Brexit Series – Higher Dimensional Perspective

BREXIT – Higher Dimensional Perspective Part 1

With all the turmoil, upheaval and split in consciousness of not only the people of Britain, but also wider Europe – I felt it was timely as currency, trade, and freedom of movement is important to share from a higher dimensional perspective – what is the big picture of this vote by the British people to leave the European Union.

While much has been written and said about this economically, politically and socially there has been a lot of talk on work and leisure. Little has been written about the development of human consciousness and the spiritual evolution of humanity based upon this historic decision.

First up I would like to share to the young people of UK who voted predominantly as a cohort to stay in the EU who may feel upset and disillusioned with this decision to allow yourself to open up to the possibility that there wider implications for the future of humanity’s consciousness – that if you are able to expand your mind and beliefs to the big picture reality and I will share over this article series, this will help heal your heavy heart and take great encouragement from what has happened with the BREXIT vote in it’s wider implications for humanity and future generations.

First up I know you feel there is something dramatically wrong with our planet, and the way society has structured itself. I know you feel that something is a miss with many of our systems supporting the planet at breaking point. We have a medical industry who doesn’t care about health, a food industry who doesn’t care about nutrients, oils and gas companies who don’t care about the environment, we have armies launching attacks in the name of peace, financial institutions controlling the flow of money to ensure that wealth only stays in the hands of the elite. We have religious systems suppressing consciousness, governments controlling people, and the elite getting wealthier while increasing debt is the default state of the majority of people.

I know you feel that something is wrong with our society and indeed the world at large, and no matter what you do you seem powerless to stop the massive machine that is in motion driving the gradual decline of our species and environment. I know that this decision seems and feels like another nail in the coffin of an already rocky and challenging road ahead to be able to live your life sovereign and free.

This article is predominantly written for the Gen X’s, Gen Y’s and millennial’s who are indeed the future leaders and citizens of the UK, Europe and the world. I know you feel disappointed by the generation before you the Baby Boomers who you feel have taken away some of your freedom’s with this decision.

But let us look at this decision from a broader and wider perspective, and to really give this important topic justice, we need to explore it from a multi-dimensional perspective and consciousness perspective. I know that you are empathetic to the suffering of others, and are deeply hurt and troubled by the challenges facing humanity. More than any other generation are opening to a higher calling, desire equality and a level playing field for all people to be free to follow they purpose and passions.

So let us explore the Earth and humanity with the lens of the sociological imagination, that viewpoint that allows us to see what is happening from a neutral stand point, lets take our consciousness and expand to view our Earth from out of space and just observe the drama playing out here without attachment to our personal circumstances, biases and beliefs.

Let’s explore what is really happening from a higher evolutionary standpoint so that you may know what is happening in our evolutionary sequence and how despite what we may thing everything is happening as it should in the unfolding of the divine plan.

Now it is necessary to write a multi-part article to be able to bridge the complexity of higher dimensional realities into a third dimensional perspective. To allow for the maximum understanding I will write the article as simply as possible so that people new to understanding higher dimensional perspectives can understand the significance of what is happening at this time on our planet and the significance of the recent BREXIT decision by the people of the UK.

This means that I will need to cover some ground on multi-dimensional awareness and understanding, this is important so that people can understand broader viewpoint than simply the realities of how physical life may be with this decision being made.

If you would truly like the multi-dimensional understanding and the big picture awareness of how this decision affects global consciousness, then stay with me over this multi-part article and you will be rewarded with a more complete account of what is really playing out and how this decision has created a major shift in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

Here are the headlines and I will explain more upon each topic from a starting point of zero awareness on each topic.

The BREXIT has massively accelerated the Earth’s golden age timelines.

It has allowed humanity and the people of the UK to come into more of an organic unified collective field, since the decision removed the UK from a reptilian hive mind network that was controlling the matrix, Government’s and multi-national corporations.

Allowed the UK to be independent, sovereign and plug into the organic 12 tree grid matrix and reclaim sovereignty over their consciousness.

Show clearly the power lies with people not Governments and people DO have the power to create massive change in their circumstances, consciousness and sovereignty.

Start the ripple effect of de-plugging from the artificial reptilian hive mind around other European nations Seriously derail the Cabal’s one world agenda plans Changed the contracts of land of the UK away from Negative Alien Agenda to the Guardians meaning the Star gates residing in the UK are now sovereign held under guardian protection for the people of Earth.

Massively increased the vibration on our planet.

Over the next days I’ll provide the relevant contexts and understandings for the above points and bridge this into how this will affect your life and the future of our species….

READ PART 2 of this series.

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BREXIT – Higher Dimensional Perspective Part 2

Based upon then number of shares this BREXIT (part one) received, this information it appears this information is timely and well received. After the last article we scoped up the challenges facing humanity and the disconnection the Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial cohorts of experienced due to this decision. Hopefully my pre-framing of this article series has opened a door to your consciousness and has intrigued you to go further down the rabbit hole…

Well this article is that red pill, the one that if you are able to suspend the beliefs you had conditioned into you from your parents, and the culture you grew up in will allow you create a deeper understanding of what is really playing out.

Many people are aware of centralised dogma and control of institutions and corporations which do not have souls or necessarily consciousness that run and control the world at large. However what you may not be aware of is that this is simply a reflection of what is playing out in the higher dimensions. You may have heard the saying…. AS ABOVE….. SO BELOW…

So what we are going to do in this (part two) article is show a clear link as to the corruption in the matrix code of this universal time-space matrix that was created in the higher dimensions, and how this has filtered down all the way to Earth and has allowed humanity to have it’s consciousness tampered with so that we move further away from our inherent divine nature. This decent into fallen states of ego consciousness has cause humanity’s behaviour to digress further and further outside the operating laws and parameters of the universe of the law of one and unconditional love.

So what I would like to do in this article is to explore the following points I made on (part one) regarding the BREXIT:

  • The BREXIT has massively accelerated the Earth’s golden age timeline
  • The BREXIT has allowed humanity and the people of the UK to come into more of an organic unified collective field, since the decision removed the UK from a reptilian hive mind network that was controlling the matrix, Government’s and multi-national corporations and thus the people.
  • In order to do this I am going to have to stretch your mind to understand 15 dimensional unified field physics and explore the nature of this time – space matrix in which we live, and how this has been corrupted. We will explore how EVERYTHING playing out on Earth in terms of the fine mess humanity has got itself into has been built from a faulty template held in the fabric of the higher dimensions.

Now how does this relate to BREXIT and your own personal circumstances, your future, your quality of life and those for future generations…. EVERYTHING… AS ABOVE … SO BELOW…

But also equally what happens BELOW, affects what happens ABOVE.

And this is where WE THE PEOPLE come in….. (Cue cool music).

For those of you new to Higher Dimensional Awareness, what I am going to share may seem like science fiction, and in fact may seem similar to many movies you may have seen. But after a number of years of working in the Higher Dimensions and direct experience across many different situations, beings, and control networks I feel I am at a place I would like to share more openly about what WE (I say we to incorporate other humans who are interfacing higher dimensionally) have been experiencing and facing in order to bring in HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS to our planet and people. So with that being said please explore this material through the filter of your heart and integrate only that which contributes to your spiritual growth, and discard the rest.

Now on Earth is relatively straight forward to see the levels of control placed upon the masses of humanity, the divide between the have’s and the have not’s, the division between countries, religions, and humanity over all and how it’s been fabricated by various elite families and blood lines that drive and control the Governments, Corporations, Big Pharma, Banking, Big Food, Educational Institution’s, Religion and of course the other control systems that keep the majority of humanity trapped as slaves in survival.

One just needs to explore the central banking system of the federal reserve, follow various money trails through politics, oil and gas, Big Pharma, Big Food, the petrochemical dollar, and disrupted use and distribution of free energy technology to see that there are major control influences playing themselves out in humanity. Then we have Terrorism, Cataclysm and Pestilence. Genetic modification of foods, chemtrails in the air, oil and gas dependency, pharmaceutical drugs, lack of pure drinking water, debt enslavement, and fear over our financial future leading to poverty consciousness and constant worry and anxiety about money which keeps people’s vibration distorted and scrambled.

So between mercury fillings, vaccinations, pesticides and toxins in the food and baby formula, genetically modified foods, technology over dose (ipads for young kids is a disaster for brain development), the mindless worshipping of pop idols and music videos that teach distorted values, the mass media distorting the truth and used as puppets of the Government the elite. Pop culture influencing young people, and corporations using subliminal advertising and branding strategies to impregnate humanity’s beliefs around materialistic consumerism which is now the lynchpin of humanity’s operational programming. It is any wonder that humanity’s beliefs, consciousness and genetic potential is severely limited.

In order to make sense of all this chaos down here in the third dimension lets explore what is happening ABOVE that constructs the template for is happening BELOW.

So to get started it would be useful to understand the time-space matrix like a computer, with operational parameters, systems and templates. In order for any computer program to work with in an operating system, it must obey the parameters in that operating system, otherwise there will be crash and the computer will not be able to perform the function.

Our universe is like a giant computer which also has templates in the form of morphogenetic fields that create the form holding blueprints that create the energetic and physical composition of our collective reality.

The problem is that the basic code that governs the operating system of the entire time-space matrix was hijacked and the operating system was mutated through a energetic family entity collectively known as Metatron. Many many millions of years ago this group decided to separate from SOURCE, you might have heard this through a concept known as ‘The Fall’. Which meant that this collective energy field were no longer receiving energy continuously from the eternal light of the creator.

This meant they were only left with the energy already contained in their system which was not self perpetuating, thus their only alternative for survival was to harness or vampire the energy from other systems and thus consume those systems so they could continue to exist as consciousness fields. They had migrated to a closed loop architecture meaning they had to feed off others energy in order to live until they had literally consumed the host and then move onto another system.

(Sound familiar to the economic policies contained around the world where countries with broke economies lend money to other broke economies, who haven’t got any money because they can’t pay back the money the broke economy lent to the other broke economy in the first place).


The whole financial system is based upon this distortion of closed loop architecture where the entity (world controlling factions) feeds upon another (country’s resources) until there is nothing left to consume. It is a big mess due to closed loop architecture being held at a higher dimensional template level that is also playing out on Earth through the financial mess the global economy is in. You only need to research the federal reserve system in the US, or investigate the amount of debt most of the EU nations are in to each other to realise this is a system that cannot sustain itself itself for ever and must collapse at some point when the energy (money) gets consumed.

Now back to the Metatronic distortion which is the origin of it all. The Metatron collective due to it’s loss of connection to source decide to feed off our time space matrix so it wouldn’t implode with a loss of energy due to consuming itself. They syphoned energy out of our time space matrix back into theirs so in essence we became the battery source for this system since they had already imploded theirs.

They did this through corrupting the programming code of the whole operating system in our time space matrix. We live in one time space matrix of countless time space matrix’s, and ours has been slowly consumed by the Metatronic distortion. The programming language of the universe is light, sound, colour, geometry and form. They used their knowledge of this programming language to change our system to be a finite closed sourced system by inserting inorganic architecture into our matrix. A closed sourced system is when the system cannot get any new energy from within itself or outside of itself. Due to the fact that ALL systems require energy to function these systems will become parasitic and attach to other living systems in order to syphon and harvest that energy.

Are you beginning to link how this set up on the grandest of scales forms a template down here on the third dimension. How this plays out not only between countries and corporations, but also between people. For example when someone’s perceives that they are separate from source and they are cut off from receiving the unconditional love that is one of the key parameters of source. They look to vampire love from another (their partner) because they cannot receive the endless supply of love from source and must harvest it from another. This sets up a triad of expectation – disappointment – blame that gets formulated in these type of closed sourced relationships (co-dependent relationships).

So we have this issue of closed source architecture that has been inserted into the programming code of this time space matrix, which is affecting everything from giant gestalt consciousness fields such as archons, to countries, corporations and even in relationships between people and even the way people’s bio-energy field is operating.

How the Metatronic reversal happened Twas that they hijacked the geometric programming code is this time space matrix. They inserted a virus into the program code which moved source consciousness entering into our system from being a trinity wave into a bi-wave. This was done through inserting corrupted geometry through a hijacked Vesica Pisces architecture that overwrote the original organic matrix and fragmented and split consciousness.

Now sorry to be the news bearer to many of you who love certain sacred geometry but the Vesica Pisces and resulting flower of life pattern is actually the programming tool of the closed loop architecture. Plus the Golden Mean Ratio, and Fibonacci sequences have no direction relationship to their centre (source). This means the natural life pulse of expansion and contraction back to source is not met, since the number sequence in these patterns consumes the next number in the sequence.

(I’ll come back to sacred geometry in another article and show you exactly how this process works and prove through the maths that the Vesica Pisces, Flower of Life, Golden Mean Ratio, and Fibonacci Sequences are closed loop and inorganic.)

For now let’s assume that the above geometry is corrupted and this architecture is responsible for the programming distortion that create finite closed loop systems and break down the eternal life sequence which is the natural organic nature of reality.

For example our original divine angelic Diamond Sun DNA human template is for immortality, but this closed loop system has resulted in excessive genetic digression from our original design. Add on top other external interferences placed into humanity’s energetic hologram that lock down our consciousness, shut off our galactic memories, shorten our life span and set us up for astral plane harvesting through energetic inserts to our hologram that prevent’s us from moving through the astral plane to higher dimensions.

What happens is that Human souls end up moving through life time and life time of soul recycling, since after each incarnation they accumulate more karma and makes it more and more difficult for a Soul to accumulate enough frequency to complete ascension in one severely restricted life span of 80 years. Each life time the severely capped human consciousness incarnated into physical form but limited in perceptual awareness remains parasitic feed for archons of the negative alien agenda who are consuming the energy of this system.

So that is the template in the higher dimensions at the level of the matrix code that was hacked by through the Metatonic distortion. Now lets start dropping down the dimensions and we begin to find various alien races vying for energetic harvesting control of Earth and humanity. (Remember the film Jupiter Ascending?)

So a grouping of what we shall call the negative alien agenda over thousands of years created a controlling ruling class and falsely programmed them into their perception on false father Gods and elite blood lines and create a divide and conquer ruling strategy by keeping the masses locked in poverty and fear. The elite ruling classed were parasitic (closed source) to the masses.

Now here’s where things get interesting….

The non physical beings setting all this up are obviously in violation of the Law of Cause and Effect, creating a lot of KARMA, this has to go somewhere, so this get’s stored and dumped as dead miasma in the rest of humanities bio-energy field. Which is why most of the Earth’s population is so energetically heavy, this dead light is given to the slave class to carry.

Then the non physical beings feed off people’s energy field since it is depleting, and people can’t command their own energy space. They end up being controlled by these controlling entity’s and develop addictions, and negative behaviour traits that are sent down as electrical impulses, thought forms, and voice mimicking software that sends command signals down from the entity to the host to perform the discordant behaviour. With most of the population trapped and capped in their consciousness and being controlled, the subsequent decision sets and actual behaviours deviate from unconditional love and service to others towards service to self.

This service to self tendency’s that drive the ego deficiency’s that were not met in the family and social conditioning of the young person growing up, go onto form severe soul level deficiency’s later in life. Thus not enough human’s progress in their spiritual and soul development and understanding to be able to live out full service roles. We saw this recently in banking where the entire banking industry was so blind by ego greed and the bonuses in their pay checks they were unable see past the wider implications of their behaviour on others and society. The banking industry didn’t see the tragic mistake of the sub prime mortgages eventually collapsing creating the Global Financial Crisis. (A classic example of a closed source system imploding).

Then who bailed this entire fiasco out, the general public (the system moving onto a new parasitic host with finite resources to begin the cycle once again). Now someone playing out with a fully activated christ consciousness would never allow themselves to take advantage of another human being for selfish reasons, thus the biggest challenge humanity faces is in consciousness.

So lets review what we have uncovered. Earth has been the victim of severe Negative Alien Agenda influences that has created massive corruption in our original organic life matrix that makes up the fabric of reality. Essentially there has been a hijacking of our matrix, it is not of the original design and our own multi-dimensional anatomy has been tampered with. We are programmed to live in a phantom matrix which blocks access to the organic Christ consciousness, this webbing is like a net in the astral plane which captures and recycles souls back down at 3D level.

Based upon the corruption in the over all matrix, humanity has suffered severe genetic digression at the hands of certain alien groups vying for Earth’s resources. They have tampered with our galactic memories, plugged up and sealed our original divine DNA template so that we are limited to accreting 3 dimensions of consciousness and being locked to our incarnate identity, rather than naturally embodying 12 dimensions of consciousness and our Avatar identity.

They set up the energetic conditions in our multi dimensional anatomy to cap our progress through the bardo’s at death keeping us stuck in the astral, plane, and instead of becoming liberated recycle our souls back from astral straight back down into another reincarnated human form for more syphoning and harvesting of our life force electro-magnetic energy by the Archons who are the beings of the Negative Agenda who are responsible for pulling the strings on the sucking of humanity’s life force through a closed loop system.

This entire system is a giant reptilian hive mind, which is inorganic and artificial in nature creating the destruction of all it’s systems it comes into contact with. On Earth this plays out as the giant machine that controls an runs society, this you might know as the main frame. It is the Matrix that keeps you stuck in debt, in your job fearful for your financial survival lest you have enough to pay the mortgage or rent and keep the family going. Keeping you frozen with fear, stuck in place not feeling truly safe enough to truly follow your dreams, competing with other humans for the perceived lack of resources that society conditions you to believe exist.

Now coming back to where we all started and trying to make sense of the UK leaving the EU. (yes it all does link up). Since start of 2013 our universal matrix and indeed Earth is being infused with over write codes for the corruption in the matrix. This is like installing a virus removal software in a computer. It goes into the program and restores the original code back to it’s original template.

Due to Earth’s position in our Galaxy relative to the Galactic centre we are entering a corridor of consciousness where trinitized wave geometric are returning to the architecture of Earth. The corrupted templates hosting this time space matrix are being over written with an undistorted hosting system. This means that all the building blocks are in divine open sourced perfection, and these templates are streaming into the Earth grids into energetic portals and through the ley lines of Earth.

We have entered what is known as a Stellar Activation Cycle and the Earth’s vibration is massively raising, meaning undistorted source consciousness is beginning to stream forth into our matrix and into Earth and ultimately into our personal holograms. This is being hosted by a higher self universe of this one known as the Krystal Star. This network is now over riding the metatronic reversal and reverse engineering the damage being done through this infection that has plagued our system for millions of years and at least 5,500 years on Earth.

This means that the artificial intelligence energetic hive mind that was controlling the matrix is losing it’s grip and people are beginning to waken up from their individual and collective slumber and start to awaken to their divine potential and awake in consciousness as more and more of this trinitized wave geometry and uncorrupted Krystal Star hosting frequency weaves it’s way into the Earth grids sent continuously from source, and is accreted in the holograms of those who are actively working expanding their consciousness.

Because of this increased organic light frequency that had come to Earth the historic vote by the UK was quite a major step, as it was the first major fragmentation of the alien hive mind. Over the last 20 years we have seen more and more individuals remove themselves from the main frame. The internet has meant more and more people are leaving the inorganic world and being held in a slave wage job. Being dictated to by a faceless corporation and being able to become sovereign and free in their own decision and flow in life.

The last 40 odd years since the inception of the EU, has seen greater and greater centralised control mechanisms held in place for member states. This centralised closed source main frame has had direct political and legal control over other member states. It has moved far past it’s original intention of making trade and travel easier for neighbouring countries. It became another mechanism of control of a closed source system of parasitic that was seeded in the high dimensions and was reflected down in the third dimension.

With the new geometry of the Krystal Star streaming forth for source it is dissolving the artificial structures that have been holding this time space matrix in separation and control. The building and accretion of this frequency is accelerating into the Earth and we have just witness that first major fragmentation of a major country falling off this artificial hive mind centralised control system.

This has greatly accelerated the golden age times lines towards Earth, and the information we have is by 53 years. The decision has created a ripple effect out through Europe and world as other countries will begin to assess and analysis whether leaving the EU is also a viable option for them given the financial burdens member states are carrying drop down the individual life experience of it’s citizens. The economic and political landscapes of Spain, Italy, France and Netherlands in particular have created a ground swell of Anti EU sentiment. With the exiting of the UK, this may accelerate other referendums and other member states breaking off from the centralised control model and artificial hive mind holding this together.

For those Gen X’s, Gen Y’s and Millennials I wrote this article for I hope this higher dimensional perspective has helped you understand the greater context to which this is playing out in. We are talking about a consciousness revolution taking place one in which vast political and culture changes will be taking place that will see this era we are entering into being compared to the great renaissance era between the 14th and 17th centuries. Where by a cultural bridge of expanded consciousness will envelope out land due to a complete over write in the corruption of the code held in place for eons of time, but new trinity wave open sourced architecture and geometry streaming to Earth.

This will be an age of great breakthroughs in Spirituality, Technology, Energy Creation, Food Productions, Medicine, as more of the great minds in the coming years become anchored in the Krystal Star Network and frequencies and have open sourced frequency running through their immortal systems and find solutions to the great challenges facing our species.

Part Three in this series will explore the organic tree of life and how this decision by the UK allowed their Star Gates to become sovereign under Guardian control…. (I’ll go into Star Gates, planetary ascension mechanics and some more higher dimensional perspective directly relating to what we are seeing at the moment)

Hint think of all the leadership turmoil happening in the UK right now..


BREXIT – Higher Dimensional Perspective Part 3

Last article (PART 2) we explored the higher dimensional templates of the Metatronic distortion and code configuration of distorted geometry has created the conditions for closed source architecture on our entire time-space matrix. We explored HOW these templates have indeed created all the centralised control mechanisms held in place on Earth through the elite families and Cabal, who are simply the puppets of Negative Agenda Aliens and were providing Occult Knowledge (Hidden Knowledge) to allow them over thousands of years to build the network and control systems in place on Earth for mass harvesting of humanity’s energy and consciousness.

In this article we are going to explore the ascending state of Earth’s consciousness, and a new Hosting Frequency coming through to the Earth at this time that is allowing an acceleration in humanity’s consciousness all of which contributed to the BREXIT. We will also explore how BREXIT has contributed to an acceleration of consciousness and spiritual sovereignty for humanity. I will also explore the ramifications for young people and help move the perception that it is a loss of freedom, and how this decision in the long term will actually INCREASE freedom for young people, with what this will mean for their ability to choose where to live and work in Europe.

At the start of 2013 something monumental happened. Earth moved from a descending state of consciousness, into an ascending planet!

What has happened is something so significant we can barely comprehend the impact of this in our 3 dimensional state of consciousness, but in 300 years history will look back at this time as the great turning point for humanity to begin the ascent into the higher dimensions and the proliferation of humanity’s spiritual sovereignty and turning point for the salvation of our species.

The source code naturally editing from the creator is a trinity wave frequency, that is made up of the primal sound and light fields of divine masculine and divine feminine merging together creating a third wave which creates a tri-vecar architecture. The problem experienced in this time space matrix was that this source code had been hijacked due to the family of Metatron using their knowledge of creation mechanics to hijack an open sourced self perpetuating system into a closed source system in which this collective fed off our energy and consciousness through a consumption model of operating.

This meant all systems, planets and galaxies in this time space matrix were built and architected of a faulty template that was not of the original design. Now due to this unique time and space vector we find ourselves in we are entering into the promised return of the Christ. The original geometry and frequency that the matrix was originally designed from.

This is the heralded return of the ‘Christos’ the inner eternally inner sustained light for humanity as our birth right. Now this energy is now streaming into our Earth grids and since we are residing on Earth and this frequency is accreting into the very planet upon which we share our energy with, by default we are beginning to receive this eternally sustained light of the creator. This has only been happening since the beginning of 2013.

Of course this is jot some magic pill that suddenly you take and hey presto you are an ascended master. Of course not. But what it does mean that for the first time there is the correct undistorted frequency, geometry and architecture that you can begin accreting into your personal hologram to enable you to return to your original organic design of a divine Christed being. You ARE able to begin the over write and upgrade process so that you can begin moving your system off the old architecture that has encapsulated your consciousness into a closed source finite life field. Into a being that receives the self perpetuating eternally sustained light of the creator flowing through you as a divine immortal being.

The ultimate realisation of this is the moving of your hologram from the old “Melchizedek’ universal hosting system that contains this corrupted architecture, to being hosted by the ‘Krystal Star’ network. This of this similar to moving a website across from an old faulty server that is giving you average performance on the internet, with poor upload and download times and poor browsing experience. To moving across to a faster cleaner instantaneous browsing experience through being hosted by an upgraded server that is undistorted and pure.

This system or server migration is just beginning to happen to individuals on the planet by the dropping in of a permanent seed atom from this Krystal Star Server into their personal hologram once they have met the internal architecture requirements in their bio-energy field and state of unity consciousness. The migration across to the Krystal Star is one of the great achievements an individual can make in their spiritual evolution in all their lifetimes.

Now the really cool thing is that we are only at the very beginning of this whole process as it is inly since the beginning of 2013 that this frequency and server has come available and this energy has begun entering into our Earth grids. Those people who are migrating across to this new sever are simply the first wave of people being influenced at a higher level from this frequency entering our planet.

But already we are seeing the effects of this energy down on the planet individually through people’s life choices, decision sets, and understanding that something isn’t quite right and with out being able to put their finger on exactly what, they people are realising that if they are misaligned with their soul purpose they need to make subtle and sometimes drastic changes to their life. How many people do you know going through long term relationship break up, or expressing to you they desire to leave their job and find something more meaningful in their lives.

And of course we have seen this for the first time play out on a more collective nature through this new energy entering the Earth grids and accreting enough energy to affect the consciousness of people in the UK to make them desire to move away from centralised control and become as a nation more sovereign to make their own choices.

Now speaking to young people and being in a similar situation myself (having a UK passport and living in Ibiza Spain) most of the issue for young people in terms of their decision to want to remain has been predominantly around the perceived sense of loss in terms of living and working choices across the EU. With all other considerations (especially the centralised law making for their country being held in Brussels by a centralised Cabal who want nothing more the total control of law and policy making held by them for each member state) being secondary to their own personal sovereignty of choices where to work and live.

The ability to live and work where you choose is an ILLUSION of sovereignty and free choice. Especially when your consciousness is hacked, hijacked, limited and compressed from a controlling main frame. Keeping you in a looping pattern of life time after life time, as parasitic energetic feed to the archons and aliens hijacking your consciousness to become batteries of energy for their survival due to the closed loop architecture which they created for themselves choosing to separate from source.


This is the only eternal long term question we as the future of our species must ask. What is the best move for our long term SPIRITUAL and ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY? The best decision from this higher dimensional perspective is to CHOOSE to be SOVEREIGN on all levels of our awareness.

From a spiritual perspective this means to be totally independent and free of any other controlling influence on our energy and consciousness. When we are free of other influences such as entities, discarnates, demons, archons, aliens, energetic implants, that are all vying for control of our consciousness we become in full control of how to drive our consciousness and personal hologram while still in our body. The problem with society and the architecture at the moment is that most of the population are NOT sovereign with their own consciousness and are littered with the before mentioned items. EVERYONE has energetic implants capping and hijacking their consciousness (unless they have gone through a through implant removal protocol), so no one is immune to this fact.

So this message is for young people who are aware of some of the control mechanisms playing out on Earth and are awakening to higher possibilities in the higher dimensions that other beings, frequencies, and intelligences exist. That the BREXIT is the first time that a larger group consciousness field (the UK) has made a collective decision to decouple from it’s major controlling architecture keeping it from being a sovereign nation, and having all it’s decisions about it;s wellbeing and future made from the artificial reptilian hive mind control system that wants to keep the status quo of member states (and all their beings) being battery and energetic feed to the main frame.

Now within all of this many individuals with in ALL member states are waking up to the matrix of control, and have been researching what is really happening on our planet and doing the best they can to get themselves out of the matrix. This usually means being able to meet their financial needs through the generation of their own ideas linked to their soul purpose and find a meaningful value of the current third dimensional form of exchange (money) to be able to live, breath, work, play in an environment and conditions of their own choosing.

Now the Paradox here is that as a cohort it is mainly the Gen X, Y and millennials who are doing this and are able to remove themselves from the system of control by operating outside of a ‘normal job’. More and more are utilising the internet, their skills to find the sweet spot point where their PASSION – PURPOSE – PROFESSION intersect.

This is what deplugging from a centralised control system is really about, Britain has just done it as a larger consciousness field and this opens ups higher potentials for more and more individuals to also do it on mass.

The first step of this is to regain your energy and consciousness sovereignty. This means removing oneself from the reptilian hive mind that is harvesting humanity’s energy and to stop yourself fro being used as a battery supply for off planet controlling entities and energies, and wake up to your true potential as a DIVINE BEING.

Or to continue reading……

BREXIT – Higher Dimensional Perspective Part 4



BREXIT – Higher Dimensional Perspective Part 4 

Through this series (BREXIT – Higher Dimensional Perspective) we have explored the various controlling influences upon our planet and indeed our consciousness, and how the BREXIT has contributed to the breaking down of the reptilian hive mind that was hosting much of humanity’s consciousness field.

Despite many young people in despair about the perceived loss of freedom, the opposite is actually true when you are exploring this topic from a higher dimensional and spiritual perspective. The BREXIT has seen the first major consciousness field decoupling from a controlling centralised energy preventing self sovereignty and has seen a major dent into the Cabal’s one world agenda.

In this BREXIT part 4 we will explore the energetic conditions of our planet, and the actual planetary ascension mechanics that enables an entire planet to ascend in consciousness to a higher dimensional band of existence.

In the previous BREXIT part 3 article we explored a new frequency architecture streaming down to Earth through the consciousness corridor that we find ourselves migrating through in our current time-space vector in the milky way galaxy granted by Source’s decree on this particular passage through.

This ti-wave and Krystal Spiral architecture which is the original eternal source code is over riding the corrupted Family of Metatron reversals of the bi-wave architecture, hi-jacked vesica pisces, flower of life, fibonacci and golden mean sequences.

These templates have allowed Negative Alien Agenda’s to play out in Earth’s hologram and these various NAA groupings have placed sophisticated cultural and social programming technologies, holographic inserts and various other mind control softwares into Earth’s Architecture such as:

  • False Father God programming(God is a vengeful male figure that judges you on your actions)
  • Patriarchal domination(A male dominated ideology and control mechanism)
  • Armageddon Software(Earth destruction time lines)
  • False King of Tyranny(mind control programming of force, competition, greed, over co-operation)

Historically this architecture has been installed and has corrupted our planetary logos, and is infecting every aspect of our society. Now with the new hosting ti-wave frequency there is a major planetary upgrade and overwrite taking place which is raising global consciousness and has greatly contributed to the UK’s collective decision to remove itself from the centralised controlling reptilian hive mind which was in it’s 3rd dimensional representation partly embodied by the EU.

To understand how this is happening we must explore Planetary Ascension Mechanics and explore how a planet accretes frequency so that it can switch timelines and move into a higher dimensional octave and experience a higher spiritual reality which is Earth’s current reality and trajectory whether you are aware of it or not.

To this thoroughly we first must understand 15 dimensional unified field physics that is the operating parameters of this time-space matrix.

Basically we live in a 15 dimensional time – space matrix that is made up on 5 Harmonic universes. Within each Harmonic universe there are three dimensions that make up that band and with in each dimension 2 possible time lines that are available for individuals or an entire planet (which is simply a larger consciousness field) to experience. Thus by raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness you are able to experience and reconnect with more aspects of your consciousness that are stationed at higher dimensions which you are usually cut off from receiving and accessing. (At least at birth where various inorganic seals and implants are placed into your hologram preventing you from accessing the highest expressions, memories and intelligences of who you truly are)

Now as an Angelic Human with a Diamond Sun DNA we all have the DNA coding to access all parts of this matrix, however we have been cut off from accessing it due to DNA manipulation (your DNA is the gateway to be able to begin integrating the frequency at that corresponding dimension) basically it goes like this:

  • Your Physical vessel is stationed in dimensions 1 -3 (Harmonic Universe 1)
  • Your Soul in dimensions 4 – 6 (Harmonic Universe 2)
  • Your Over Soul or Monad in dimensions 7 – 9 (Harmonic Universe 3)
  • Your Avatar consciousness in dimensions 10 -12 (Harmonic Universe 4)
  • Your Rishi consciousness in dimensions 13 -15 (Harmonic Universe 5)

When you have 3 DNA strands activated (which are all humans) you only access your physical incarnate identity. You see and navigate your self as separate from everything else, isolated and disconnected from the matrix and see yourself as a finite life form that upon leaving the physical body ceases to exist as an operating system.

Once you activate DNA strands 4 – 6 you start accessing your Soul consciousness, DNA strands 7 – 9 your Over Soul or Monad, DNA strands 10 -12 your Avatar consciousness (which is all of humanities potential. Starseeds or indigo’s consciousness first individuated in higher dimensional star systems and agreed to come to Earth at this time to support the Planets and Humanities spiritual evolution have access to a higher DNA template of 24 – 48 strands of DNA and can access the Rishi consciousness fields of dimensions 13 – 15.

As a species we have received a lot of DNA interference and manipulation that has corrupted your DNA coding and created severe genetic digression away from your original design. This mutation has dropped your consciousness to be stuck from birth at the third dimension unless you have been able to reverse engineer yourself, and override the inorganic architecture littering your DNA template, activate the deactivated DNA strands and begin accreting your own consciousness held in the higher dimensions into your full multi-dimensional anatomy. This being accomplished by rebuilding of your DNA, the morpho-genetic chakra’s, energetic bio-circuitary and nadi’s (spiritual nerves), and integrating these consciousness fields into your physical incarnate identity and back up to the higher aspects of your consciousness, Soul, Over Soul or Monad, Avatar and Rishi consciousness fields.

When you go through Bio-Regenesis and experience yourself as these higher consciousness fields, you begin shifting timelines and operating from a higher dimensional template and seeing life a much more expanded state than simply a physical body. Every decision in your life comes expanded with more potential and opportunity as you start to see the greater picture of your consciousness experiencing itself in a physical vessel as you play your role in the orchestrating of the divine plan playing in the mass drama on Earth.

(You can explore much deeper DNA Regenesis and our divine birth righted genetic potential by heading to my homepage and enrolling in the free mini course: The Science of Genetic Divinity)

Now just as your consciousness has higher expressions of yourself stationed at different dimensions so does Earth and it goes like this:

  • Earth is in HU-1
  • Tara is in HU-2
  • Gaia is in HU-3
  • Aramatana is in HU-4

Now without going into the technical aspects of what happened to Earth’s consciousness and how it fell from Tara into Earth, basically the consciousness field of our planet has also experienced compression, and is currently migrating it’s own energetic architecture to be able to raise her vibration enough to be able to experience it’s in the ascended dimensional bands 4- 6.

The new Krystal Star hosting and subsequent ti-wave frequency’s and geo-metric Krystal Spiral patterns are currently being integrated into the Earth’s energetic architecture. Just as we have various pieces of energetic anatomy that needs to accrete, integrate, and circulate higher dimensional frequencies through our personal hologram. So does our beloved planet.

A planet has various energetic grids, that act like our bodies meridians called ley lines which send energy through out the planet, chakra’s which accrete’s incoming energy into the planet, Star Gates which brings in Higher Dimensional energy and various other sites of energetic power.

Controlling races new all about this is incredible details and were able to hijack the Earth’s energy by placing controlling geometry and architecture into nodal points (intersecting ley lines) Chakra’s and Star Gates. In fact if you explore the mechanics and locations of Star Gates, we very quickly begin to see sites of geo-graphical location and patterns of mass 3rd dimensional drama and conflict (which is simply a representation of Higher Dimensional conflict of control over the Star Gates.)

Essentially Star Gates are high value geo-graphical and energetic real estate and portal sites for higher dimensional intelligences who can use these location to control incoming energy and inter-dimensional travel. These places are the absolute key to controlling the incoming energy and consciousness into the planet. Whoever controls the Star Gates in effect controls the planets direction of consciousness.

Star Gates only activate and become open approximately every 26,000 years through this corridor of consciousness we happen to find ourselves in. So you are actually decided to come and incarnate into this particular time to be a part of the this great change happening to the planet. This period of time is known as a Stellar Activation Cycle and is currently happening between 2000 – 2022, with the peak year being 2017 .

Historically many of these Star Gates have been controlled and in the hands of the Negative Alien Agenda. In fact the the last time a Stellar Activation Cycle happened 26,000 years ago, the Guardian races (being’s looking after the welfare of humanity) had to shut down the Star Gates since Earth was at risk for another major cataclysm due to negative agenda control of key Star Gate locations. Everything went into lock down and the various factions had to wait until this time to play out the drama again, which is the exact time period we find ourselves in. Indeed we are at the end game.

This time however the Metatronic Reversal that has been responsible for the templates to allow all this to happen, are being over ridden by the ti-wave and Krystal Spiral Geometry being broadcast by the new hosting system the Krystal Star. This new frequency along side the last 30 years of steadily increasing vibratory rate has seen many souls awaken, many star seeds awaken to who they truly are, with these beings actively playing out their soul contracts and helping the Earth and our planet. This has seen enormous grid work being performed on our planet with Guardian support and teams of light workers clearing distortions in the grids helping to clear Earth from these distortions and raise her vibration.

All of this work behind the scenes from dedicated Star Seeds and the immense amount of Guardian Alliance support along side scented beings in the unseen realms has ensured Earth’s safe passage into becoming an ascending planet. The end of 2017 will see Earth move into a higher Harmonic Universe. Some will feel these changes, others may not, but all what people will notice is increased unresolved discordance and energetic patterns held in the bio-energy field rise to the surface meaning more drama in the lives of people who are not conscious of these processes happening to them and the collective. Along side more harmony for those actively working on their shadows and raising their vibration.

Now all of this increased vibration and upgraded geometric coding streaming into Earth, dedicated grid work, Star Seed mission in interaction with Guardian support teams has seen the people of Earth wrestle back Star Gate control over Earth’s key sites. In total there are 12 Star Gates, with each Star Gate having a Cue Site and something known as the Planetary Arc of the Covenant. Each Star Gate has this triad of communication that works synchronistically together to control the Star Gate. Each of these sites has a different Geographical location on the planet.

The original seeding of humanity in the 12 tribes put each tribe coded with a specific DNA configuration that would give them dominion and control over a certain Star gate. This was a security measure for our planet ensuring the people of earth held the keys to control their own Star gates. With the infiltration of the Negative Alien Agenda into Earth’s grids saw this control taken away from humanity and placed outside of our own hands meaning we lost key energetic real estate that controlled passage way into other realms.

If we explore and look at some of the various Star Gate locations complexes such as the Star Gate 10 complex which compromises of the Star gate Abadan Iran, Q-site Basra, Iraq, and Planetary Arc of the Covenant Baghdad Iraq. We can begin to understand the conflicts or constructions built over the geographical areas are more to do with controlling the energetic Star Gate than anything to do with a 3rd dimensional geo-political strategy. Remember AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

I will explore a more complete explanation and listing of planetary templar and ascension mechanics, for the purpose of this piece lets just explore some the strategic sites of interest in the UK alone, since the BREXIT did impact the sovereignty of some of these important sites.

The key sites in the UK that are related to Star gate mechanics are:

STONEHENGE – is the planetary arc of the covenant linked to the Star Gate 2 system. Stonehenge has been a major portal for the negative agenda. Not only is it linked to the 2nd Star Gate system, but it has been the major harvesting point for taking massive amounts of electromagnetic power off planet up into the controlling archons and controller races.

What happens at Stonehenge is that all negative grids that have been established around the world that are running reversed or negative frequency, black magic and other types of satanic energies send this discordant energy through the grid lines to Stonehenge which then is the major portal for all this discordant energy to be syphoned out of Earth and into another collapsed and closed source system (Orion) that needs this energy to feed itself.

There are numerous strategies to ensure the constant feed off discordant energy along these grid lines, you just have to realise all the distorted sexuality such as the booming porn and sex programming, various alcohol drug addictions, victim – victimiser programming playing out in society that creates the frequency that can be used for harvesting. All of it gets sent to Stonehenge where it accumulates and is syphoned off planet.

This process is exactly how humans are used as energetic feed to controlling off planet groups who revel in the discordance that have created down here through the systematised negative cultural and societal programming that creates these negative behaviour trials that steal our life force energy,

The BREXT was monumental for the UK as it ensured that this controlling energy could no longer take place on their land, Source has decreed that no system shall have it’s consciousness hijacked with an intermediary between Itself and Source. By voting to leave this has also been established as the will of the people and now we have seen the removal of the controlling energies and beings who were harvesting this energy out off our planet for personal battery use. This is quite monumental as this means the head has been cut off the Cabal.

Quite literally the off planet controlling forces who manipulated and were ultimately running the Cabal by providing a higher dimensional link for them and sending them codes, instructions and occult knowledge to put everything in place have been removed from the equation.Thus the Cabal have lost their higher dimensional masters.

This means the UK’s complexes involved in the Star Gate system:

  • Stonehenge – Planetary arc of the Covenant Star Gate 2.
  • Westbury – Q-Site 9
  • Vale of Pewsey – Star Gate 11
  • Cornwell – Planetary Arc of the Covenant 12

Have all had their negative agenda controlling energy sealed off, the removal of them has been happening over these last years, but not there has been a contract established with BREXIT through the will of the people. The UK is now Sovereign and has been sealed off from further external interference’s from negative agenda off planet influences.

The people have spoken and this is allowing a major reconfiguring of the grids that send energy around the planet. What we are experiencing now is a complete shifting of the old grid network, into a new grid location, new Star gate locations as the whole system begins to establish the new Krystal Star frequency through the planet. Thus the grids are changing and this is helping humanity’s and the planet’s consciousness to accelerate and expand.

This vote was directly linked to the free will of people to ask to be removed from the reptilian hive mind artificial matrix and although most people did not realise this is what they were voting upon then end result is that this is what actually happened. Thus we have just witnessed the vote for SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY for the UK. We will now see the phasing out of the old controlling grid lines that have been associated with the reptilian hive mind, and the establishment of the new Krystal Star frequency and tri-vecar geometry start to integrate more fully into the Earth. This is happening though the Krystal Star guardians, orbs, and server send this new over writing geometry and frequency into these newly established grids.

Because of this we are seeing the time lines begin changing and the potentials for Earth and Humanity to shoot to a higher dimensional octave, the Guardians are now coming in and over writing the old timelines to help accelerate Earth’s Golden Age.

We now see the Cabal and one world order operate with out it’s controlling influences (the negative alien agenda). Things will continue to play out, and they will become more and more desperate to hold onto their influence and control, but the biggest factor in their dominion and control has been the off planet negative agenda intelligences setting up the templates for allowing this all to happen. The city of London, Washington, and the Vatican which have been the major networks creating energetic controlling have been dismembered and cut off from their higher dimensional negative agenda source. and now we have left only the 3rd dimensional people who have been previously programmed by this negative influence in place to play out the rest of the drama. Obviously they will continue to want their agenda to move forward, however it is with out the supporting energy of the ABOVE controlling factions.

We now have massive amount of the Aquiline plasma frequency bursting into the newly established earth grids a and this energy influence ordinary people on the ground in subtle yet powerful ways. the tide has indeed turned for humanity retaining and reclaiming it’s spiritual Sovereignty and see the establishment of humanity’s next root race – The Homo-Divinus.

As a message for concerned people of our planet, the Krystal Star server would like to share that this decision for BREXIT shows the power of what happens when the collective comes together and have their mindset linked to their own free will, and that amazing things can happen with the power of conscious intent and free will choice to re-establish personal, planetary and spiritual sovereignty.

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First up I trust you enjoyed the the webinar the other night on the Higher Dimensional perspectives of the BREXIT, where we blew the lid off what is really happening through this time-space matrix and what is being reflected down here on Earth in the 3D.

If you missed the training you can catch it here:

It will only be up until Monday afternoon UK time, as that evening we will be doing the follow up training, clearing and activation MATRIX DEPLUGGING.

If you caught the webinar you will have learned that on Earth in the 3D humans are hooked up to an artificial inorganic matrix.  This happens through the insertion of various energetic inserts, implants, and mind control software programming that has been placed into humanity at various layers and dimensions.

The effect of this is that although we often don’t recognise it when we are in it (Due to the fact we have always had these) our mind and personal vibration and frequency set point is set at a level where our consciousness is shut down, and we remain in a group controlled program of staying in the status quo.

This frequency distortion has various effects however of the overarching ones is that these they contribute to your energy and consciousness to be syphoned by creating discordance and it surpasses your ability to connect with your identity stationed at higher dimensions.

When you connect with your consciousness at these higher dimensional levels it’s like moving your awareness from operating at the size of a pea to the size of a planet.  Obviously when this happens every issue you are exploring in life comes imbued with far more options and potentials.

This was actually our original design until we had our consciousness hacked by negative agenda aliens and we had this incredible drop and suppression, and now we are operating with a fraction of our potentials in terms of accessing dimensions 4 and all the way through to 12 for those with the Angelic Diamond Sun DNA template and dimensions 13 and above if you are an Indigo or Star Seed.

Removing these energetic implants is a necessary step in accessing more of your divine potential, until you do this you are always going to be capped in your potential.  This comes from direct experience when I worked out how to do this on myself, from here many of my old patterns, negative addictions, thought processes, and drama began dropping away.

Now of course it wasn’t some magic pill and hey presto I was at Avatar level, of course not.  But what it did do was give more clarity, expansion, and way more personal sovereignty.  This meant my consciousness was my own and once I learned how to activate my DNA this massively accelerated increased my systems ability to access more light from the higher dimensions.

One of the keys in this process is the inorganic material removal, and we would like to share this very thorough process with you.  Now even if you have worked with us before we have created a completely new epic clearing process that we tested in the recent Ibiza Limitless Retreat that is very very thorough and actually includes the introduction of the new Krystal Spiral geometry which is the open source architecture we discussed in the training.

If you can hold this frequency in your system it completely changes the key geometry patterns in the whole operating system, which is directly linked to the new geometry that is coming down from the Higher Self Universe of this one.

We are truly excited to share this life changing training with you and help you to DEPLUG THE MATRIX.

Click here to get join us.

Hope to catch you Monday night 8 pm UK time.

BREXIT – HIGHER DIMENSIONAL PERSPECTIVE {The complete list of clearings}

So I thought I might share with you the clearing script for the INORGANIC MATRIX DEPLUGGING protocol to give you an idea of just how deep and extensive this is going to be.  Now there are many inorganic architectures that are common to all of humanity.  These include:

  • Crown of Thorns
  • J Seals
  • Zeta Seals (Which we removed on the last webinar)
  • Tower of Babel Seals
  • Templar Seals
  • Cell death programs
  • Metatronic reversal geometry
  • Alien Machinery
  • I’ll explain what these all are on the training Mondaynight and their effect on your consciousness.

Now also we will be doing a clearing on many of the issues that we have been seeing in people’s personal hologram, so take a deep breath and check out the following.  (now you obviously you won’t have all of these but you will for sure have some soles explore the potentials you may not realise your carrying.)


  1. General Alien Implants

Description (Identification)

  1. Alien “Bots” Tagger
  2. Alien Aura Harnesses
  3. Alien Brands, Symbols & Sigils
  4. Alien Chi Siphons
  5. Alien Consciousness Sweeper
  6. Alien Coordinate Locator
  7. Alien Death Ray Technology
  8. Alien Etheric Weaponry
  9. Alien Gollum’s/Creatures
  10. Alien Harmful Artifacts
  11. Alien Harmful Portals
  12. Alien Implants
  13. Alien Invasion – Body Snatcher
  14. Alien Metal Cages
  15. Alien Mind & Body Slavery
  16. Alien Mind Control
  17. Alien Parasites and Eggs (infection)
  18. Alien Reversal Frequencies
  19. Alien Scalar Devices
  20. Alien Sexual Siphons
  21. Alien Tracker Devices
  22. Alien Vampire Cords
  23. Alien Booby Traps
  24. Alien Archons

2. Polarity Archetype Thought FormsDescription (Identification)

  1. Victimizer -Victim
  2. Predator- Prey
  3. Master- Slave
  4. Rich Tyrant – Poor Serf
  5. Royalty -Peasant
  6. 6. Famous (Important) – Insignificant
  7. Greater Than – Lesser Than
  8. Beautiful – Ugly

3. Patriarchal Domination Hive MindDescription (Identification)

  1. Accept Abuse and Sociopathy
  2. Accept Paltry Condition/Deprivation
  3. Apathy/ Lack of Interest
  4. Being Seen and Not Heard
  5. Carry Out Orders
6. Do Not Question Authority
  6. Enforce the Law
  7. Fear of Punishment/Pain
  8. Females are Breeders/Objects
  9. Kill the Infidel
  10. Powerlessness
  11. Submit to External Power
  12. Terrorist
  13. Unworthiness/Low Rank
  14. Women subservient to Male Pleasure
  15. Fear or Hate Thought Forms

Description (Identification)

  1. (Anti) Emotions
  2. (Anti) Love
  3. Being Found or Seen
  4. Chaos (Distracted)
  5. Child Archetype
  6. Fear of Afterlife
  7. Fear of Change
  8. Fear of Extraterrestrials
  9. Fear of God
  10. Fear of Light
  11. Fear of Vulnerability
  12. Genetic Discrimination
  13. Genocide
  14. 14. Holocaust
  15. Inadequacy
  16. Lack of intelligence (fear)
  17. Life Uncertainty/Death
  18. Losing Soul
  19. Male Archetype
  20. Massacre
  21. Mother Archetype
  22. Purgatory
  23. Race Discrimination
  24. Religious Discrimination
  25. Seeing the Darkness ( Denial)
  26. Spiritual Betrayal
  27. Torture & Pain
  28. Trapped in Darkness
  29. Unknown Future
  30. War and Killing

5. Fear or Phobia Trauma Memories / Genetic or Galactic Race Memory

Description (Identification)

  1. (Partial) Ascended Master Lineages
  2. Andromedan
  3. Arachnid
  4. Arcturian
  5. 5. Avalon/Aveyon
  6. Brotherhood of Snake/Atlantian
  7. Dinoid
  8. Dragon Brotherhood (red/green/black/white)
  9. Black Suns Regressive
  10. Dragon Moth
  11. Electric Wars
  12. Elohim
  13. Gargoyle
  14. Humanoid
  15. Insectoid
  16. Kumara Lineages
  17. Lizard
  18. Lyran Royal Houses
  19. Annunaki
  20. Mars, phobos
  21. Medusozoa
  22. Melchizedek Priesthood
  23. Moon Lineages
  24. Mu Priesthood/Lemuria
  25. Necromiton
  26. Nephilim
  27. Ur Priesthood
  28. Orion Wars
  29. Pleadian
  30. Reptoid
  31. Seraphim
  32. Sirian
  33. Sons of Belial
  34. Sons of One
  35. Zeta, Greys
  36. Jehovah/Armageddon
  37. Eye of Yahweh
  38. Tiamat/Apsu
  39. Marduk
  40. 40. Enki/Enlil
  41. Thothian/Thelema/Ulema
  42. Alpha Draconis/Orion Group
  43. Underworld/Anubian Trauma
  44. Phantom Matrix
  45. Reptilian Invasion
  46. Metatronic Bodies
  47. Luciferian Conquest
  48. Massacre or Holocaust Trauma
  49. Alpha Omega (911) Agenda
  50. Black Magician Grids
  51. NET Static Fields

6. Replication Hybridization Trauma and stolen genetics

Description (Identification)

1.Human/Animal Hybrid Trauma
2.Zeta Hybrid Trauma/Pain
3.Anunnaki Hybrid Trauma/Pain
4.Dracon Hybrid Trauma/Pain
5.Nephilim Reversals (NRG)
6.Blood Lust (Vampirism) Damage
7.Solar Lord Implants
8.Kumara Master Implants
9.Zeta 4D Astral Seal
10.Axiom Seal
11.666 Seals, Curse Implant Trauma
12.Anu 6th &7th Seal (Wings Cut Off Trauma)
13.Orion Solar Cross
14.777 Seals, Curse Implant Trauma
15.Crucifixion Implants
16.AA Michael Sword Splitter
17.Mother Mary Splitter
18.Ninja Spinners
19.Vesica Pisces Harness
20.Threshold Harnesses
21.Negative Forms/Voodoo Dolls
22.Black Magician/sorcery
23.Hybrid or Alien Viral Strains
24.Cellular Disease (DNA reversal)
25.Fallen Angelic Schism Trauma
26.Gender Splitter
27.Mind Splitter
28.Polarity Reversals
29.Indigo 3 Contract Trauma
30.Apparthi Receiver Damage
31.Hybrid Neurological Damage
32.Alien Hybrid Children
33.Cannibalism Trauma
34.Elemental Body DNA Disease
35.Pathogenic Organism Systems
36.Parasite and Egg Harvesting
37.Fetal Twin and Fetus Harvesting
38.Dead or Reversal Geometries
39.Dead Light Dodecahedron
40.Hybrid Miasms
41.Other Planetary Race Miasma
42.Lab Genetic Culturing
43.Body Part Replication
44.Cetacean/Whale/Dolphin Trauma
45.Breeder Tags
46.Reversal Fleur-De-Lis
47.NRG Artifacts
48.Reversal Arc Codes
49.Replication of Clone Bodies
50.Organ Replication
51.Glands (Pineal Implant or Stealing)
52.Glands (Pituitary Implant or Stealing)
53.Glands (Thalamus, Metabolism)
54. Glands (Other)

7. Seed Fear Implants with DNA Distortion

  1. Polarian ( DNA Strand 1)
  2. Hypoborean ( DNA Strand 1)
  3. Lemurian/Mu (DNA Strand 2)
  4. Atlantian/Alanian (DNA Strand 3)
  5. Aryan (DNA Strand 4)
  6. Muvarian ( DNA Strand 5)
  7. Paradisian (DNA Strand 6)
  8. Future Race DNA Strands
  9. Sexual Implants/Alien Memories
  10. Alien Etheric Semen
  11. Astral /Etheric Abduction/Surgery
  12. Astral /Etheric Rape
  13. Cervix Implant/Portal Blocker
  14. Fetus Cut Out of Womb
  15. Genetic Code Crasher
  16. Genetic Code Stealer
  17. Genetic Gender Reversal (experiments)
  18. Genetic Reader/Translator
  19. Genital Clamps and Modifications
  20. Genital Experiments
12. Genital Mutilation
  21. Genital Plugs ( Etheric Lingham, etc.)
  22. Implanted Sadistic or Masochistic Sex
  23. Implanted Sexual Fantasies/Distortions
  24. Metal Robots or Clones Virtual Sex
  25. NRG Implants & Cords
  26. NRG Sexual Fantasy Inserts
  27. NRG Golums & Creatures
  28. NRG 2d/4d Splitter
  29. NRG Genetic Architecture
  30. NRG Sexual Addiction
  31. NRG –Rape/Sodomy
  32. NRG- Birthplace Artifact
  33. 25. NRG –Child Slavery/Sacrifice
  34. NRG –Stolen Sexual Organs/Ritual
  35. NRG-Other
  36. Prostate Implant/Portal Blocker
  37. Reversal Fluids ( Alien Sperm or Ovum)
  38. Reversal of Pain/Pleasure Response
  39. 31. Root or Perineum Siphons
  40. RRO Sexual Ecstasy and Bliss
  41. RRO Sexual Organs
  42. Sexual Abuse, Torture or Misery
  43. Sexual Addiction
  44. Sexual Betrayals and Sexual fears
  45. Sexual Fetishes
  46. Sexual Organs Ripped Out
  47. Sexual Rejection from Fears
  48. Sexual trauma: Aliens
  49. Sexual trauma: animals
  50. Sexual trauma: children
  51. Sexual Trauma: objects
  52. Sexual Trauma: artifacts/symbols
  53. Sexual Trauma: warGET UNPLUGGED NOW!
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