Birth of the Neo-Shamanic Society

Wow. It is hard to express in words the depth of experience on the Neo-Shamanic Certification ‘live’ experience we have just emerged from in Bad Ischl, Austria.

After nine months of online and distance learning, various healing skills, a lot of client practice and comprehensive client case studies, feedback and reviews. An in-depth investigation into their own internal landscape.

We all gathered in the first-ever Neo-Shamanic Society Level One Immersion. This was nine days of deep-dive personal process, transformational breakthroughs, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic skills, wisdom sharings, and Their own in-depth Shamanic Healing Skills Practise.


This program has been a vision of mine for several years. I wanted to create a high-quality Shamanic Mystery School that honors the multi-dimensional lineages of our Star Families of origin, the Earthly realms and everything in between.

Then to create this with Alaya by my side co-facilitating is the cherry on top, and indeed crates just an incredible container of the masculine and feminine working in harmony together which we go so many amazing comments from initiates about.

We wanted to be able to create a program that gave people a safe enough container to do the very deep shadow work that is required to be able to open and hold interdimensional portals of light.

We wanted to create a program that would give such deep foundations in the initiates that they would be able to hold center point in the most testing of conditions. For this reason, the training was very intense energetically and emotionally with everyone being taken to the core of their being.

This Neo-Shamanic Training has given me personally the opportunity to teach the 25 years of experience I have gained from walking the healing arts path of initiation.

It is indeed a dream coming true.

I feel that there will be three 9 day immersions to move through the certification training fully. This could be done anywhere between 18 months to three-year depending upon the speed and commitment of each initiate.

This experience of getting everyone together live has shown me the absolute need and power of gathering together liv, especially with a good deal of pre-work under the belt before showing up.


The first live group shall always be called The Originals, and I am sure that they will all testify that this was one of the most powerful weeks of our lives.

Alaya and I, side by side, together created a beautiful sacred space and container for people to go to the depths of their soul and journey into the core wounding that was playing out in their lives.


What we achieved in these nine days together as a group was truly remarkable. The sort of breakthroughs and depths that would only normally get achieved with plant medicines.

However, the speed of integration working organically is far superior to working with plant medicines because the conscious mind is fully involved and engaged in the whole process; unlike plant medicines, where the conscious mind is bypassed. This allows for deeper and faster integration into the full totality of their consciousness.

The first two days were spent simply on their personal process. And immediately, from the opening circle, we started going into the core wounds of many Beloveds. This is very unusual in organic retreats for us because usually, it takes a couple of days or three days for people to feel comfortable and safe enough to go into the core.

However, because of the nine months’ journey we had been on together online, we immediately started accessing core wounds, which came up for powerful release.

To explain with words the experience is very challenging. It is something you truly have to witness and experience for yourself to understand the depths of inner transformation that transpires in this safe, secure, powerful womb space of the energy container.

Alaya and I were humbled by the Divine Presence coming through the container, and how we were able to conduct and navigate this extraordinary energy that birthed into the container for transformation.


The second two days, we started to dive into ‘live’ Shamanic healing skills, which allowed all the Beloveds to start practicing upon each other ‘live,’ under our supervision. This allowed, again, deeper personal process and transformation as each Beloved began applying their Shamanic healing skills upon each other.

During these days, we learned new Shamanic healing skills; learned how to set up morphogenetic containers; learned how to navigate a full healing ceremony, from setting up their own morphogenetic field; to dialoguing; to the healing, and integration.

They learned Soul Retrievals, Soft Tissue Release, Fascia Release, Wound Clearing, Shamanic Journeying, Shamanic instruments and tools, Shamanic Divination, and advanced pendulum readings, allowing each Beloved to get to the core and the root cause issue for their clients. Plus they learned how to conduct private healing ceremonies.

We danced and explored the chakra dance as a medium for personal process and integration, learn to hold multi-dimensional consciousness and explored our energy fields as a daily practice.

We explored many different aspects of Shamanic Healing, established for the individual context. And each Beloved was fully prepared now for their own Shamanic Healing practice, and are excited to be moving back home to begin the process of integrating everything that was experienced and learned in this very powerful nine days together.


Sitting here with Alaya, just on the other side of this powerful experience, we are supremely humbled by everything that transpired. Together, we are satiated with contentment and love and have also achieved extraordinary growth ourselves as we look back on these nine days as some of our most supreme work on the planet.

We are giddy with the excitement of our journey together, and the healing arts, as we hold these containers – side by side as Beloveds – bringing forth all the upgrades, healings, and integrations that we have made as a couple, and share these with Beloveds in our sacred space.

It’s my life’s Dharma to set up a Shamanic Healing School, and it feels so beautiful to have begun this process. I look forward to a fine future ahead for the Neo-Shamanic Society, and all Beloveds who come here to study under our tutelage.

The first ‘live’ experience is completed, students are going home for integration and continue to study, as I look to now architect and put together the Year 2 program, which will focus on the ability to hold group containers.


I’m now taking applications for the First Year’s intake once again. If the path of the Healing Arts and, certainly, Shamanic Healing Arts resonates with you, please feel free to send in your application as we’re looking to commence the next training shortly.

More coming shortly on this…

In the meantime:


Some comments from the participants below, as their own experience as stated in the closing circle.


My heart is bursting full of joy, happiness for everything that has transpired; every – all the developments of the people here; what I have become. It’s a completely different group than nine days ago. It’s just amazing – you’re all different people.

My life is forever transformed by this journey that I took here, in this amazing container with all of you. What was really special, beautiful, loving and filled with surprises that I never, ever possibly imagined were going to happen. But I have so much gratitude for this journey and this experience. And, again – I love you all and hope to reconnect with you some time again soon. And especially love and gratitude to Christof and Alaya, for this journey; for setting this up for us all. Thank you.

My heart is filled with unconditional love from everyone here in this room. The transformations, the sharings, the love – there are no words to describe how divine that presence feels.

From the deepest depths of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you. This week has been maybe the most powerful, beautiful, challenging, transformational weeks of my life. And I’m so grateful that I followed my heart and soul to come here, and open myself up.

And I’m so excited for what the future holds, for myself and everyone here, as we spread all this love. Thank you.

What arises in my heart to speak in this closing circle is the profound hope that I have, thanks to what I’ve witnessed.

I’m quite new to feeling lots of intense emotions in my heart, and there are times when if I really tune in to some of the things occurring on our planet, and to our people, my heart can be overwhelmed.

And then, I spend time in a container like this – the rarest of containers, held with skill and grace and love that there are no words for. And I see people from all across the globe, gathering to do the hardest work for the greatest reward – and this incredible rose of hope blossoms in my heart.

So, thank you so much, to each and every one of you, for being here. And I go forward knowing that a huge amount has shifted, in terms of how I will be able to be of service. And, knowing that this is one step, and there are many more to come. And I relish that truth.

So, thank you for this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…opportunity. It really has been an opportunity. Thank you so much.

My heart is full with the love of this container. And I, too, am sad to leave. But I know that it’s time for all of us to spread our wings and to take it to the next step.

It’s been so nice to see the courage and the love that’s been extended to each and every one of us. And truly, from the bottom of my heart, I love all of you.

And thank you; thank you to Christof and Alaya for providing this beautiful container, for all of us to feel safe, nurtured and cared for.

This has been the best gift I have ever been given in my entire life. Being here, among all of you. Thank you, Christof and Alaya, for – from the — I don’t know. I don’t even have the words.

For where I was last year, to where I am now, it is truly remarkable. And I plan to take every last bit of this training and use it to the best I can, to be of service to others.

And so, from the very bottom of my heart and the very depth of my being, I am so grateful for this journey.


We are opening places for the coming intake if the path of the Shamanic Healing Arts resonates and you are ready to elevate every level of your life. Then this journey may be for you.



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