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The Need For Sacred Transformational Circles In Community

Recently I have been asking the question.

What is the highest priority yield and value for our beloved planet and species at this time?

What could I do that would leverage my skills and talents and impact the most beings in the most uplifting inspiring way with ease, flow and grace?


Community Roots

What I have come to realize what is needed right now more than ever to keep our planet ascension on track, is the continuing evolution of consciousness in communities, this focus begins with healing and transformation for the individual. This radiates out into their family and the out into the wider community.

I believe we need to get back to the roots of our community where ever we live on the planet. To be able to think globally but act locally. To be able to make a difference to not only the land where we live but also most importantly the community of beings who reside there.

What is needed is centred, heart orientated, loving people who are following their passion and hearts calling in life, to make a difference to the lives of others that trust them to do so. What these people need are leaders who can not only inspire them to step up and live according to a set of values and principles. But also hold the Codes, Consciousness, and Community Container to be able to support them into their own highest alignments and into greater health harmony and happiness.

What I see this as being a big gap right now in communities, is this void of community sacred containers. Those beings who have the integrated wisdom, vibratory frequency, and practically integrated spiritual consciousness, and divine skill sets to life the harmonic nad frequency of those around them.

The issue as I see it, is that communities have lost the art and science of support circles where problems and issues faced by individuals and families in the community can be brought to spiritual elders who can help council, support and mentor people through their day to day challenges based upon their energetic and childhood conditioning.

One of my great dreams has always been to develop a training and certification that teaches people how to deal with live in person transformational experiences. What Alaya and I have noticed that online healings, transmissions, and programs are great for many people. They do serve as a catalyst for change and evolution.

However, the really big breakthroughs we have seen transpire over the years has always been in live experiences we have facilitated. What people have always told me and then later as Alaya joined that they always felt so safe and held in the containers we anchored and developed.

Sacred Circles And Ceremonies

The Sacred Circle and Ceremonial Container we hold does not happen by chance, it happens by very precise design. Time and again we have witnessed miracles in the circle and orphogenetic field. When people have the opportunity to share in a safe space, what is in their heart. It creates a deeply transformative frequency for others to also heal as the energy touches others in the circle.

Within that field of harmonic resonance, we become the conductors of the frequency flowing down through us into the group container. We become so empty that the Divine Presence can flow out through our DNA and field and into the participants directed by our conscious intentions.

As you may be aware, I have written and co-written many transformational programs, The Divine Keys (which is going through another quantum evolution with (Sananda and Shekinah), The bio-energy Field Certification, Guardians of Gaia, DNA Re-Genesis.

These have all been designed to be remote based programs, teaching people via distance or certifications designed to teach people to work remotely. I have been aching to create a transformation certification that combines all the elements of my journey of discovery and transformation and prepare Servers of the Divine Plan to be able to hold live in person Circles and ceremonies.

My Journey in Human Potential

Over the last 25 years I have been working deeply in human transformation, starting off with the physical vessel, focusing upon health and vitality. Over this time, I developed advanced protocols for restoring health and vitality, working on developing the foundations for peak performance, from high
flying corporate executes to professional athletes.

After four years of advanced energetic training from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Five years of shamanic training with the Shapibo medicine from Peru, Bwiti medicine from Africa, and the Star Medicine from the Guardians. I have had hundreds of immense experiences in ceremonial containers and had to deal a wide variety of inter-dimensional shenanigans, as well as all manner of personal process issues.

I wanted to draw upon all of those experiences and create a very evolved and advanced training designed to prepare Servers of the Divine Plan to be able to facilitate in person live deep transformational events and experiences, Circles and Ceremonies. A multi-month experiential deep dive that would involve both receiving and giving healing one on one, in groups and in facilitating deep healing transformational events.

What I noticed in the Personal Development industry that there is a big Rah Rah culture. All entertainment and fireworks from the stage, that left people inspired and motivated. But no real deep lasting change, as these events and experiences were not dealing with the deeper levels and layers of
the human consciousness map.

In fact, the more I explored the personal development world, the more fed up I became with the level of manipulation and coercion into taking programs that promised the world but delivered little more thaninfotainment.

For this reason, I decided last year to start building a program that would prepare Servers of the Divine Plan for live experiential’s that facilitated deep personal and group healing through Circles and Ceremonies.

If this is resonating with you and you feel aligned and inspired to be facilitating live Circles and Ceremonies in your community and around the world. Then click the link below to the next article as I share some more of this beautiful unfolding, and I share some of the considerations I needed to make in building such a program, that would prepare Servers to become Pillars of Light for leading their community in Circles and Ceremonies in this great time of evolutionary change.

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Article No. 2

Neo-shamnism And The Need For Ancient
Wisdom In Modern Times

Article No. 2

Neo-shamnism And The Need For Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

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