worthless.  In the short term we will see and are seeing a movie into holding cash especially USD.

People are selling everything into cash at the moment.

Long term Gold, Silver will become more valuable and the new system of distributed ledger and blockchain technology will emerge with the solutions of the future as people trust less and less centralised money.

This will ultimately rise and replace the legacy system over this decade.


For those of you who have been aware some of the large number of sealed indictments, almost 150,000 of them.

CLICK HERE for sealed indictments

We may see many of these being executed, and rounded up.  If you ever wanted to round up some wealthy bad apples, locking down the world is a pretty good way of doing it.  Let’s see if Trump follows through on what he was placed in the office for.  To drain the swamp.

Look out for any mass arrests, or news of celebrities and other various people who were involved in some of the darker elite and occult cabal practises.  One of things that will happen is when you see the media announcing high profile people who have the virus, this is most likely them taking a deal in return for their legacy in place.

It is possible that the recent 30,000 troop deployment in Europe and the extra 7000 UN troops may be there as part of mass elite clean up job. 

CLICK HERE for troop deployment intel.

I’ll be tracking this, it does seem a pretty good coincidence that the whole world is shut down, inducements and troops are in place.   This may be the moment that many of us have been waiting for and many of the bad actors in our grand global play are rounded up and arrested.

Perhaps it has started already with massive amounts of CEOs having resigned in the last couple of years.  Perhaps they know what is coming…

For now we have all got personal matters at hand in terms of hunkering down and prepping for a different world.


We are in a process of resetting many of the systems and infrastructure away from hierarchy and control systems.  Into more fair disturbed  systems of governance.

I’m excited because right now we are going through the change over that many of us have been waiting for, for long time.  While we may take some temporary pain and discomfort, I am sure you will agree it would be worth it if we can emerge as Free and Sovereign beings from a relatively short period of resting ourselves to be more in harmony  with not only nature but ourselves and each other.

Now we are home we are about to move out and start a new life in a new home, and it looks like the beginning of a New World


I am guided to doing more videos at this time to help with guidance and support at these challenging times.  There is much to come and share, I plan on getting my youtube going up once again something soon.


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