2021 What is Needed Most Right Now….

I’m guided to reach out with a loving message from my heart to yours and to all of humanity as we navigate these uncertain times ahead.

While we face much confusion, disinformation, polarization, fear, uncertainty doubt, as we navigate the next week and months leading through a very polarised United States election and inauguration.

There have been massive misinformation campaigns held by the densely veiled Mainstream Media, which acts as the propaganda arm for the Shadow Government Globalists.

This density has created a wall of perception deception with some managing yo pierce through and many unable to see past the carefully constructed narratives that have shaped perception, and belief.

Through the multidimensional consciousness fields, there are many narratives and agendas playing out all of which can be brought into unification and reconciliation with one great truth.

Love is the great unifying power in our universe.  More than ever during these great transitionary times, we simply must stay in the luminosity of our loving heart.

To see with the eyes of compassion, to respect others’ viewpoints and values, and to become a radiating beacon of unconditional love.

Wherever there is love, there cannot be fear. Fear narrows our perceptions and makes us reactional rather than responsive.

As an evolving collective, our planet and species are moving through the energetic fields bringing us to greater clarity, truth, transparency, we can trust these archetypal energies held together beautifully with Natural Law, will rise to the surface.

All discordances and discrepancies misaligned with God’s Will of the perfected frequency of love, and the truth will fall away.  It may not be in our timing, it will be in God’s timing.

Judge the events unfolding at present not on the lens of this day or week, but rather over the course of this year and beyond.  The energetic archetype will not support deception, service to self, power, control, greed.

We are in the age Aquarius, the age of the We versus the I.  The age of the social and collective good, over the elite few.  These structures will crumble as this energy keeps pouring in.

Despite what the mainstream media (MSM) is portraying an enormous collective awakening has happened and the stirring of a great collective consciousness shift has transpired through the events of the last year.

A mind once opened can never return to its original dimensions, once you see.  You cannot unsee.

It is important to walk with integrity and hold unconditional love for those that do not yet see what is happening behind the scenes of the MSM narrative.
Be kind and compassionate to one another and live with love’s intelligence in every cell of our being as the quintessential truth of God’s expression.

As the grand experiment in duality continues it is giving humanity the opportunity to reflect on all poles and it is a choice on which poll you choose to live, fear, or love.

Make the simple choice to choose love and see the illusionary fields of worry dissolve and the new timeline appear, the simple truth is what you focus on is what you get.

Do not get caught up in FUD, (Fear Uncertainty, Doubt).  More than ever your mastery is needed to hold the frequency of your preferred timeline.  What energy you are holding you end up creating for yourself as reality.

What are you focusing on if it is anything but love?

I kindly invite you to reconsider your perceptual field of awareness and bring it back to love.

Bring it back to your highest preferred reality and timeline.  Consciousness creates based on what it is focused upon both individually and collectively.

Let’s all focus on our highest preferred timeline and hold this energy.

Let us all hold the energy and virtues of Truth, Integrity, Sovereignty, and Abundance.  Let us all hold the collective good in our hearts and pray that hierarchy and control be dissolved and all beloveds are allow to stand in the luminosity of their free will sovereign choices.

I love you.

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