Article No. 2

Neo-shamanism And The Need For
Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

Article No. 2

Neo-shamanism And The Need For Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

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Neo-shamanism – and the need for ancient wisdom in modern times




The rise of ancient and contemporary shamans is gaining in popularity as people seek to get back to the ancient ways of communing with nature and understanding life through the lens of how everything is interconnected.

Neo-Shamanism refers to ‘new’ forms of shamanism, or methods of seeking vision, healing and transformation. This is not a particular tradition or form but has risen in myself through the hundreds and hundreds of hours I have spent leading and experiencing various forms of shamanic rituals.

I guess I have developed and blended many of my experiences into its own Neo-Shamanic template. It is not a single cohesive belief system, but a variety of different practices merged and blended into its own container.

What the shamanic container does is create a space between the physical and spiritual worlds and opens a portal for the world of spirits, and frequency to enter the mundane world. The morphogenetic field allows organically allows altered states of consciousness, cleaner streams of information and intelligence to flow through the circle to create the magic for deep, profound transformation and change to those who sit with in it.

Core Shamanism

Core Shamanism is the ancient indigenous lineages of shamanism. Traditionally the Shaman has been a core central piece of any evolving healthy tribe. The Shaman was bridge between worlds as indigenous cultures all too well understood and appreciated the unification between spirit and matter.

The Shaman was always the bridge between worlds, and was skilled in healing, prophecy, and communication in the spirit world. Core Shamanism is very much rooted in the very traditions of the particular culture and lineage from which it has birthed.

It is not uncommon for a western person to journey for a period of years with a particular tribe or set of wisdom keepers and come back to the west with these skills, abilities and insights born of the respective lineage in which the study was rooted.

This form of shamanism uses the particular totems, practises and techniques unique to the culture. It may or may not involve plant medicines, but ultimately keeps the cultural lens upon which the training was conducted.

There are many wonderful western facilitators who have embodied the traditions of various shamanic cultures, and brought these back to the west and opened practices for people to be treated in these lineages.


What I am proposing to those of you who resonate with this message is a more contemporary for of Shamanism, a form that is especially designed for the unique consciousness and culture of western upbringing. That deals with the consciousness fragmentation, ego distortion, wounds, imprints, and soul sickness that modern society has created a mass production in.

The use of totems and tools, all exist as in the case of Core Shamanism, but it is created and done specifically for the western mind. What I have noticed in Core Shamanism that while indigenous shamans are talented at dealing what is in the field. There is a big gap in the translation of that experience for the western mind to comprehend and integrate into their life.

The Neo-Shaman takes the best pieces from Core Shamanism that are relevant for transformation, adds the full spectrum consciousness of soul evolution, articulated in a way for the western mind to comprehend and integrate.

Shamanic ritual has always lived at the heart of indigenous culture. Rites and rituals have been used for tens of thousands of years. They created a safe space for the veil to be lifted between the spiritual world and the physical, and the shaman and the shamanic practice was a central piece of any thriving community in days of old.

The last few hundred years during the rise of the western culture has seen the infiltration of religious doctrine tied to its various agendas of control, create intermediaries between individual and God. The Priest Caste developed a layer between individuals and Spirit, blocking people from being able to develop their own direct relationship with the infinite intelligence of the creator.

Shamanic ritual was always a way for people to have their own direct relationship with their own Higher Mind and Mother / Father God. With the Shaman being merely the facilitator for this direct interaction.

The popularity of shamanic practices in modern times has risen due to the implicit need for people to feel connected once again to themselves, and to nature. To move outside of dogma and doctrine and into freedom and liberation.

What I feel is needed is for Neo-Shamanic facilitators to be able to bring the best pieces of shamanic ritual in a contemporary way so the western mind and heart can open, expand, and be held in a sacred container to help accelerate spiritual growth, and solve physical problems with a spiritual solution.

It utilizes the best pieces of integrative energy medicine, nutrition and lifestyle therapy, soul psychology, and full spectrum consciousness in the way a facilitator works with a client.

This is why I feel called to prepare Neo-Shamans to be able to work holistically with individuals and perform Circles and Ceremonies for their community and international audience. I feel a strong calling to bring back this tradition back into the community, and if this resonates give you the tools and experience to bring to your own community.

To support you in bringing back in a contemporary way the Neo-Shaman to community life. To be able to hold both the science of energy medicine, and the artistry of the rites and rituals of shamanic practice into an integrative holistic container of unconditional love and support for the evolution of consciousness in your community and on the planet.

The Death of Religion and Rise of Spirituality

People are turning their backs on religion, as it is not based upon truth. It has been distorted used for the control and enslavement of the masses due to misalignments to Natural Law and Divine truth.

In this age of planetary ascension, all belief systems not of the highest alignment are falling away. This is why churches are emptying, they are losing numbers as people begin to follow their own truth, and not the dogma as forced upon them in through conditioning and forced beliefs

We have a spiritual gap in communities. There is no place to come and gather to solve physical problems with a spiritual solution. To form community and share openly about what one is going through and have the support to be able to navigate into ones highest expression free of judgement and with unconditional love.

I see Neo-Shamanic facilitators who can hold Circles and Ceremonies becoming once again fundamental core and central pillars to a thriving community. To be able to create the sacred space, rites and rituals for individuals to move through and peel off the layers of conditioning creating discordance and disturbances in their life.

Soul sickness is so prevalent in the West, because people are so disconnected from their spiritual self, their true self. They have been conditioned by society and family to develop follow a certain prescribed path which leads to ‘material world success’.

Soul sickness is the disconnect between physical and spiritual reality. The gap between one’s ‘spiritual purpose’ for incarnating and how they are actually showing up in the world. Neo-Shamanism helps to bridge this gap through Circles and Ceremonies, Rites and Rituals designed to be able to bring their physical self into greater Soul Alignment.

This level of Soul integration not only requires the sacred space to explore one’s own Soul Alignment. But also, the intellectual translation and support that can integrate the necessary changes into real world reality.

This is what I am choosing to address in the upcoming release of the Circles and Ceremonies Certification. To help prepare Neo-Shamans for their growing role in their respective community. To once again bring the sacred practices back into being central to the community. To bridge ancient wisdom and contemporary science, packaged in a way the western mind and heart feels inspired to be a part of.

If you feel called to be part of this change and can see yourself as a Neo- Shaman in your community, then click the link below to be taken through to the SKILL SETS OF A NEO-SHAMAN TO EXPLORE MORE.

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