Article No. 3

Skill Sets Of A Neo-shaman

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The Need For Sacred Transformational Circles In Community

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Neo-shamnism And The Need For Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

Article No. 1

The Need For Sacred Transformational Circles In Community

Article No. 2

Neo-shamnism And The Need For Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

If you have been following this latest email/article series what you will have become aware of is my belief that what is needed is society is a return of Circles and Ceremonies as a core pillar of community life.

Being a Neo-Shamanic facilitator holds a fundamental requirement of having a highly evolved healing and facilitation skill set for personal transformation.

It requires you to be able to transmit, assess someone’s bio-energy field and fragmentation in consciousness, then be able to transmit energy and information to someone to bring them to wholeness.

Two Keys To A Sacred Transformational

There are two elements at play for someone to hold the highest level transformational container:

The right skills and tools to perform the necessary consciousness, bioenergy field and DNA   remapping and rewiring

The ability to create and enter ‘The Magick Zone” where the magical gifts come alive, and you   become empty enough to be an instrument for the Divine.

I fully know these skills can be taught, learned and embodied by anyone who has the heart to listen, and eyes to see, and dedication to apply what they learn.

Teaching people how to set up their very own Ceremonial Magic Container and giving them the skills to perform healing inside of it is something that excites me massively.

Hands-on healing skills, finely tuned diagnostic skills and highly evolved High Sense Perception inside a highly coherent container are the fundamentals to create life-changing experiences for individuals and groups.

1. The Right Skills And Tools

Over the years of working with thousands of people, I have directly experienced so many aspects one needs to work on to come into the highest alignment of one’s full potential. I have facilitated a few hundred ceremonies, various plant ceremonies including Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro and more recently previously lost Sacred Elixirs used in ancient epochs of time and secret societies.

Through these experiences, I have had to deal with incredible situations that contemporary mainstream science would not be able to collaborate or categorise. However, these absolutely affect vibration and consciousness and need to be dealt with in an individual if they are to be able to reach their full human and divine potential. The following is a list of causation points of fragmentations, wounds and separations in consciousness that needs to be dealt with and healed to move towards your highest potential.

Imprinted Programs, (there is an unending list of potential programs running someone life creating limitation, e.g. separation, anxiety, victim, abandonment, unworthiness, poverty consciousness)


Astral objects

Clouds, Mucus, Miasma in the Bio-energy field



 Fractured Soul Essence

 Possession, (Entity, Discarnate, Demon)

 Blocked Meridians

 Blocked Faulty functioning Chakras

 Blocked Nadi’s

 Blocked Faulty functioning Chakras

  Blocked Nadi’s


  Ancestral Karma

  Past Life Karma

  Soul Level Karma

  Limiting Contracts

  Limiting Bindings

  Limiting Agreements


  Black Magic

  Inorganic Material (Implants)

  Galactic Fragmentation

  Memory Hacks

  Mind Slides

  DNA mutation

One of the most essential aspects of improving someone’s life is the return to innocence, wholeness, and love. The return to innocence is a return to the childlike wonder of life before pain and trauma were experienced by the growing and evolving child.

Pain and trauma shut down the ability to hold the totality of one’s consciousness and as a result, we become wounded, fragmented, and defended. The highest path of spiritual evolution is becoming undefended, vulnerable and authentic. These are not intellectual concepts but actually realised states
of being. It is not enough to understand the benefits of being undefended, vulnerable and authentic. It is about healing the parts of oneself that are creating the NEED for Defending Guarding and Masking one’s true essence.

Over the years I have developed a decent array of techniques and tools to be able to deal with any of these issues on the list as and when they arise. As a Neo-Shamanic facilitator having the tools to deal with these things you become fully equipped to deal with the full spectrum of human consciousness and thus can take people far further then they can ever imagine on their life path.

Just imagine being able to clear the above in someone and just how much influence this would be in their life as their vibration jumped up to the next highest energy holding potential, and the corresponding timelines that would open up for them as a consequence of their higher vibration.

2. Creation Of The Magick Zone

“The Magic Zone” where all my magical gifts come alive. It is a morphogenetic container in which my consciousness becomes free to be at ONE with Source. It is a particular ritual I use for all my events and experiences that I create for transformation. The Magick Zone as I like to call it is where everything is revealed, and everything becomes amplified because I have opened a portal to the Higher Dimensions.

Inside this portal, I am in a state of absolute emptiness, and Source consciousness comes pouring through me as a conduit for unconditional love and healing.

When I started adding this to an already decent bag of healing techniques, many miracles started happening. In this state, I knew just exactly what to say, and what to do. Almost like I was magically guided in a beautiful synchronistic manner, with the full heightened awareness of what is happening in the field and container. The right words, Icaro (song), the perfect healing technique, energy transmission, message all seem to come online and populate into my consciousness.

“The Magic Zone” is created by intelligent design, key codes, the frequency emitted from the DNA, elemental magic, power totems, the seven directions, the Aurora consciousness fields, and conscious intent. I create a ritual that is a living library or morphogenetic field that I set up and call upon whenever I am doing Circles or ceremonies and is the transformative container that creates the magic. A shamanic ritual or container can be taught, but never relocated exactly.

A morphogenetic field and container is something anyone can be trained to set up, and as your consciousness and personal frequency elevate. The higher more refined energy you can be working inside your healing field.

You have your spiritual guides, totems, spirit animals you have an affinity with, and this can all be developed in a unique ceremonial container. Every Neo-Shaman will have their own individual field of energy and consciousness according to how and what they set up, but the process follows a strict protocol of rules and laws which must be adhered to.

The Special World Of The Sacred
Transformational Container

Once you have:

The right skills and tools to perform the necessary consciousness, bioenergy field and DNA remapping and rewiring

The ability to create and enter ‘The Magick Zone” where your magical gifts come alive

When you have embodied these two elements, you are ready to move from the ordinary world to the Special World. The realm of magic and miracles as you co-create and merge the spiritual and physical dimensions through your Circles, Ceremonies, and Life in general. The key to holding powerful sacred containers is all about attuning your frequency and getting your energetics vibrating in a particular way so that you can open and hold the consciousness streaming through from this realm.

As you evolve in consciousness healing becomes less and less about technique. It becomes more about being an empty conduit for the Higher Christ Consciouses Fields to stream through and do the work. In this state of being you will be guided with Divine Precision every step of the way. What to say, what to look for, direct revelation, new healing techniques downloaded at the moment.

It is essential having a foundation or knowledge base upon which to work, but once that is in place the downloads and direct cognitions come steaming through you, and you become At-ONE with Divine Mind. At-ONEment is the absolute key to building your unique morphogenetic field and container. Rituals such as this aren’t just something for sacred ceremonies, and it is something for daily life.

Don’t let the field imprint it’s existence on you, imprint your intent on existence.

When you do this, everything shifts.

You then take this into your life and your Circles and Ceremonies and become the beacon of light that others are attracted to, and you become the essential pillar in your community.

That is how we change the world.

Only by changing ourselves first, and then radiating our embodied change as a frequency to the world, can we expect the world to change.

I’m excited to share how to develop and embody this, and I’d love to teach you how to create your morphogenetic healing container and all the skills and tools that you need to play inside it through my new signature certification this coming year.

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