11.11 Portal and Election

It has been quite the week as the world waits on bated breath for the US presidential election outcomes. All amongst the energy currents coming to Earth as we prepare for the 11.11 and the very next day the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction.

I have prepared an energy transmission for 11.11 for you, which you can download for free (see bottom of the email)

All of the energetic and external posturings prepare us nicely for the significant alignment on the Solstice 21.12, which promises to be spectacular.


Let’s start with what is the top of everyone’s mind right now—the United States Presidential election.

There is not much to share here other than the fact that we all pray for a fair outcome. And the Will of the people is heard without manipulation.  

Tuning into this and reaching out to some of my high-level psychic family and friends. All independent Psychic / Oracle observations came back sadly with the fact that US elections were tampered with.  

These are people who have an awe-inspiring track record of getting things right time and again, so when all of them come back with the same thing and my own sense also aligns with this, then it comes with a degree of certainty (at least for myself) that something fishy is going on.  It is far too early to call, the mainstream media: The Associated Press…  does not decide who wins. 

No matter which party or candidate you are for, I think we can all agree that any democracy needs a fair unmanipulated election process and voting system.

To look into this more deeply, we must turn to the energetics playing out in the world at this time and where we are collectively on our energetic journey through the cosmos and explore the archetype influences coming through.


At the beginning of this year, I called the 2020’s: THE DECADE OF DESTINY.

This year we have had the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all coalescing and coming together…influencing us individually and society as a whole.

We had Saturn, the planet of structure, law, responsibility, and Karma. 

Pluto, the planet of Shadows and Power and Creative Destruction, doing its job as the great revealer of Core Truth. 

Plus, Jupiter is associated with growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles. All coming together to influence global proceedings.


We started the year with a bang, with Saturn and Pluto having their conjunction. These archetypes brought together societal structure decay and breakdown and the confrontation of cultural shadows playing out in society’s spheres.

The Covid-19 brought to light many of the unseen power structures of authoritarianism, forcing a uniform global approach to addressing the virus. For many, this was illuminating; for the first time, broader demographics saw certain shadows of power and governance more directly and overtly applied to individual freedom and sovereignty.


We have Jupiter and Pluto coming together three times this year, April 4, June 30, and November 12. Now we have this combination playing out in Capricorn, which brings us to the Core of what we value most.  

We are all being asked to align more deeply with our Core Values as we strip back shadows of what is being revealed—less excess and more of what really matters in life, Love, Family, Simplicity.

We see this now in the exodus from the bigger cities. As the chase for fame and fortune wanes into security and contentment of the simplicity of nature and family values. 

Jupiter conjoining Pluto in Capricorn has been guiding us beyond the material world into the inner world of contentment and the internal purpose of our High Heart.

Many are awakening their inner guidance and eloping to a more simple life steeped in natural beauty. Record numbers of people are moving to the countryside. Here in New Zealand, I read today records numbers of Kiwis are coming home, with myself and our family being case in point.


With all the election chaos, it indeed called into question the wisdom of having an Election Day with both Mercury and Mars in retrograde at the same time. Dooh!

We all know some of the havoc Mercury in retrograde can create, especially with technology and electronics. You throw Mars in retrograde. And you get a degree of indecisiveness with delays combined with Mercury’s unpredictability.

The outcome has been the energetic predictable chaos and confusion, and it is only in the coming days that we straighten out what is going on. Perhaps the Divine order of the 11.11 may bring some needed coherence and perspective into matters beyond the mainstream medias one-sided perspective.

It seems the mainstream media is deciding the election outcome; there is no doubt that this process will be drawn out and convoluted with quite extreme bias in media reporting of calling individual states and not getting others.

You only need to explore the timing in certain swing states, some of the electronic influences coming in the wee hours of the morning where there were dumps of votes all swinging the election all in one direction. 

There is recounting legal wrangling, and a lot more posturing and gnashing of teeth to go before we get close to an official legally ratified decision. Not just a simple “Oh, He’s won it” call from the MSM.

There is a lot at stake globally here, so at the very least, we can be patient and allow the process to be worked through to ensure we can be confident that democracy has been untampered with.  

Right now, there is overwhelming energetic evidence of tampering, and where ever there is smoke, there is fire. So it will not be long before the threads are pulled, and more evidence is unearthed.

Many prayers and high-level energetic work are being placed into this situation globally, as the US must be allowed to have a fair election and voting process.

For the existing timeline for this to be allowed does not bode well for freedom and sovereignty. All we ask for is the American people’s collective Will be heard and allowed to proceed.

Let’s see what happens next. Perhaps Pluto’s influence will bring things more to the light. If there was ever a year for such a thing to come out into the light, it would be this year.

In crafting this message I have been in dialogue with Sananda and Shekinah regarding the election.

Shekinah has given me a direct quote to share with you: 


“Beloved Christof. As you know, we ( Sananda and I )would never tell anyone how to vote or even what to believe: including our dear students worldwide. That is not our way, nor why we are here.​

Our only path is to walk in the light of righteousness and uphold the dharma. Believe it or not, this does not include the polarizing of forces. What this actually means is to ensure that the right use of cosmic energy is being utilized. 

When Cosmic Currency is not used according to the Cosmic Law, all that is in its obstruction shall crumble, as naturally, it cannot be sustained. 

One can not unravel the secrets of the universe if there is any degree of polarizing belief. The calling on High is for Truth above all else, no longer in the indulgence of preference alone.

What has transpired and the events that will indeed follow. Hold the cosmic, astrological, and energetic signature of The New Water Gate in its reverse template. Yet, The timeline of events shall unfold according to how the consciousness of awakening humanity demands it.

It is a certainty that anything in its hiding shall be revealed. The question is not if; it is a matter of when and how. For the entirety of the Cosmos and the alignments are upholding disclosure. 

We see that the awakening collective is indeed praying for the revelation of Truth. Regardless of preference over each political persona. And we pray it is so. For, this is far more reaching and extensive than this election alone. 

Enlightenment for the whole can not happen if anything is hiding in the darkness. The One heart that beats throughout all life is vast enough to extend Love for ALL creation. And anyone who hears these words is also capable of that same Love.  The ability to resound with Truth is too deeply engrained in the Atmic Light of the soul. 

This is truly an unprecedented time in Earth’s History/Herstory, and all who serve the Light Realms have come for nothing less than a grand celebration. This next month is poised to be one that shall not easily be forgotten and will incept and inspire “The Great Awakening.”

– Shekinah – https://twinray.com


Perhaps if there was such a day that something may spark into the collective consciousness, it might be 11.11.  You may consider adding your prayers to this unfolding…


More and more people report seeing 11.11 everywhere. It is a sign that they are entering the quantum flow of divine synchronicity as they leave the mind-state and enter heart coherence.

As we come up into 11.11 in a few days, it signifies Spiritual Order and Divine Precision—many people as they awaken report seeing the 11.11 more and more.

This is a beautiful day to enter into intentional prayer, contemplation of your Soul alignments. What is the highest spiritual path you can walk at this time? What changes do you need to make to bring more purpose and meaning to your life? How can you contribute to the collective?

The very next day, we have Jupiter and Pluto have their third and final conjunction for the year. Perhaps this final energy of Jupiter and Pluto will help more of humanity tap into their inner wisdom and spiritual purpose.


This coming Solstice, we have what many astrologers call The Great Conjunction. An era-defining Jupiter – Saturn conjunction. This is when they line up. Their vibrations blend and work together. 

This time happening in air signs that will be with us until 2159. They will not come again as physically close to one another until 2080.

Since Pluto is influencing both Jupiter and Saturn, this will bring up more issues with our social, political, and economic systems and structures. It will shed significant light on the need for both political and economic reform.

Usually, The Great Conjunctions bring about seismic cultural change. 

This time it is happening in Aquarius, a sign of social change. Plus, it is happening at zero degrees. So a completely new beginning. The importance of this conjunction happening in 0 degrees of Aquarius cannot be overstated.

Immense cultural change is coming.

The great question remains, will it be with the Will of the people allowed to be birthed? Or will it be a centrally planned and managed set of systems as suggested by the usual suspects of WHO, IMF, BIS, WEF, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD, NSA, FED, and any other three-letter bureaucratic organizations you care to name.

It is likely as we move into this new eras energy signature, the Jupiter, Saturn influence in Aquarius will put a lot of pressure on any systematic, bureaucratic, socialist totalitarian, technocratic attempts to control humanity.

One this is for sure….

If evidence of election tampering does come out between now and the end of January. We can expect great societal unrest and an incredible Will of the people to demand significant changes to how things are being done.

It is written in the stars that massive societal change is coming…

Let’s see what springs forth from the well of potentiality.

Perhaps some of the political posturings will be the Great Awakener, as one renowned Oracle has called it the modern Watergate moment.


To help assist you with the energies of 11.11 and 12.11, I have crafted a free audio transmission for you you can play on 11.11 and 12.11.

This will assist you in integrating the energetic potentials available for you in the quantum field.

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